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Favorite Morning

Friday March 30, 2012
Lithia Springs site #38


Morning has always been my favorite time.


I love to get up with the sunrise or even before. 

It’s a very special day if I can see the sun rise over the water.

Springs residents 032A


I hate alarm clocks.  I want to wake up naturally, when my body tells me to. 
I think, how wonderful, I no longer even own an alarm clock.

today 006


I love leisurely mornings when I don’t  “have” to do anything or go anywhere first thing. 
No appointments I have to rush to make.


Springs residents 017A


A slow easy start makes my day much more meaningful.


Today, I take a quiet leisurely walk around the park. 
There is beauty everywhere I look and this time I brought my camera.
All these pictures were taken on this wonderful morning.


Lithia Site #38 007


I walk by the spring run. 

today 020


There is no one but me and the permanent residents. 
It is so quiet.  
There are no manmade sounds. 
I stay and watch and listen. 
I feel wonderful. 
Just now, everything is right. 


Springs residents 049A 

Springs residents 023



Springs residents 033A

Springs residents 037A



I walk to the spring,  take off my shoes and lay back in the water.  
I float and look up at the sky. 
I feel fresh and new like the day.


today 055


Thoughts tumble around.

The 72 degree water begins to feel cold after a while so I do a more brisk walk back to camp. 
I towel off my hair, wrap the towel around me, take my beach chair  and sit out by the river with my journal. 
I write about yesterday and today.  Hopes and fears.  Joys and sorrows.  Plans and dreams.  A time for introspection.  

Bill & Nancy Visit 015


I love my free and easy morning.

Now I’m ready to take on the day.

Springs residents 034A


As soon as I have my breakfast!


today 016A


Do you have morning rituals to start your day?


  1. oooo, those are lovely pictures, love the 1st duck? and the egret.
    I like to just sit and drink my 1st glass of water & look out the window, whatever is going on..Carl weighs 50# and i SURE hope those mice are not in there!!
    There alot of cats about the place, but am sure they can't take care of all the mice in the fields :(

  2. Wonderful Post!!!

    Sounds like the way I start my mornings. Very, very early and taking it slow and easy :o)) I love the feeling of having the world to myself....

    Your photos are spectacular!!!

  3. Hope to develop rituals when we're on the road and don't have to live by the alarm clock. But when we are out camping, I like to go for a walk on a nearby trail, or just around the campground will suffice. More often than not, I'm the only one out and about as I am an early riser. My walk on the bluebell trail Saturday morning was perfect in that way ... no people, just some birds in the canopy and squirrels on the ground.

  4. My morning ritual now is different than it will be later this year. We did not replace our alarm clock that floated. I use my cell phone now for the weekdays. Saturday I get up when I feel like it, relax with a bottle of water, and smile. Our time will come.

    Nice ducks, by the way :)

  5. I like your morning ritual much more than mine! I get up, have my daily Coke, look out my window at the latest scenery, then read my blogs. It takes me awhile to get going and get out of my P.J.s. When I worked, I was up and out the door within half an hour. Isn't it great to SLO-O-O-WLY start your day? And to start it with nature? Loved the photos....great bird pictures!

  6. Great blog today. I love the way you started your day and the pictures were perfect.

    Some days we go outside right away and some days we stay inside and drink coffee and read blogs. Either way, we start our days slowly as well.

  7. Our day has begun so much more enjoyable simply due to the peaceful description of yours. Thank you for the gift

  8. What a beautiful post! One of my favorites. I hope the rest of your day is a nice as your morning.

  9. Rain or shine, Emma and I begin each day early with a constitutional. Just us and the birds and the bees. :)

  10. You really did it this time. With your beautiful post, you made me feel guilty about missing sunrises.

    My fulltime ritual is to never see another sunrise, during my working years I saw way too many of them, being at work already. :c(

    Doesn't mean I don't like to see pictures of them on someone else's blog. ;c)

  11. Sometimes I am oblivious to the beauty that surrounds me. But when I take the time to be aware of nature, it is so healing and heartwarming. What a great way to start the day!

  12. Ahh. Love the ducks. Coffee is my first ritual. Then it's my second. Maybe a walk would be a nicer one.

  13. I'm like Roxanne. Coffee is my first ritual and my second. I always thought I'd go outside to have my morning coffee once we were on the road, but it hasn't happened. Not once. I should change that. Thanks for a beautiful post.

  14. Thanks for sharing all the cool duck photos! We love our ducks here in Eugene, Oregon. Great post.

  15. ThIs is a beautiful blog. Made me feel very serene and peaceful made you should write for some nature publication But I'm with Paul and Marti. Too many early working days so now I don't want to see sun rises. Great photos.

  16. not into sunrises since we retired..but love seeing them via your blog..thanks for sharing...your pictures are gorgeous!!

  17. We enjoy waking up gradually to a slow and easy morning. If we're up early enough to see the sun rise, that's a bonus. Enjoying the peace and quiet of the campground during a morning walk is another bonus.

  18. Lovely post - great pictures and it made me smile because it reflects well the 'you' I know and love :) Your ritual sounds better than my week day one...make bed, pack lunch, run, shower, put on business wear, catch the metro...ah, the working life...

  19. Beatutiful way to start the day and well honored in your post. I am not an early riser however I have never regretted the times I have gotten out early. Dawn and dusk are very special times to me.


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