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Day +19 – Color it better

Saturday August 4, 2012
Quail Run RV Resort Lot 15


I wake up about 6am and it is only 70 degrees out.  That’s practically a cold front so I get my things together and go outside to watch the sun come up as well as I can in an RV Park next to an interstate.  Not great pictures but it’s the best I’ve got right now. 


Day  19 003


Day  19 009


It is a lovely morning.  I could do without the traffic noise and my neighbors AC which seems to run 24/7 no matter what the temps.  I’m glad I don’t have his electric bill.  Speaking of which, I just paid for our next month’s stay here $260 and our July electric bill $63.  Aren’t those amazing numbers???   That’s in total about $10.40 a day.   Just exactly what we need for a long stay.  Although I am not an RV Park lover, this one is very nice and the folks who run it are exceptional.

I sit outside reading and writing and then see Karen and Al out for a morning walk.  I go over to talk with them and in a bit Catherine comes down the lane taking Grace for walk.   Karen and Al continue on their way and I walk a little bit with Catherine before heading back to the coach. 

I come in when I hear David in the bathroom.  It’s after 8 and he’s back in bed.  I suggest that he get up and have some breakfast even if neither Moffitt nor the Marriott is making it for him.  He checks his email and Dr. Alsina has written him back at 11:30 last night.  She says this is totally normal and that things are progressing as they should.  She’ll see him next week.  Well that makes us both feel better but I wonder if she ever sleeps.

David’s sleep has been no better than usual which is to say 2 hours max at a time but after breakfast he takes a 30 minute walk in the beautiful weather.

Day  19 016

As he returns, he gives our lovely tree a hug and sits outside in his anti-gravity chair for a short nap.

Day  19 020

We stay outside, he napping and then watching the clouds, me reading and writing, until almost noon when the humidity begins to make us uncomfortable. 

Day  19 022


Day  19 030 


Just as he wakes we hear the squawk of the cranes and find our favorite neighbors have come to pay us a visit. (no offense intended to the wonderful Karen & Al and Catherine, Jo Beth & Grace)

Day  19 023


Camera Crane3B


Before we go inside for the rest of the day to escape the heat, I want to clean the mildew off the awning.  I use 1/8 cup of Dawn, 1/8 cup of bleach in 2.5 gallon bucket of water.   I brush the mix on with a soft bristle brush and then roll the awning up.  Leave it for 5 minutes, unroll and rinse.   I do this twice.  The top of the awning is looking great.  The underneath side needs more scrubbing so I get a stiffer brush and do the underside another two times.  By the end I’m soaked with water but the awning looks much better.    That’s my maintenance chore for today.   Tomorrow it’s time to bring the slides in and out and the jacks up and down.  Usually we do this just in normal moving about but since we have been in one place for a month for the first time ever, I think I need to do that.   Wish I could run my generator for a couple of hours as well.  Not sure about how that would go over with my non feathered neighbors.

Day  19 034

Day  19 042


Day  19 054

Day  19 056

Day  19 052


I’m getting toward the finish line when up walks Jo Beth bearing yet another gift.  She says she was making some guacamole for friends coming for lunch and made a bit too much.  Lucky us!   Thank you Jo Beth!! 

Day  19 060


She takes a picture of the two of us, worker and management.  Boy are the tables turned here.  In our former lives David hated to supervise, he preferred to work alone.  I loved to supervise and became adept at delegating.  We kept those roles when we were on the road together so this is just a short term swap believe me.   J


Day  19 061

David goes in and turns on the Olympics.  MORE volleyball.  He’s glued to the Russian/USA match while I make his lunch and while he eats it.  Team USA wins the first two.  He’s thinking they’ll take the 3rd but Russia wins it by 2 and the next one by 9.  Tied 2 sets to two but the US is making too many mistakes.  Russia wins 3 games to two. 

David is particularly interested in these matches not only because he likes to play volleyball but because in the 70’s during the cold war he spent significant time in what was then the Soviet Union with a team of medical researchers doing collaborative work under the auspices the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute.  He made many Soviet friends and hosted them when they came to The University of North Carolina where he was working at the time.

Volleyball over, he’s going to nap now.  Not as much interest in Water Polo even if it is US vs. Serbia.  

It’s time for a real nap with his feet up in bed.  He falls asleep to his book on tape.  Not sure how he is ever going to hear this entire thing or find the spot where he drifted off.  But if it helps him get to sleep, it’s a good thing.  Dig those sox!


