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Off to Koreshan

Sunday April 8, 2012
Koreshan State Park Site #37


But first, I must address an omission.

I was remiss in my previous blog not to have shown a picture of the Easter Basket and the very cool glittery blue bunny given to us by Roger and Carol who read the blog and kindly included no candies in the basket.  Instead, it contained  things they thought we could use including these Pink Flamingos.  I mean what’s an RV without Pink Flamingos right???   Notice that the Duckie brothers are not fazed by either the giant rabbit or the giant chick.  Thanks to Carol (and Roger)  J

Koreshan Day 1 002


Tucked in by the River

In our campsite at Lithia Springs for the past two weeks, we have been really ‘down by the riverside’ and it took a bit of maneuvering to get out.  But no dents, no dings, no scratches later we were on our way around the 18 speed bumps to the dump and out of the park.   Lithia Springs has a very nice campground but the swimming pool spring and especially the speed bumps make us question whether or not to return here for the up coming 2 weeks of treatment.  Stay tuned for the decision in about 7 days.


We take off for  Koreshan State Park.

The 140 miles drive was straight down I 75 and an easy drive on this Sunday. But it still took most of the afternoon at our pace.

We arrived around 4pm and got set up in site #37.  The park itself has 60 campsites placed fairly close together but separated by native foliage.


Koreshan Day 1 010


Koreshan Day 1 008


First thing after getting hooked up and leveled was for the king of recycling to make use of the park’s excellent facility.  He has been saving everything for two weeks as the county parks have no recycling.  Doesn’t he look “cool” ??


The park is the result of the donation of 305 acres and all the buildings by the last 4 living members of the Koreshan Unity Settlement to the state of Florida in 1961.  The Founder Dr. Cyrus R. Teed and his followers arrived here in 1894 to begin a Utopian community.  At that time Florida was totally undeveloped.  No roads, they came by water, up the Estero River.  Hard to even imagine now.

There is an interesting historic area on one side of the park and a boat ramp for kayaking or canoeing the tidal Estero River on the other.   PLUS the park is just minutes from Gulf Beaches.  We’re anticipating a busy vacation week before returning for another 2 weeks of treatment in the Tampa area.


  1. Enjoy your stay. Make the most of the recreation possibilities! I love the pink flamingos, and I'll have to post a picture of our latest traveling companion ;-)!

  2. Ducks are hardy folk, and I wouldn't expect them to be cowed by a duck five times their size, nor a bunny either.

  3. Ooo, can already imagine u guys sitting on the beach!!

  4. Enjoy your stay, we have visited the park and it does have a interesting history:)

  5. I must admit to being a closet pink flamingo affectionado! I'm jealous. We have no such companions :)

  6. Another great campground find by the Winnona crew, and it accepts recycling.

    It is almost as hard to find a campground that recycles as it is to find one that lets you wash your RV.

    At least all the dead bugs splattered all over the windshield don't take up much storage space... ;c)

  7. Very cute Easter bunny and chick!

    Wish more campgrounds had recycle bins. It would be so much handier.

  8. David Rocks!! Cool look and an amazing job of extracting Winnona from her riverside campsite. We were there and truely had our doubts. Kinda thought you might be staying at the site until they cut a road through to your neighbors site;o)) What no pictures!?!?!?!

    Enjoy vacation!!!

  9. Nice site ... I like the privacy even if it is on the narrow side. Have fun; looks like there will be plenty to keep you out of trouble :-)

  10. Once again, it looks like you've found another wonderful place to have a week's vacation. I'm with you about the recycling. It seems to me that many commercial parks don't have it either, but the public campgrounds where you can get back to nature should most certainly have recycle.

  11. 18 speed bumps...amazing!! Enjoy your visit!

  12. Another Florida place we have never been-looking forward to hearing your adventures.

  13. Speed bumps give me nightmares! Enjoy your vacation!

  14. Tee hee!

    A recycling bin? I drool at the thought.

  15. Sure looks like handyman duckie has got his eyes on the big blue bunny.

    Always glad to find recycling as it seems the way groceries are packed these days, most of our 'trash' is actually recyclable plastics, papers and glass. The paper and glass I don't worry about so much, but putting plastics in landfills is criminal IMHO.

  16. The ducks needed some companionship. Glad they welcomed the bunnie and chicken into the pack! I never thought about what would go into about maneuvering Winona out of the very beautiful spot. Go David! Indeed that was a beautiful spot. It will be hard to match that beautiful camping spot you had in Lithia Springs....

  17. Carrie and MatthewApril 15, 2012 at 4:45 PM

    'Cool' is an understatement - great look Pops :)


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