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Henry David Thoreau

Black Friday

Saturday November 26, 2011


Lots of folks do some heavy duty shopping on Black Friday but not us.
The weather was spectacular – nearly 80 degrees.
Fabulous any time but especially amazing for Late November.

Definitely time to play outside.


First a little Backgammon for two at the picnic table

Thanksgiving 043


Thanksgiving 048

and one reader on a swing

 Thanksgiving 049


Thanksgiving 050


Some barnyard basketball,
Good defense didn’t help.  She beat him anyway!


playing hoops


A little kitty love from a local cat
who lives down the road but likes to
make the rounds in the barn.

kitty kiss


Then some croquet

Thanksgiving 057

already he’s sending her away – what a meanie

Thanksgiving 058

Check out the “turf” in this croquet field

Thanksgiving 060



Thanksgiving 067


It’s a close game

Thanksgiving 072

but the victor and runner up

Thanksgiving 076 

Now to tell the whole truth,
We played 4 games.
David won two and came in 3rd twice
I won two and came in 3rd twice
and Carrie was runner up in all 4.


A little more reading on the porch swing
as the sun goes down

Thanksgiving 077 


Dinner time – mmmm the second best part of
Thanksgiving,  the left overs

Thanksgiving 080 


Some after dinner relaxing at the piano

playing piano


and a little more reading

Thanksgiving 081


SORRY…says Carrie
as she skunks us by winning THREE GAMES in a row!
David looks fairly pleased about it. Hmmmmm  
We’re a game group as you can see.
I know, we’re a “sorry” group too. J

 Thanksgiving 082


Ever played Mystery Mansion?  

the mansion


Well it takes at least 3 people but I wanted to get a blog post done

Thanksgiving 086


so Carrie and David recruited Gracie Goose and Nellie the Polar Bear. 


Thanksgiving 088


Looked like Gracie might win but Carrie pulled it out in the end. 


CCB mystery mansion win


It was a wonderful day, no shopping required!

Thanksgiving 073


  1. The parking lot at the outlet mall in Smithfield was overflowing as we drove by. I'm glad we don't get into shopping like some folks do. Family time looks like fun.

  2. no shopper done at our homestead either...

  3. You guys really have the right idea. Fun, Fun, Fun!!!

    Bring the games, we love to play them also. I guess we are a sorry duo also ;o)) Hey have you played Sequence?!?! We'll bring it in case we get a rainy day ;o((

    Wish you lived closer and could join the group at Huntington. But we promise to think about you guys ;o))

  4. What a fabulous day! Much better than fighting crowds. We won't do Black Friday either :)

  5. Looks like you had a wonderful day and much more fun than shopping :)

  6. Funny, those extra "players" at the game table. Thinking outside the box again, eh?

  7. Can't get over how much Carrie looks just like you. What a great family day....We're going to have to break down and buy some games. Can you believe we don't have any on board?

  8. I'd take family fun time over shopping any day for sure!

  9. Great post! Love the last picture especially :) Can't wait to be home again for more games & fun!!


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