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Thanksgiving at the farm

Friday November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving 005

First we had to make the feast on this National Gluttony Day.  : - )

Thanksgiving 009

When was the last last time you actually saw someone using a can opener like this??

Everybody had a part to play.

Thanksgiving 014

Thanksgiving 019

Thanksgiving 016

Thanksgiving 012

Preparation was definitely a family affair.
Thanksgiving 017

We had it on the table by 2:00!

Thanksgiving 020

We have a special family grace that
we sing at each meal.
It starts out with the words
”We give thanks…..”
So it is very appropriate on Thanksgiving Day.

Thanksgiving 023

After we’d gone around the table multiple
times sharing specific things we were thankful
for this year, and then eating more than we should have

……no football or naps just
Thanksgiving 024

And an all too early but lovely sunset

Thanksgiving 025

Thanksgiving 033

And then of course you do have to clean up the mess
Thanksgiving 034

before you can make the real fresh whipped cream
Thanksgiving 036A

and eat the PIE

Thanksgiving 040

We closed out the day with a trivia tournament!

Thanksgiving 042

Hope you all had as great a
as we did!!


  1. Looks like you had a very nice family affair. Happy T'day.

  2. What fun!! The food looks great. Glad to see David is practicing his pie baking;o))

    Oh that sunset is beautiful!!

  3. The real fresh whipped cream would have been my favorite part!

  4. Looks scrumptious! I can tell you had a great family holiday.

  5. If we can get an invite for one of those pies, I will be glad to do the dishes :)

  6. Love the eating part. . . not the cleaning up part. Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving.

  7. If only I could limit my gluttony to one day a year, maybe my weight wouldn't be an issue. Good times with family.


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