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The Beach, The Beach, FINALLY the beach

Tuesday February 28 & Wednesday February 29
Sebastian Inlet State Park, Florida


I know I’m behind and this is dated a few days ago. 

Sebastian Inlet 155


But I’ve just been too busy playing in, by, near and with the ocean to get this blog posted.  So here it goes in a whooosh of days which is how it seems to me now.  Time definitely flies when you are having a good time.This   is post one of two.  Don’t want to overwhelm you with too many fantastic days at once.  J


On TUESDAY, it was a LONG 68 miles.

Sebastian Inlet 156

We left Jonathan Dickinson State Park and only had to drive 68 miles straight up the coast to get to Sebastian Inlet.   2+ HOURS later we sighed and understood that going up Highway 1 on the East Coast of Florida was no picnic even in the middle of the day on Tuesday in late February.  Stoplight and go and stores and cars and stoplight and go and …………   Why aren’t all these people at work?  :-)



 Sebastian Inlet Day 4 124A

BUT we made it and pulled into site 49.  The sites aren’t large here but

they are just steps away from the inlet and easy access to the beach.  This is one site I won’t be spending much time at. J

After yesterday’s big paddle day and today’s tiring drive, David’s was ready for a nap.



Sebastian Inlet 154


I was ready for  THE BEACH.  

So after getting moderately set up, he hit the bedroom; I tip toed out, taking my phone and my beach supplies.





Sebastian Inlet 169


It was 3:30 by the time I got there but the surf, the sand, the surfers and the sanderlings were all just as they should be.  I was in heaven.





Sebastian Inlet 190


You know how perfect it is to be back in the company of a wonderful friend?  Then you know how I felt being back home on an Atlantic Ocean Beach.  Nothing is finer for me.  Especially when the beach is pretty much deserted except for a few fellow lovers.




Sebastian Inlet 175


Sebastian Inlet 166



Sebastian Inlet 189

I stayed until the sun was very low in the sky and it was definitely cooling off.  I had my towel over my legs.  Others had their feathers and wet suits.

Sebastian Inlet 200

Sebastian Inlet 197


Sebastian Inlet 174


Sebastian Inlet 163


It both invigorates me and soothes my soul like nothing else.


Sebastian Inlet 182


Feels like I’ve been away a long time and like I never left.


Sebastian Inlet 183



Wednesday, we were out for the sunrise.

It was pretty foggy and cloudy, not the best sunrise.   But any sunrise over the ocean is a great sunrise. 


Sebastian Inlet Day 2 (60) 


Sebastian Inlet Day 2 (53)



There were heavy clouds at the horizon so we didn’t see the sun rise from the water, just peek out from the clouds.




Sebastian Inlet Day 2 (5)




There were few other people out on the beach with their gear this early. 




Sebastian Inlet Day 2 (9)



But more were fishing on the pier and one was already in the water as the sun came up.





Sebastian Inlet Day 2 (44)


Sebastian Inlet Day 2 (42)




Mostly we had the beach all to ourselves.





Sebastian Inlet Day 2 (40)


I intended to do my 4+ mile run on the beach today but it wasn’t long after I set out that I realized the sand was just too soft everywhere and my ankle wasn’t going to be interested in this.



So we headed back for Winnona.  David dropped me off at the A1 bike path since neither section of the park has enough roads to run on without going back and forth, back and forth.  The temperature climbed.  Not much of a breeze here.  It was a hot run on a street side path and although there were not many cars, it just wasn’t what I’d been hoping for.   So on the way back I saw an entrance to the park that said bike path and I took it.  WHAT a mistake!  Turns out it winds back and forth and added quite a bit to a run I was already sick of.  But the worst thing was that with the increasing temperatures, the mosquitoes were out in force.  The backs of my legs looked like I had giant chicken pox by the time I got back.  Probably no more running in this park.  If I come back and stay longer, I’ll have to come up with an alternative run.

Sebastian Inlet Day 2 (36)



After breakfast, David took a nap, I worked on catching up with blog posts and just after noon we went back down to the beach.





Sebastian Inlet Day 2 (34)



This time I set out for a walk in the water.  The waves were wonderful, the water temperature perfect.





Sebastian Inlet Day 2 (23)


Sebastian Inlet Day 2 (20)



I walked a long way, to the end of the park property.  David zoomed in
on me coming back.





This fella  kept coming up and leaving and returning.  Never quite believing no one was going to give him anything or leave anything laying around.  Many see him as just an ordinary gull, a nuisance,  I think how amazingly color coordinated he is.  Legs, match beak, match eyes.  His eyes are trimmed in a red/orange and so is the inside of his mouth.  The beautiful details of nature.


Sebastian Inlet Day 2 (69)


Sebastian Inlet Day 2 (66)

I just LOVE everything about the Beach!
What a GREAT Leap Day!!


Sebastian Inlet Day 2 (16)


  1. Nothing like a day with the ocean at your feet to soothe the soul. Glad David could come too :)

  2. OK... She's BAAAAACCCCKKKK!!!

    Love the last photo. You just look so happy:o))

    It is true the ocean does wonders for your soul!!

    Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy!!!!

  3. I can assure you it is all true. The Happy Camper is happiest when camping at the beach. This is her place. I love it too, so we'll be back. Soon I hope.

  4. I can hear the ocean's thunder and the gulls! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Ahhhh...the beach! Nothing like it, is there? love it love it love it! 'nuff said.

  6. I'm with you, the ocean always touches and refreshes my soul.

    And then a seagull poops on my head...

  7. Great photos today - surely made me want to leave the desert and head to the beach!

  8. You reminded me how happy I'll be on the Outer Banks early this coming fall. :)

  9. thanks for bringing the beach back to us... we miss it already!!!

  10. The beach when few others are there is the perfect setting.

  11. Oh boy, does that look good. When I'm at the beach on a beautiful day, it feels like nothing else in my life is quite as real as this place I'm at. I don't have to put myself into a meditative state, the beach does it for me.

    The Good Luck Duck

  12. I love the beach, too. And David's comment. But I hate the salt spray on my RV and on my bike. Have to wash everything more often.

  13. Looks like a WONDERFUL day at the beach!! Find any shells??

  14. I couldn't agree with you more! I, too, love absolutely everything about the beach!
    I also think that seeing you happy makes David happy :)
    Hope you both enjoy every minute you are there.

  15. that beach looks so WARM and beautiful and inviting! I had to pin this spot to remember for our next winter in Florida. I swear I am going to convince Mo we can do it.

  16. Great shot of the sea gull. You look like you're having fun!

  17. Yippee -- the beach!!!! And having it all to yourselves is a bonus!

  18. Lovely sunrise pictures - soo wish I was there - beautiful :)


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