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Not SO much work Actually

 Friday November 18, 2011

There were LOTS of comments about the pictures on how recent time has been spent. 
Many were about all the “work” and glad they don’t have that any more. 

But of the 11 different things I showed, only 4 were actually work. 
Most of the others would have and have been done on the road as well.
Medical stuff, helping out friends, dinners, walks, laundry, vehicle maintenance and the stupid thermometer.

We actually don’t mind at all stopping by once a year to check up on the farm. 
Do some mowing – how hard is that if you ride??  
I actually like to rake leaves ONCE. 
Those falling leaves are  an important part of fall for me.  I love watching them float down. 
They are fun to play in and it’s so “satisfying” and easy to rake them up. I’d MUCH rather do that than vacuum or sweep even in Winnona.  But I really don’t get the folks who prefer a leaf blower.  I can have everything done hours before they are finished blowing and herding and do it with no noise at all.

Not sure how David feels about cleaning the chimney. 
But you know him, he’s always busy doing something and outside if he can. 
He has a fabulous “campground” to do his work in here so I don’t think he minds. 
And it is GREAT to have an easy place to pull into in our home area
so we can catch up with relatives, friends and medical check ups.

Don’t feel TOO sorry for us. 
We’re actually having a good time and will be back on the road headed SOUTH in 40 days. 
Weather here has been lovely the past week or so. 
70 on Wednesday.  YES!!

We’ve also been able to get all the oil and transmission changes done
where it’s easier to do them ourselves.  Using the “royal we” of course. 

The Medicare ABCD sign up is also DONE!!!

Someone asked about the ankle. 
It seems to be steadily improving and I did a little bit of running on it just yesterday.  
So far so good.  Unfortunately  I’m going to have to start all over working back up to even 5 miles.
But I may be ready to take on Nancy and Bill in their early morning walks by January.

We had a great week-end with Carrie and a yummy farm breakfast.

11_13 DGB (70)

I picked up my car from the body shop and all the hail damage is fixed.
Ruby has a new trunk and a new hood.
She’s lookin’ mighty spiffy.  And rarin’ to go. 
I was really glad to have her back. 
I had to drive a rental Chevy PT Cruiser type thing for a week
while she was gone and boy was I glad to get rid of it.  
Terrible visibility.  The back window is WAY TOO small. 
Seems to me that should be a safety issue.


I’ll take Ruby any day even if this is a 2011 and she’s a 2002.

Same way I feel about Winnona.  You couldn’t give me a new one to replace her!!


  1. I hate those noisy leaf blowers, too. Nice "campground" you have there.

  2. No leaf blower for me! No matter how big the backyard! I'll come help rake leaves next year if you want some help, lol! glad you are having nice weather!

  3. Ok Miss Medicare...bring your notes and be prepared to share the info;o))

    Glad to see you had the chance to spend some time with Carrie. Seems there is always some sort of special breakfast when she is around. That is my favorite meal of the day also;o))

    Forty-eight days before we hit the road to Florida...I am counting also;o))

  4. That's great that you're already able to run on your ankle! Just don't overdo it.

    With the holidays here next week, those 40 days until you're back on the road will fly by before you know it!

  5. Well, I'm glad to know you're not over-working yourselves!!
    That's wonderful news about the ankle. Bill & Nancy will definitely help you keep it exercised too :)

  6. I was not impressed with the Chevy HHR either, I bashed my head getting in and out. And neither time did I get any sense knocked into me...

    I used my trusty John Deere to pick up my leaves or at least used to, it up for sale at our estate sale this weekend (sniff).


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