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Vacation ends – Back to Treatment

Tuesday April 17, 2010
Lithia Springs Site 11



We return to the land of many speed bumps.


After my morning run-stretch-weights routine and going down to get the awning pictures of the Gypsy Wife and say good bye to Kim and Gordon, we leave Koreshan.  We’re in no hurry to move on or more correctly, to go back.   It’s Sunday morning and after an easy 144 mile drive up I 75, we return to Lithia Spring park aka the land of speed bumps.  Why do this again you ask?  Wasn’t it 30 some speed bumps to get in and out of this park?


Well the predicted temperatures for this coming week and beyond are in the upper 80’s and lower 90’s.  In April, SIGH,  and there are June and July yet to come.  But, I digress.


There are pretty much only 3 parks inexpensive enough and close enough to all doctors to qualify for consideration.  Given the upcoming heat, shade and swimming are high on the list of requirements.  One park has swimming, almost no trees but great kayaking,  Another has trees, good kayaking but no swimming and the highest predicted temperatures of the 3 for this coming week.   Lithia has kayaking, the nicest shaded campground, a spring to swim in though it is getting shallower and shallower as is the Alafia River.  So Lithia’s only big draw back is those bumps.


Thus, here we are.


At Lythia Spring 005


We roll in about 2:30 to find that our favorite site has been claimed at noon today for the foreseeable future. 


Our second favorite was taken on the 10th so it’s possible that they will leave tomorrow.  We took our 3rd favorite and set up minimally to see if they do leave tomorrow.   Since we will be here for 14 days, it’s nice to be in the most remote site you can get when the Warriors invade during the week-end.


Monday brings Good News!


Today, David picked up the replacement Pantech UML 290 broadband modem sent to us from Verizon and we are in business again.  No more dropping signal.  So it appears all our problems were due to a faulty device.  Yet to come are attaching the amplifier and antenna to see if this will create more problems or enable us to have signal in more remote places.  IF we are ever able to go to any remote places again, I think to myself.


The modem is today’s news.  It’s 89 degrees in the afternoon.  We turn on the air conditioner and hang out inside answering emails, writing blogs, doing business.


After dinner we take a walk around the campground and find that we are the only inhabitants in the first section, Sites 1-21.    There is one camper in the second section, sites 22-30.  And three in the third section 31-40.   During the week things are really quiet here and it is very nice.  We walk over to the spring and it looks extremely low.  The water does not come up as high on the shore and there are many more  “islands” than last time we were here.   I wonder if it is even possible to swim.   


Tuesday starts the medical routine again.


I begin my day with my ‘avoid doctors’ routine of run-stretch-weights.  I run by the spring and the water level looks higher.  Actually quite a bit higher.  What gives?   Guess I’ll have to ask the very friendly park manager next time I see him.  But I do think I’ll go up for  swim or a float or just a sit in the water, which ever is possible, today when those temperatures start getting close to 90.


Doctor visits, shots, pills, medicines begin again today for David.  He leaves at 10:00 for his appointment in Brandon to start treatment cycle #4.


At this point, he has few if any side effects from the treatment.  David’s back pain, the result of bulging discs, is now his most bothersome problem making it extremely difficult for him to sleep.  We’ve tried every combination of sleeping possibilities, bed, sofa, floor, chair with and without the Memory foam mattress at each location.  Nothing seems to make any difference.  He says the easiest is sleeping on the floor on the memory foam doubled over to create a large twin bed size.   And that is as comfortable as anything else since he doesn’t sleep more than two hours at a stretch without being awakened needing some sort of pain medication.  He takes two different things at different intervals.  Neither of which do anything more than dull the pain.


The pain doesn’t bother him as much during the day when he isn’t laying down so other than being tired, he does pretty well during the day.  Hope going back on treatment for the 4th round doesn’t change that too much.


By noon, he still hasn’t returned. 


That’s a long time.  I call him to make sure nothing is wrong and  find he’s just gotten into the infusion center.  There were 24 people in the waiting room when he arrived for his appointment an hour and a half ago.


After talking with him, I hop on my bike and ride around the campground to see if any new folks have shown up.  Nope


BUT the RV in our second favorite site did leave. 


Whoopee!   I pedal over to the Ranger’s station and ask them if we can switch.  No problem.   Five minutes and all done.


