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Winnona’s Competition

Thursday March 29, 2012
Lithia Springs Park Site #39


So far so Good…..

David is still feeling good despite the first set of shots for treatment series #3 on Tuesday.  This may be a function of having cut his dexamethazone in half.  We’re not sure but happy about whatever is responsible.

He felt well enough that he didn’t need a driver for his trip into the Moffitt Cancer Ceater for an MRI to follow up on the CT Scan regarding his back pain.   Results in a few days or a week I imagine.

He used his waiting time and their internet to download the yet again numerous microsoft “updates” that we don’t want to chew up our 5G limit on the wifi.


Meanwhile, Back at the ranch….

I spent my time enjoying the quiet day before the week-enders invade.  Went swimming in the spring which is lower than I remember.  With the drought and the fact that the company which owns the land pumps water out of the spring for their operations, this is a very different spring from those in the Florida State parks.  I’m making a list of them all and hope to be able to visit and float in each one.   Stay tuned! :-)


Got the call around 6:00

Bill & Nancy’s baby had been returned for the night. 
So when they called us to say come on over, we jumped in the car and zipped up interstate 75 to Lazy Days.

Boy it is definitely a beauty.  Winnona with UPGRADES!


Here are the proud parents!

today 023


Here’s their former “coach”. 
Talk about an UPgrade and an OUT grade and a ELONG grade! :-)
But the new Pleasureway’s owner has already put their money down.

today 028


Love these basement doors that swing out instead of up. 


today 024


The “Blues Bald Brothers” checking out the details.  Don’t want to have  Paul Dahl shoes.  :-)


today 029



Vanna demonstrates the outside entertainment center which they didn’t want
and refused to pay for.  BUT it costs more to take it out than to just toss it along. 
Those of you who know the Nancy & Bill,
can you even imagine them sitting outside watching TV?
Now that is a LOL!!
But she makes a great Vanna doesn’t she??


today 032


Step this way Please!

And now……………….for the inside.  

today 033


Left side with a great easy chair and comfy sofa/extra bed/recliner with foot rest.

today 034


Right side with dinette and kitchen

today 036


And the bedroom with lots of storage for all of Bill’s golf shirts.
Although rumor has it that he’s down from 27 to 15.


today 039


I love the lightness of the interior. 
One of the main reasons I’ve never found a coach to prefer to Winnona is the dark wood and upholstery.  Is that supposed to look “rich”??  Not to me, I just find it DARKER.
Great fabric with sand and just a hint of ocean blue/gray.  Would have been my choice too.  We twins think alike.

today 041


After the tour we sat and chatted a while about all the great features
like the fabulous automatic shades so you don’t have to crawl over the dashboard if you are a small person, and the really cool water temperature holder button on the shower head and the big fridge and ice maker and filtered water dispenser and on and on.  In a coach the same size as Winnona.  Great Choice Nancy and Bill.



Just when I didn’t think things could get any more interesting …

Nancy announced that Bill Mills has given up styrofoam cups for drinking coffee
and now owns his very own reusable coffee cup. 
Hooray for the landfills!   Hooray for Bill!  
He says it’s because I harassed him about it but I know it’s really because Nancy said “it’s time to graduate Bill, we don’t have room for stacks of styrofoam cups”.  
Whatever the reason I’m thrilled with his new environmental decision. 
His grandchildren will thank him! (one of my needling issues)  :-)


today 043



  1. Glad David is feeling well. Nancy and Bill sure picked a beautiful coach. Just when you think they can't improve them, there they go. I'm amazed sometimes if I catch an RV show on TV. Our 2003 was the cat's meow of the day, now...Well, I guess that's how they keep selling them.

    Thanks, again, for your kindness this morning.

  2. With that upgrade it seems they would have a lot of empty cabinets... for a while. :)

  3. What big smiles you captured on their faces :) She is a beauty and I know they were thrilled to share her with you.
    So, so glad David is doing well with this round. Fingers crossed that they hit upon the magic solution!

  4. So glad Baby got home in time for you two to visit:o)) One of these days, we will have more time to get together. Our visits are just too short.

    Hope David continues to feel pretty good and gets through this round as easy as possible.

  5. We'd be afraid to use a motorhome like that! Might scratch it or something!


  6. Really enjoyed the tour. Your friends sound like a neat couple.

  7. Their pleasure in their new home is evident in the smiles on their faces. Thanks for the sneak peak into their home.

  8. Beautiful new home you two!! We are looking to downsize to a Pleasure Way from a 32' Aerbus when we start traveling again. :)

  9. Nice to see another perspective of their coach. It's beautiful.

    Glad David is doing better!

  10. Ooh Vanna, can I buy a vowel?! Nice visits you've had lately. I'm glad this round is a little smoother for David. Hugs all around.

  11. Glad that this week is going well for David.

  12. Glad that things are going well for David. That's a beautiful coach your friends have. No wonder they look so pleased as punch! :-)

  13. Letters for 'Vanna' :

    You travel now in luxury
    from point A to point B

    But, think of it another way
    You've gone from B to A


  14. Glad to hear David is feeling well. I hope it continues.

    Thanks for the tour of Nancy and Bill's new motor home. It's a beauty!

  15. Catching up again as usual. These pictures of this swanky getaway are almost as entertaining as your nature pictures. Wow. So glad to hear that David is feeling well and I hope that that has continued. My father has been under the weather and that's my excuse for being several days behind. Enjoy your Sunday and take care!

  16. I may have stinky shoes, but at least I have all my hair...the better to have some to pull out when I have dumping disasters... ;c)

  17. So glad David is doing better. Fingers crossed that he continues to do well with this round!

  18. congratulations to your friends on that gorgeous new MH...they sure looked pleased and rightly so..glad David is doing better...

  19. Nice coach and nice reuseable cup! Have you seen many people actually using those outdoor TVs - I would think that would be awfully annoying for the neighbors ;)

  20. Yeah for BILL - a not so old dog can indeed learn new tricks!


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