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DelNor-Wiggins State Park

Monday April 9, 2012
Koreshan State Park Site #37


David is still having trouble sleeping because of his back and when I get up and start out to run at 7am he is sound asleep in the recliner with it blocking the exit door.  I just don’t have the heart to wake him.  So it’s 8:15 before I start out to run.  BIG MISTAKE!!

In south west Florida it is in the mid to upper 70’s by 9:00 in the morning and that’s WAY TOO HOT to run.   I manage to push on through the first 2/3rds but have to do a walk/run combo for the ending.  When I finish I am hot and tired……………….

We have a great scrambled tofu breakfast, grab our beach gear, pick up a Subway for a lunch and drive the 13 miles to the gulf beach state park of DelNor-Wiggins.  Probably not the closest beach we could have found but recommended by the ranger here as one to see.  It’s a mile long sandy coastline on the Gulf.  You pay $6 to park your car for the day so the earlier you come the more beach time you get for your fee.

The sun is behind the clouds when we first arrive but the temperatures are perfect and the breezes light.  There are quite a few people here for a Monday.  I was surprised. 

Delnor-Wiggins Beach 004


We stake out our spot.

Delnor-Wiggins Beach 007

I’m in the water right away and floating along before you know it.


When I get back we spot this thing up in the sky to our left coming down the beach toward us.

Delnor-Wiggins Beach 021


Eventually it gets close enough that we can zoom in to see 3 people sitting in the seat.  Boy does that look like fun.


Delnor-Wiggins Beach 029


After lunch it is time for a nap for one of us.

Delnor-Wiggins Beach 037


Later we took a walk down to the North End where the swimming stops and the fishing starts and then the fishing stops and the boating starts.


Delnor-Wiggins Beach 036


It is an interesting walk among the water lovers of all ages and sizes.


Delnor-Wiggins Beach 032

Delnor-Wiggins Beach 034

Delnor-Wiggins Beach 035

Delnor-Wiggins Beach 055 


This fella is hanging out around the fishermen hoping to snatch some bait.

Delnor-Wiggins Beach 066

Delnor-Wiggins Beach 061 


Delnor-Wiggins Beach 064


Pelicans are my favorite beach lovers.

Delnor-Wiggins Beach 060


On the way back we see this Osprey nest.  He sure has got waterfront property..

Delnor-Wiggins Beach 068


Delnor-Wiggins Beach 069


Too soon it is time for a final swim.  The sun is getting lower in the sky and dinner is calling.  What a great day by and in the waters of the Gulf!!


Delnor-Wiggins Beach 073


  1. Was that a shark fin in the background in the picture of you swimming? :cO

    What a lovely beach to be a "bum" on. :c)

  2. A great day indeed ... and when you add some birds, it becomes even better.

  3. sounds like a nice day and David still got in his nap.

  4. Very nice beach, not too crowded, looks clean too!

  5. Being familiar with the beaches of NC, it always surprises me to see trees so close to the water. I love it!

  6. The state of Florida did everyone a great favor preserving this 1 mile stretch of beach for public use. North and south of this beach it is wall to wall development and no where to park. Very clean too.

  7. Enjoy the warmth...it is 40 degrees here this morning;o((

    So much for getting in the ocean, but we will still enjoy a walk!!

    Beautiful beach and great pictures:o))

  8. Looks like you had a great day at the beach. So glad you enjoyed it!

    Kevin and Ruth

  9. Great pictures!! Beautiful spot :)


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