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Easy Wednesday

Wednesday April 18, 2012
Site 25 Lithia Springs


Just after sun up, this morning, I take my beach chair and head down the barely visible path that I discover goes from the back of the site, opposite the fire ring, down to the river.

By the Alafia site 25 001


By the Alafia site 25 002



The path opens up in places as I walk. It is a quiet morning.  No one  is up yet.  The temperature is cool and light.  I feel as though I might be all alone in the world.  The path, as paths do, draws me on even though I know what is around the next curve.  Still I feel like an explorer.


By the Alafia site 25 003


By the Alafia site 25 004


By the Alafia site 25 005


By the Alafia site 25 006


By the Alafia site 25 007


I come to the river, climb down the bank from the trail and sit right next to the water. 


By the Alafia site 25 008


By the Alafia site 25 009


By the Alafia site 25 010


A few birds call, I feel a gentle breeze.  A truck’s back up beep beep carries a long way.  It sounds in the far distance and then thankfully is gone.  The trees are perfectly reflected in the river’s dark water until a fish barely breaks the surface creating concentric circle rings expanding outward. 



By the Alafia site 25 029


By the Alafia site 25 030



Thin cirrus clouds lightly float over a soft blue sky.  The live oaks and cypress lining the river banks look stately dressed in spanish moss which waves gently in the breeze.  All this against the blue, blue sky.


By the Alafia site 25 023


The river moves ever so slowly on its long way to Tampa Bay.  A loud splash breaks the silence and I jump.  A mullet.  He jumps again and again.  Big circles ripple the water.  I wish I’d had my camera out.  I might have gotten his second or third jump.  But then, I think…. I wouldn’t have “seen” it, only through the lens.  Only the picture of it and I’m glad I'm sitting here in the quiet watching and waiting.

It’s a great way to start the day.  Now I wish I’d come out before dawn.   The water is low and there is a fallen cyprus right in front of my chair.  Looks like the perfect place for sunning turtles.  If I could just sit here quietly all day, would they come?


By the Alafia site 25 016


I do sit quietly and wonder what’s beyond the thick undergrowth on the river’s opposite side.  How did John Muir walk through this impenetrable habitat on his 1000 Mile Walk to the Gulf from Indiana to just north of where I am today.  He came in the earliest years of the 20th century when much of this area was sparsely settled.    I’ve read his book several times and recently read it aloud to David.  We marveled at the beauty of the language and the strength of character and determination it took to make such a trip all on foot.


By the Alafia site 25 018


These quiet mornings on my off running days give me a very different start to my day.  But I’ve been here quite a while and now I’m hungry.  Maybe pancakes for breakfast. 


I walk back the path slowly, enjoying the very first glimpse of Winnona through the trees.  This has been an excellent morning.


By the Alafia site 25 035A

By the Alafia site 25 036

By the Alafia site 25 038



In the  afternoon, as things heat up, we bike over to the spring. It makes me smile, it’s lovely. I like to go first over to the more natural end for a while.  There are a lot of fish.  They nibble toes and fingers.


At Lythia Spring 002


At Lythia Spring 003


At Lythia Spring 006



Today is midweek.  The swimmers numbers will start picking up tomorrow.   We don’t have the spring to ourselves as we might have had we come out before noon but there are only a few of us and we are all enjoying the water.  The spring waters always stun me with their clarity.


At Lythia Spring 001


At Lythia Spring 010


At Lythia Spring 011A

At Lythia Spring 017


At Lythia Spring 019


More doctor appointments tomorrow. 
But today is a lovely Easy Wednesday.


  1. You have such a peace about you, Sherry. Thank you for sharing your morning. You and David really are water rats.

    I think, tomorrow, I'm going to put Jack in the car and head up to the north Georgia mountains--maybe even to North Carolina. I have to get away--we both need a change of scenery. Even if we only ride around and have a picnic.

    Hope your day goes well, tomorrow.

  2. A lovely Wednesday, indeed. Love how you took us along with you. What a great day!

  3. What a writer you are! I felt like I was right there with you. Sounds like a great day all around!

  4. Lovely. Hope you are having a restful weekend...

  5. oooooh, that water looks so inviting! And the walk on the path....I think I could just do the entire experience.

  6. I hope you're high and dry in your campsite this week-end. I'm sure you're getting plenty of rain too!

  7. Now that's a great way to start the day! Love that hidden trail to the river.
    The water is almost too clear. Reminds me of a swimming pool. I'm glad the county parks there have worked out for you two and your medical detour. You're making the best of it.

  8. Catching up again! I loved your entry about the couple with the remodeled school bus. What talent! That's a fantastic story. I'm so sorry that David continues to have these back problems -- ugh. I'm thinking of/praying for y'all every day even when you don't hear from me. I'm very tied up with my father right now and don't get a chance to get online. The water looks fine! Wish I were there! Thanks for letting me travel with you.

  9. I love the springs, they are so calm and peaceful. I am so happy to have our winter homebase in Homosassa. I do love your writing style as well...makes me believe I am experiencing it with you. Peace to you both.

  10. What a beautiful scerene spot to start your day, just relaxing and enjoying the wonderful nature all around you.

    The water in the spring is so beautiful and clear. Glad you enjoyed your day.

    Don't forget to vote aussieexperiences.com/contest/entry/red-centre-kevin-read/

    Kevin and Ruth

  11. Great post Sherry!! Really enjoyed the trail and seeing you two in the spring makes me feel refreshed. So glad to see David still out enjoying himself during treatment week:o))

    You are both making lemonade out of the lemons you were given. Keep up the good spirits!!!

    Always in our thoughts!!!

  12. Your reflection picture is a money shot! Incredible beauty.

    Those trails look pretty wild, I was expecting a picture of Bigfoot coming the other way. ;c)

  13. Such a great place to peacefully commune with nature.

  14. You have written and photographed the very best heart of Florida in a way that I feel it inside. So lovely, Sherry. thank you.

  15. Stunning entry. I am glad you have days like this :)


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