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Portrait of a friend, the eatin’ is good & Round 2 begins

Thursday & Friday March 8 & 9, 2012
Lithia Springs Park Site #23


Let me start with my favorite picture from Monday with which I intended to end the last blog and then, of course, forgot until after it was posted.   It’s one of our neighbor friend. I’ve always admired long eyelashes.


Return to Lithia Springs 018



Thursday was another beautiful day
with a High of 86 and a Low of 57.






After David did some more “business”,










we went over to hang out at the spring. 











It was a gorgeous day temperatures in the mid 80’s.






David decided to go for a swim.  He’s been told that exercise is important for both his physical and psychological health but we want to make sure he doesn’t do anything that might cause him to lose more weight, like running, or have a potential to cause fractures in his bones which myeloma causes to thin.   So swimming and brisk walking seem the best ideas.  Maybe biking.




After dinner we went to the Sweetbay Grocery nearby for a few veggies to tide us over until we can get back to Whole Foods in Tampa on Monday.  There seem to be no farmer’s markets without driving to Plant City or further.  Never good to go to the grocery when you are hungry I always say.  Somehow whatever willpower you have disappears and you end up with lots of things in your cart that you weren’t planning on.





Once back home, we whipped up some blackberry banana ice cream for desert.
Boy was it good!








Friday was another Velcade shot day which means a trip to Brandon.  


While there David got the car filled up.  Gas was at $3.739.   I heard from a friend in Virginia that it is $3.379 in Charlottesville.  That’s quite a difference if you are filling up an RV.    But I guess that’s the price we pay to have lows in the 50’s instead of the low 30’s or 20’s.


While he was gone I finished all the stretching and weights that are part of my running ordeal, posted the last Blue Spring blog and started working on this one.


After he got back it started to sprinkle a bit, they have predicted rain for later in the afternoon.  That was enough to induce him to take what

Friday March 9 001

is becoming a regular post velcade shot nap.  He’s been having some trouble with his feet swelling so the antigravity chair is just the thing for  that as well.  He actually took a second nap in the later afternoon.  This is what the drugs seem to do.  After the initial Dex spike, his energy flags before it rebounds.






He woke up hungry from both naps.  So he decided to fix lunch.  He calls this his Vegan Dagwood.  On it he put his own recipe for hummus, mixed baby greens, tomato, red bell pepper, avocado, baby Portobello mushrooms and his own home made vegan mayo….no oil.  Looks pretty yummy but I bet he couldn’t get it all in his mouth without it falling out.  He made a trimmed down version for me with no avocado, no red pepper and no mushrooms.  I could get that in my mouth

Friday March 9 014


After lunch, I went out to our bank to cash some savings bonds to use to pay for our next weeks here where they do not take anything but cash in payment.  No credit cards, no checks.   Cash only.


savings bondI started the payroll savings bond deduction years ago and they are more than mature  at this point, but very handy when you need a few hundred dollars in cash.




Then we drove over to check out a hiking possibility that had been advertised here on the bulletin board.  The Chito Branch Reserve is  close so it was a short drive.

Friday March 9 015


After looking at the map, and looking around, it seemed pretty clear that you could start off on the loop trail in either direction. 



Friday March 9 021

One direction looked too much like that sandy road hike I had nixed at Blue Springs.  Only difference, this road was grass and dirt.







Friday March 9 019

The other direction looked like it had more promise but once you got through this lovely hammock of trees you were back in a field and the direction to go was unclear.









So we decided we’d have to go further afield for an acceptable hike and went back to the car.  Winnona looks pretty small under that big sky.

Friday March 9 018


Once home, David took that second nap, and woke up hungry again.  Here  is the happy chef making his own tofu sour cream.


Friday March 9 022


And here is what we had for dinner.  


Friday March 9 025

Serve it as a tostada.


Or as a wrap

Friday March 9 027


However you serve it, the eatin’ sure is good around here!


  1. It's great that David's appetite is so good! You guys have always eaten well. There have been many food pictures that made me want to invite myself to dinner! :)

  2. Food pics look yummy! You need to share the recipe for the blackberry banana "ice cream"!! Swimming always soothes the soul!

  3. It's good to hear that David has a good appetite. I guess the naps are what he needs. How do you make the tofu sour cream?

  4. Second the request for recipes. I've been jonesing for sorbet, but right now we live in the land of kit foxes and whole milk.

    I was going to ask about David's appetite, but I have my answer.


  5. Can't decide which I like more, your wildlife pictures or the pictures of those interesting dishes David cooks up!

  6. Dinner looks like it was yummy!!

  7. Lovin all the great food:o)) Now we need recipes!! Better yet, we need David to teach Bill how to prepare all those great dishes;o))

    Just happy to see David is feeling well enough to exercise and cook and nap!! All very important to keep him healthy:o))

  8. So glad David has his appetite, and seems his strength too!

  9. I'll take a trimmed down version of the Dagwood sandwich, hold the peppers please. Good that the treatment is not affecting David's appetite.

  10. so glad to see David is eating very well...a good appetite is a good thing for sure..glad the power naps revive him....take care

  11. I think you should do a cookbook and sell it! So great to hear David's appetite is great!

  12. Napping and eating are good warriors against David's struggles. He looks pretty pleased with his food creations. Heck - who can beat the temps down there. I think you guys have a good thing figured out - escape VA during those cold months - and check out the warmer climates of our beautiful country. How nice it is too - to travel with your very own hair stylist.

  13. I'm jealous of the long eyelashes on your neighbor friend.

    Blackberry banana ice cream sounds wonderful!

  14. The food looks GREAT! The cow picture is beautiful. And, I'm glad to see Dad is getting some exercise - from what I've read, it is important to keep that up even through the fatigue - which isn't an unusual symptom. Send me recipes for these yummy inventions - a DGB cookbook..hmm...not a bad idea.


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