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And now for some GOOD news

Monday & Tuesday March 12 & 13, 2012
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I don’t watch or listen to the news much anymore.

Those of you who know me, know that in my opinion, it’s not much other than bad news and the intent is to make us all afraid so we won’t rock the boat.  Thus when ever it comes on the radio when David has it on, I ask him if he’s enjoying “The Bad News”.   But today there was some very good news not on the radio but to be broadcast from here.  First about yesterday……….


Monday was the day of the Moffitt Cancer Symposium on new treatments for Multiple Myeloma.

The registration started at 4:30, followed by a talk by Dr. Kenneth Shane, who is David’s doctor at Moffitt,  on the pattern and progression of myeloma, current and future treatments.  It was very good.  A lot of information to take in all at once for those of us new to this.


Myeloma Symposium 001


After the talk, they broke the large audience up into 3 groups for Q&A and 3 different Moffitt Myeloma specialists fielded the questions.  David went to one and I went to another so we could hear more questions and he could ask and I could take notes of one session he was not in.


We met a woman who is 9 years past diagnosis, that was encouraging.  We met  people younger than David who have had it longer than he, people much older who have much worse cases.  We heard a number of their stories including about their stem cell transplants.  Rough going it sure sounds like.


A dinner followed the Q&A.  At our table, we talked with a doctor Jim and his wife Patty a nurse.  He is the patient, 57 years old and they have an 18 year old and a 12 year old child still at home.  Luckily his case is progressing very slowly and he does not have the genetic abnormalities that David has.  Also at our  table was Shelia, a woman who has a doctor in Maine where she lives half the year.  Then she had her stem cell transplant done at Dana Farber and was in the hospital for a month with that.   She also has a doctor at Moffitt since she lives down here in the summer.  A total of 3 doctors.  The more opinions the better I think.


I took some pictures of the slides from the talk so “Maybe” we can go back and try to remember things we couldn’t write down fast enough.  I doubt any of you would care to see those and I didn’t take any of the  Q & A or the dinner.


It was a very a very interesting evening to say the least, well organized and very well attended.  Both of us were surprised at the number of people with this disease and the variety of ages and conditions.


We stopped off at Whole Foods on our way home and closed the store down at 9pm with over $100 less in the wallet.   But, pay now for good food or later for medical bills I say.  And  this may well be proving to be true.



Today David went in for another doctor appointment.


He got his 3rd shot of velcade for this round of treatment and a drip of zometa to help strengthen his bones.   No one seems sure what the ankle soreness is.  It comes and goes.  Problematic Saturday night. Gone Sunday night.  Back Monday.  The swelling of his ankles and feet is gone but he has some sort of bulge just below his liver.  Only visible when he’s standing, not when he’s sitting.  No pain there.


But the REALLY GOOD NEWS is how far his numbers had dropped  after only 1 round of treatment. 


They take his blood before he sees the doctor every visit.  But all the numbers aren’t usually available that quickly.  So today they were talking about the numbers from last Tuesday March 6, the first day of cycle 2 before treatment began again.  


His doctor was amazed.  He had told us we should expect to see some change in the numbers after 2 or 3 complete cycles.  Given the severity of disease David presented with, Dr. Wright had predicted that he might need between 4 and 6 rounds of treatment to get back to normal numbers.  But happily, after only 1 round of treatment his too high numbers have dropped by 2/3 to 3/4 and his too low are moving back up toward normal.  Some are not just close to the normal range but actually back in the normal range while . 


If this keeps up, he will have many fewer treatments than was originally thought.  Apparently such a quick drop is not common.  We are thrilled and hoping this keeps up.


Are we happy??   You betcha!!  Ecstatic is more like it!!

ecstatic 005

We want to thank Nancy Mills for her gift of The China Study and Colin Campbell for such wonderful research on diet and cancer.  We really do think this diet is having a very great effect on his health and these numbers.

And Thank You to all of you for your good wishes, thoughts, prayers and encouraging comments on this blog.  Having all that good energy directed our way is a BIG benefit.  We LOVE hearing from you.


