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Before? or After??

Friday November 11, 2011

Well here it is 11/11/11 and with such an auspicious date,
you know I have a major issue on my mind.

In between “getting things done”, I’ve been reading a lot of blogs and have found that some people explain their pictures after they include them and some folks before

Now I’ve always been a before since that’s the way I like it.  I want to know what it is I’m seeing before I see it.  Otherwise I find myself going back up to see what I was just told I was going to see.  You understand Right??

Now just stop thinking that either I'm running out of important things to do here in Virginia or I’m avoiding them.  This is an important issue here.

In any case, let me introduce you to Moby Duckie’s family.

Moby Duck's family 006F

Or would you rather I said.

Moby Duck's family 014
This is Moby’s Older Brother Dr. Duckie.  He’s an dermatologist.

Meet his younger sister T.B. Duckie.  She’s in Dental School.

Moby Duck's family 012

Moby Duck's family 015
And then the black sheep of the family, Cowboy Duck.  (He changed his name, thought Duckie was too “cute” for a hombre like him)
He’s back from no one knows where for the holidays.

And finally here are two of Moby’s cousins.  On the left is Ruddy a local fireman and on the right is Roamin’s twin brother Cop.  Roamin couldn’t make it, he’s down in North Carolina in Sylville but we hope he will be meeting up with Moby in Florida in January.

Moby Duck's family 017

Moby Duck's family 001

Unfortunately it’s pretty certain that Cowboy will be headin’ out west
and the other four have to stay at their jobs in Virginia
so they won’t be goin’ down south with us.  

So weigh in on Duckie's family and the momentous question -

Before?  or After??

Results will be published after all votes have been cast.


  1. I am on the fence...before and after. It depends on the circumstance and what is being written and how the text flows;o))

    But I am so glad that you are getting this important issue resolved:o)))

  2. Yes!

    Actually, I'm thinking after.

    Not trying to be difficult (really).

    I enjoy lots of pictures in blog posts, and I'll enjoy them no matter if it's "before" or "after".

  3. Thanks for taking up this *ahem* important issue :-)))

    I'm generally a "before" person with a caption to follow. The caption is for those people who just skim words and pictures. Sometimes the caption gives addl info about the picture, at other times it's a snippet from what may have been included in the text. That way, I figure if they want to read more they can go before the picture to read up.

  4. I have always put the text before the pictures. Like you, when I read a blog, especially on the smaller netbook, I know what the picture is without having to scroll back up.

  5. Before, but with captions 'sometimes'.

  6. I think you have too much time on your hands and need to get back on the road pronto! JK!!

  7. I'm definitely an "after" person. That way I can glance at the picture while I read the details of it. :)

  8. Moby Duck! AHAHAHAHA! I LOVE your Duckies (oh yes, you know it's true).

    I think I'm an after-gal. Show me a picture. I'll go "what am I looking at?" then you'll tell me. Voila.


  9. I like the 'after' too. if u tell b4 then u have to scroll down to see what is being talked about, after, u have already seen it. I have 'duckies' too!!!! Found one at the DUCK donut shop, in Kill Devil Hills, NC, then in Duck, NC the post office had all kinds of them and got a fireman. THEN in New Orleans found a mardi gras one, they reside in Bonnie Bounder and are my good luck Ducks!!!! :) Maybe they are relatives, do u think??

  10. I would say before - can look forward to the pictures after knowing what they're about. What a lovely Duckie family :)

  11. Before...only because that's the way it was in the first blog I started following.
    Question...Dental School for Duckies? Whose teeth do they work on? My root canal went smooth without a quacker nearby.

  12. i am a show but don't tell type...

  13. Sherry, I have to agree with Al and Karen! You have WAY too much time on your hands lately :) There must be somewhere in your area you haven't thoroughly explored and blogged about yet, isn't there? If not, time to hit the road!!!! LOL

    As for before or after, either way is fine with me. It should be whichever works best for the blogger :)

    BTW, cute ducks :)

  14. Clearly, I have not taken this issue seriously enough. Of course, I did not really know there was an issue:)

  15. I think I do both -depending on the photo. Before- on the really good ones. I like to mix it up a little.

  16. I prefer before.

    Please keep posting and be careful on the road.


  17. Being the wishy washy person I am, I never really thought much about it, so I guess before or after, depending on what the topic of the day is about....or wait, maybe it does matter....I've never really thought about it, to tell you the truth! I vote before and after, lol!

  18. I never really thought about it. In fact, I'm not even sure how we normally do it. So I vote for before AND after.


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