Back to the coach I go.  I call David to tell him I’ve gotten site 25 and we can move into it.  He says he’ll come right back.  I start taking down for the move.   I have everything buttoned up,  slides in, jacks up, water and electric off,  by the time David shows up at 1:00 and we move down to site #25 where we both sing fifty miles of Elbow Room (not as well as the N.C. Red Clay Ramblers in this link for sure).  This is hands down the largest site at Lithia Springs and will be GREAT for avoiding the noise and partying of the weekend warriors.


Site 25 Lithia Springs 012


Site 25 Lithia Springs 013


We set everything back up, including all the things we held back, “just in case”.  I take pictures to post Winnona’s new location and then it is time for lunch - humus, spinach and tomato sandwich and blueberry smoothie.


Site 25 Lithia Springs 019


Site 25 Lithia Springs 017


David’s preliminary reports on today’s blood work again look very good.  He is responding extremely well.  If only his back wouldn’t have decided to complicate things.  Details on the numbers to come later in the week.  Stem Cell transplant consult on Thursday.  Next treatment Friday.
Actually 7 doctor visits in 10 days. L 

So with doctors done for today, we’re all settled in here at Lithia Springs and only have to do the speed bumps when we leave.   Hmm now that I think about it, we are going to be doing a LOT of coming and going this stay.  Poor Ruby.


  1. Good luck with all those appointments. And I hope his back starts to feel better. I'm sending chilly thoughts your way...it was just hailing on us up here in the mountains! We're definitely not in Florida, Toto ;-).

  2. Well now. That campsite looks large enough for us to join you! Shade is a must when it's that hot.

  3. Love your new site. Hope this treatment session is a piece of cake!

    It seems that there's a lot of faulty Verizon equipment hanging around :) Hope yours continues to work well.

  4. I'm glad that you are in a 'comfort' spot while David is getting his treatment. Sort of like being home when you are sick. Prayers for treatment #4 and his back.

  5. so happy to see your in your fav spot...good thoughts and prayers while you work your way thru treatment # 4..hope his back feels better soon...

  6. Good things come to those who wait and you got that sweet spot. Sorry you didn't get your first choice, how dare those other people snatch it up!

    Glad to hear that David is doing well despite the back issue. Hope the CG has electric so you can cool down with some a/c.

  7. Beautiful site!! Hope David's back feels better real soon.

  8. This is good news, that David isn't suffering side effects, and that he's responding so well to treatment. Woo hoo! That disc is sure a mosquito inside the net, though.

  9. Yes, I too am glad you are in your favorite spot for this period of time. Am wishing all the best for David. I hope his back lets up !! Does he do stretching? Not pushing it but gentle long stretches. Yoga has helped me a lot with lower back pain. But, I am talking very mellow yoga. Stretching only to a comfortable position and holding a bit.

  10. Sherry, have you asked the doctors about a spinal block for David. I know what the pain is, but as I've said before I can sit and lie down so I can rest. With the chemo plus not being able to sleep, David must be exhausted.

    Pain pills don't work for me, either, but maybe if he can get the epidural shots and they relieved him for only a short while at least he could get some sleep.

    Maybe they can't give him epidurals because they are a steroid, but I don't think a spinal block is. It might be worth it just to get the relief.

    Just a thought. You've probably already investigated all this--I know you are so thorough, but just in case...

    I'm glad you got a comfortable spot in the park. Think of and David all the time, and hope that his back improves.

  11. Now that is a campsite we could love. Not quite as tricky as your last one;o(((

    Good to know David is responding well to his treatment. Sure wish they could offer more back relief so he would get good sleep. That is when the body heals and something he really needs right now!!

    Try to stay cool...before long they will think you are new species that has been discovered in the springs;o)))

    Miss you guys!!!!

  12. Sorry to hear that David's back is continuing to bother him, but good that the treatment is progressing well. Now that you're in one of your favorite sites, hopefully some day time naps will help to keep him energized.

  13. The good news about the heat is less people in the parks. Great to hear that David is responding well to treatment.

  14. Glad to hear that the David's treatment seems to be working and that his numbers are improving. Love your site. Nice to be able to be away from the majority of the weekend warriors.

    Kevin and Ruth

  15. What a nice campsite you have now! Warm wishes and hugs are being sent to both of you!!

  16. What a great campsite....Is there a limit on how long you can reserve it?
    I'm sorry David is having that back pain. He really needs good restorative sleep.

  17. That you're singing made me SMILE!! I bet this is the site I'll get to enjoy when I arrive - yippie! 10 appointments - unreal that someone like Dad has to fight this kind of battle and, in a way, us along with him :(


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