  1. So happy to read the good news! I pray it continues.

  2. All true - I am delighted with the response and how well everything seems to be going at this point. Special thanks to all of you too from me personally for your continued thoughts, prayers and good wishes!

  3. Man, what GREAT news! Keep it up, and keep the food photos coming... they are encouraging us to continue to move to the vegan side of the scale. Guess I might have to pick up a copy of The China Study.

  4. Well, I hope you can see me doing my HAPPY dance :o))))))))

    This is such wonderful news and you both deserve a lot of credit for embracing the information in The China Study. You've made a complete dietary change and never looked back!!! Here's to continued improvement:o)))

    Just makes me want to go eat some VEGGIES!!!!

  5. That is indeed wonderful news! It sounds like you're at the right place to get good treatment.

    I'm going to have to look into that China Study.

  6. I'm hoping that each post brings more and more good news. You are an inspiration to all, facing cancer head on by informing yourselves and fighting back-no pity party for you guys.

    What amazes me is that you continue to enjoy your lives while you deal with the cancer almost as though it's an inconvenience that you plan to kick it in the ass (and you are) not letting it rob you of your beautiful life, together. I really admire both of you.

  7. Such good news... and I second the statement from the blogger who notes that you live your lives in spite of the cancer... doing what you can to boost your "health"... but not allowing the cancer to totally control your life, David. Nice to see photo of you swimming. Thank you, both, for so willingly sharing all the info. Your good news is OUR good news!


    Keep on keeping on and we'll keep our prayers and thoughts for more success going, too.

  9. I'm glad the news is good, and keep up the positive attitude, which is so important.

  10. Congratulations to you both! I know it was a team effort and I hope you are having a great day doing that happy dance :)

  11. Now, this is news worth tuning into. It made me cry - I HOPE YOU'RE SATISFIED.

    I imagine the docs whose presentations you want to review would be willing to email them to you. Or even pop them onto a thumb drive, if they're too big to email.

    Whenever we have a big grocery bill, I soothe myself by saying "Pay now, or pay later."

    And, thank YOU for the gift of The China Study.

    The Good Luck Duck

  12. I agree with everything anonymous said, so I'll just say "ditto." Great news.

  13. ...the intent is to make us all afraid so we won’t rock the boat.

    Sing it! They must defend the status quo at all costs (to us).

  14. Whoo Hooh!! Keep it up! It's nice that they put on an informative seminar like that.

    When life kicks you in the rear, let it kick you forward...


  15. So, so glad that things are looking good for you!!

  16. WOOOOO HOOOOO!!! Awesome news!!! Continued prayers for continued success!

  17. Just wanted you to know I just purchased The China Study for my Nook Tablet. The paper back at Barnes and Noble was $16.95. I downloaded the same book for $9.15. I'm Diabetic with other medical issues and I really appreciate you sharing this book with us.
    Will continue to keep you in our prayers.

  18. "Celebrate, celebrate..Dance to the music.." I think that's Kool and the Gang if I remember right. You guys are an inspiration to those of us who are addicted to sugar and crappy food. Sigh! Thanks for the great tip about the China Study. Guess I have some homework to do!

  19. Cel a bra shun time come on!!!!!!! woohooo great news on the numbers!! Glad to read of this..altho we will still keep you both in our prayer basket...sounds like it was a very informative session..good to see you surrounded by so many survivors! My best friend has a cell stem transplant and did very well with it...keep on beating this...you are going to win the fight...

  20. That is such great news! Hope things continue to improve faster than expected.

  21. Good news and I truly believe that diet makes a big difference. I am a 2 time cancer survivor. Cancer free now for 6 years. Became vegitarian 7 years ago but more vegan now. Food is medicine. Glad to see you dont let this bump in the road stop you.

  22. Fantastic news. We are so happy for you. We will keep sending positive thoughts your way.

  23. Happy Happy Joy Joy! So so happy for you guys and continued good wishes and prayers are being sent your way! Rock on! Hope to catch up with you next week for a celebratory paddle/hike/???!

  24. WONDERFUL NEWS!! Of course, I was and am thrilled to hear this and hope this is direction things continue to go. Amazing changes for the better - love it and you!!


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