Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.

Henry David Thoreau

Today is Monday....

Monday April 18th
River Plantation
Sevierville, Tennessee

Today is Monday, Today is Monday,
Monday’s wash day…... is that right?
No we did that on Sunday.

But we did do some “chores of our choice” today.

We decided to take what we call
the Full Timer’s Privilege.
With no deadlines and
no place we HAVE to be,
we just stayed put.

And boy did we get a lot accomplished.

Here are the photos of our day.

Winnona hangs out with friends.

Closer picture of friends in case you missed them.
I think they dropped by from a river trip.

We were too busy doing it to take pictures of
washing and waxing the car.
But here are the rags drying.

And here is the shiny wax job.
Blinding isn't it???

Replacing a bin latch

Cleaning upholstery

Installed Wing Man

Washing Winnona

Waxing Winnona

Winnona gets Rejex

And it all gets put on the blog............

 We'll be off line for an unknown number of days
in The Great Smoky Mountain National Park
See you later with those adventures.

Ain't Life Grand!!!


  1. Have a great time in GSMNP. I wish I was going with ya!

  2. OK, so where did you get the REJEX?? Did you hit your "EASY BUTTON??" ;o))

    You worked hard, so not it is time to play hard!!

    Can't wait to see your Great Smokey Mountains Adventure!!!!

    Be Safe and Have Fun.........

  3. Life is so grand! My Monday meant going back to work :( Maybe a year and a half left of Mondays! :)

  4. I can personally vouch for how shiny you look over there! It's blinding :) And...I have the same carpet/upholstery cleaner as you! Fits great in the closet.
    We pull out this morning too. Safe travels.

  5. The car looks terrific! And, looks just like home with those green buckets - boy, you guess look spiffy! :) Enjoy GSNP.

  6. Wow -- you put us to shame! I was beat and took a nap on Monday! I would've gladly hired you to come wash our rig when you were done. :-)

  7. You made me feel guilty so I washed our Journey today. I gotta practise for the FT lifestyle.

    Have fun out there! :c)


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