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Run, breakfast, friends & laughs

Wednesday March 28, 2012
Lithia Springs Site #38



I always feel virtuous when I run.

I am up early and out running around the park making sure everything is ship shape.  No sign of the leaf blowers but the weed whackers are out in force.  What in the world are they whacking?  They go all around the trees but there was nothing there.  Nothing on the edges of the walks before or after the whacking.   I don’t get it.  I ran almost 5 miles which gave me an excuse to eat too many walnut pancakes with maple syrup and fresh strawberries for breakfast


Good friends come for a visit.


Our friends, Nancy & Bill Mills, came down last week while we were away from Murrells Inlet South Carolina to pick up their new 35’ Winnebago Journey from Lazy Days.  We arrange for them to come over for a visit after lunch today.
Nancy and Bill are PROMPT. 
Sure enough about 12:45 their car is backing down our rather steep drive.  So glad to see them.  So excited for the start of their full time journey (pun intended).


We show them our river.  Well our view of the Alafia river to be strictly correct.  I take everyone by surprise when I take this picture.  I hate to ask people to pose.  Things always look so ahh…… posed when I do that.


Bill & Nancy Visit 001


We chat for a while sitting on the patio  and then take them on a short tour of the park which includes a rather long discussion with our very friendly and very chatty and very nice park manager.  He describes his vision for all the changes he wants to make at what calls “my park”.  Haven’t decided how I feel about all this, he has BIG changes in mind.  But it will cost a LOT of money so who knows what will really happen or when.


Bill & Nancy Visit 003


A couple of the permanent park residents are evesdropping

We are all standing by the secondary spring which is fenced in to enable habitat restoration to happen.  They are right by the depth stick.  The water is pretty low.  But I hear the rains will start fairly soon.  Bet they’ll be glad.


Bill & Nancy Visit 004



Back to Winnona for more stories.  All about what’s happening with their Baby at Lazy Days.

Bill & Nancy Visit 006


And how impressed they are with the whole operation there.


Bill & Nancy Visit 007


While we are talking, Lazy Days calls a couple of times to report on the current state of affairs.   About 4:30 they decide they’d better head back. 


We walk them out to the car where Bill says…

B:  “Nancy,  you locked my keys in the car”

N:  “But you never leave your keys in the ignition”

B: “I know, but I did”

N:  “Well…….I guess it’s time to do a trial run of the emergency road service”


You have to love that attitude!! 

Here she is walking back from the car after checking through the window to see, Yup, keys in ignition.
Does she look upset or concerned??? 
Even David’s giving her a sort of thumbs up. :-)

Bill & Nancy Visit 008


These two are lucky people.   They sold their house to someone who paid cash and let them live in it until their coach was delivered.   Now listen to this.

Just LAST WEEK, They had signed their new Baby and the car up for Coachnet.   Great, but Bill didn’t have his card with his member number.
No problem.  We get the number for Coachnet off the internet. 
He calls them, they find his membership and send someone out to unlock the car.

I was impressed with Coachnet.
No fuss, no muss, no hassle.


But since it would be “within an hour,  I talked them in to staying for dinner.   So I whipped up a pasta dish and we got the pleasure of their company for a while longer.  

Bill & Nancy Visit 009


She really didn’t have to go to all that trouble to get a dinner invitation.   Any time….any place!


The locksmith shows up and when their car alarm goes off I rush over to get the perpetrator’s picture.   Just think in the past 4 days we’ve had Fraud and Car Theft.   Never say a fulltimer’s life isn’t exciting!!


I caught him in the act.

Bill & Nancy Visit 010



Not sure I’ve ever seen anyone seem this satisfied when someone breaks into their car.


Bill & Nancy Visit 011


Then they really did have to go BUT tomorrow we hope Lazy Days will have their Baby back at their site in time for us to go take the grand tour.   Photo report to come…………………….


ALWAYS fun times with Nancy & Bill and today was no exception!!


  1. For the first time ever, I will be the first to comment on a blog!! This one made me chuckle - great stories - I enjoyed spending a little time with Nancy and Bill in cyberspace. Looks like it was a very enjoyable day!

  2. Nice report Sherry! Glad to see the folks are having such a good time. Can't wait to see the pictures.

  3. So happy for Bill & Nancy. Great to share time together and share the excitement over their new home. Lots of laughs. Wonderful day made better by a visit from dear friends.


  4. What a cute story :) We, too, are very impressed with Coachnet. I hope we all can continue our accolades in the future.
    I got to see the pictures of their coach in the phantom missing post :) She is a beauty :)
    Hope you get to see her soon.

  5. What a nice visit. Bill and Nancy are great folks (just like you both).

    Nice to see Coachnet in action. Hope to never have to call them. Probably won't, I have Good Sam ERS. ;c)

  6. It was FUN!! Somehow we always find a way to make the simpliest things so much fun;o))

    So good to see you both and so happy to see that David is doing FANTASTIC!!!

    Thanks for dinner, it was delicious!

  7. The few calls we've had with Coachnet have all been good. Now, if they could have gotten our next trip tik to us, we'd be golden. (Not that we really need the routing from them, but we thought it would be good to see if they have alternate suggestions.)

  8. Good to hear Coach Net treated them well...since we also have them.


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