Day  19


While he sleeps I slip out to make a grocery run; more fruits, more broccoli and some coconut milk.  He’s awake and watching track and field when I return.  His brother Roger calls.  I work on the blog and have a glass of Baileys.

Day  19 077

They chat for half an hour and then it’s time to eat.  Dinner gives him some energy so he does the dishes while I read.  We don’t have a lot of dishes thus it doesn’t take long and I finish the chapter while he sits in the recliner and listens.  


Day  19 078

Then it’s time for another half hour walk before dark.   This is the day for birds at Quail Run although no quails.   The Sandhills visit this morning and on our walk we find a heron and then a cockatiel who is hollering at his owner inside when we first come up.  He slides down the railing to walk around the top of his cage while we talk to him.  He says “hell-0” and some other things that sound like speech but we don’t understand.   We also enjoy some of the yard decorations of the permanent residents and the snow birds including hot tub, fire pit, Canada geese and other statuary.   As we turn around to come back, we can hear the cockatiel hollering again at the folks inside.  He’s just a riot!



That’s about it for Day +19. 
For the record I’d color it a slightly better day than yesterday for the patient.

The End!

Day  19 028A


  1. Watched the guys lose in volleyball too. Hope the girls continue to win. Glad there is more energy floating around Winona today. Hope the weather is good for you in the morning. Since I don't do mornings I never get to see the sun rise so I really enjoyed the pictures.

  2. Sounds like a great day, and I'm glad! Dig the socks, David. Sherry, I love Bailey's. If we ever hook up in person, let's do some damage to one, eh? Gentle hugs . . .

  3. Great Idea.... I'm going to get some coffee and Baileys. Spent the day with a cranky kiddo. I give up for the day....I'm ready for some ALONE time!! Glad your day was better!!

  4. It certainly sounds like a better day today and with the doctor's confirmation, hopefully things are looking up. Hope you enjoyed your Bailey's...yum!

  5. Hot tub? Did I see you wrote about a hot tub? I think we need to pull chocks up here in Rhode Island and head down your way.

    I like hot tubs even more than Judy's "The End" pictures. I have to give your picture high marks, too!

    That is a great monthly rate you have. Wish more campgrounds were that reasonable. Good work on the maintenance on Winnona, she must be appreciating your TLC as much as the TLC you've been giving David. ;c)

  6. I've been missing those tree-hugging pictures. Nice to see one again. :-)

  7. Better is always better:o)) Sounds like a much more 'normal' day in your lives. Of course, not the worker-manager thing, but that will come;o)) Both of you keep up the good work, you have turned the corner and are heading towards better days!!!

  8. I think doing a bit of cleaning helps clean the mind too. Glad David felt good enough to hug a tree..:-)

  9. We have never seen the hot tub here at Quail Run. We even looked for it today.

    We got some of Jo Beth's guacamole too. Yummy.

    Glad the doctor responded to your questions and eased your minds a little bit.

    This is a good place to hang while his energy returns.

    BTW...your neighbor that runs the A/C all the time only has one unit so I'm sure it has to work pretty hard to keep his rig half way cool. He was our neighbor until recently :)

  10. If you like Bailey's, try Amarula next time. Good to read that this day was better than the day before and that the doc thinks all's coming along as expected.

  11. I highly recommend taking a little time for watching clouds. Fun to look for things in the clouds that are recognizable and could be named. I didn't see anything I could name yesterday, but there is great beauty in the totally abstract fluid images. Great way to relax.

  12. I like the bird pictures - especially the cranes! Glad to hear Pops is doing a bit better and that things are going as expected and that you are able to be outside and get things done!! Yay!

  13. Glad things are going well....love the pics

  14. Good to hear you both had a better day. You need it.
    When we've been workamping and parked for a few months we always exercise the generator once an month for an hour or two. I bet during the heat of the afternoon you would not disturb anyone since they will be indoors with the AC running. Or run it during a thunderstorm!

  15. Here it is! Hey, I agree with David's pizza, and am really enjoying the local farmer's market in Fredonia- my zucchini, squash, red onions, garlic, and lots of tomatoes ended up studding green peppers today- YUMMY!

    I feel famous- my postcard made your blog.

    Do I need to take a pic of my mirror?? huh??


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