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The Results Are In and other matters

Monday November 14, 2011
The Results have been tabulated in the Before or After contest.
The Befores have it but  that’s only if you don’t consider the Fence Sitters and the ‘commented but didn’t vote’ as a group.
Commented on my sanity but didn’t vote=3

Lest you think there has been just too much fiddling around.
Here’s some of what else has been going on.
Notice these are all explained  “before”.
We’ve been Voting
11_13 DGB (27)

Lower field Bushog Mowing

Looking much tidier.

Haircut- all 900 hairs
(well maybe not that many)

Covert and haircut 003

Eye exam with my favorite doctor Covert where he found I have had
an eye infection since the first problems in Texas
back in May.

Covert and haircut 004

Raking Leaves again and again and again with no end in sight.


Helping nephew Justin with
home renovations.
11_13 DGB (41)

Carrie came to visit and we all had
dinner at Eppie’s with Nephew Justin
and his darling daughter Norah Rose
Caught Carrie as she turned around while
the others were ordering.
11_13 DGB (44)
Playing with Norah Rose.
”Ohhhhhhhhh” she says about Elmo
on her mother’s Ipad.
11_13 DGB (54)

Followed by a walk down Charlottesville’s wonderful Historic downtown Main street.
Norah rearranges the chairs so she can sit with
her Daddy outside the toy store.
11_13 DGB (57)

11_13 DGB (59)

11_13 DGB (61)

Chimney Sweep cleans wood stove chimney

Nice views from up there.
check out the full moon.


The dirty inside part.

Indoor/Outdoor Temperature Woes.  This requires a little explaining.
So the story goes, one of us knocked over my favorite temp gadget
and then stepped on it.   So I went to Lowe’s and got another one.
Problem #1.   Outside sensor wouldn’t work. 
Wireless thermometer
3 phone calls later and
a dozen recommended procedures and they sent me another one
which works but I guess I forgot to mention that I wanted it not only to work but to give me the correct outdoor temperatures.   The new one is off by 15-20 degrees.
4th phone call coming up.

11_13 DGB (24)

11_13 DGB (23)

Fixing Snow guards JUST in case.

11_13 DGB (11)

Handyman Duckie was hard at work during all the family pictures
so I’ll let him say WHEW dat’s a watta work!

11_13 DGB (66)
There’s actually more but enough for now!
Ain’t we got Fun!!


  1. By "fence sitters," you must mean ducks.

  2. Wow oh wow. You need to get on the road, so you can relax!!

  3. Norah is a cutie pie!

    That just looks like too much work to me! The joys of home ownership :)

  4. Awwww...Norah is a doll! And you guys have been BUSY! Guess I DO like the "befores" much better :-) Eldy would say that's just like me to become more decisive AFTER the votes are in!

  5. You've got to get back on the road so you can relax!

    I thought we were busy, now I feel like we're on vacation compared to you!

  6. So, you didn't want to do the math involved to find out the right temperature?
    (insert sarcasm font)

  7. Well, I am impressed!! Thought you were headed back to the farm to rest up for future adventures;o))

    Boy, glad to hear the Eye Doc found out what was causing your eye troubles. Hope the fix is in!!

    By the way, how's the ankle!?!?

    Norah Rose is a doll and what a beautiful name!!

  8. What a cutie. Catherine has one of those thermometers from L.L. Bean. I have given it up for dead about 3 times but she always seems to revive it.

  9. We went to Walmart and bought the cheapest indoor/outdoor thermometer and it works like a charm. Glad we don't have to rake leaves any more!

  10. It's been over five years since I've raked leaves, and I haven't missed it one bit!

  11. Whew!! Only how many more days until you're back on the road???

    Hope your eye infection clears up soon.

    Norah Rose is a cutie pie!

  12. Wow. I'm feeling bad about everything that needs to be done here after seeing all of your activity. I love the pictures of the farm. I can't believe it, but I don't think that I've ever seen this many pictures of it. I believe that I've seen one picture of the house -- ages ago -- and usually pictures of the magnificent views. Everything is beautiful -- lovely scenery here and lovely scenery on the road. You're blessed!


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