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Movin’ On

Friday August 24, 2012
Walkabout RV Park
Woodbine, Georgia


How can it take so long to finish packing up?

As you saw in yesterday’s post, we’d done all of the outdoor packing yesterday.  That left just the indoor and the tires, the tanks and Ruby on the dolly.  Right?

Well who knows what happened but it was about 12:30 when Winnona went out through the Quail Run Gates for the first and last time.  Well who knows about last actually so we’ll just say for the first time.


To Georgia 001


Quail Run has been a perfect place for these past two months. 

Their monthly rates are simply excellent.  We paid $270 per month plus electricity which because of our 30 amp service and our shaded spot, was only $63.  The park is kept in excellent shape and the staff are extremely friendly and happy to help.  If you want to stay near Tampa, I give them a big thumbs up as I know Karen and Al do too.


But now we are FINALLY movin’ on and are thankfully at least a couple of steps ahead of Hurricane Isaac. 


Yesterday I toyed with what route to take to get over to the North-South raceway also known as I -95.  

The most direct one is I-75 to State Route 301 to the I-295 loop around Jacksonville and then I-95.   But I wasn’t sure that would be the quickest or the easiest.  Karen and Al had told us we could go a few miles out of our way to take I-75 to I-10 over to I-95.  Interstate all the way. 

But once we were on I-75 we opted for the “lesser” road knowing that would cut our speed and our time.  Usually neither of those would matter at all since as you know, I don’t like to ride, or drive or spend more than a very few hours in a motor vehicle per day.  If I have to be on the roads I simply like to mosey.  But this time, I wanted to be out of Florida by night fall. I’m totally Florida’d out!


The 301 route turned out perfectly.   Here’s what we had on 301 – 4 lane highway with almost no traffic, a few towns and only one, Starke, with even a slight back up. 

To Georgia 005

Here’s what we avoided by taking 301.  GREAT choice!!


To Georgia 009



Georgia is definitely on my mind.

We cross the Georgia line and I am glad to be welcomed.  First time we’ve been out of Florida in nearly 9 months.  Glad to be here Georgia.

 To Georgia 011a


I wish we’d been going here but with a hurricane pending, being on the coast of south Georgia seems like not such a good idea.

To Georgia 012a

But if you have never been to Cumberland Island, it is a MUST see.  You can stay at Crooked River State Park and kayak or take the ferry over to the island.   What a fabulous natural island shoreline.  So very rare these days.


After 210 miles we pull into Walkabout RV Park in Woodbine Georgia.


It’s a long day for me – Paul and Eldy can stop laughing now.  And I’m glad we get easily checked in and set up in a Full Hook Up Pull through site for $16.50 a night with Passport America.  Ruby stays on the dolly and we don’t have to do a thing but hook up and level up.  The site is level enough without the jacks but we put them down for stability. 

I find this park is an excellent overnight and use it both coming and going from and to Florida down the east coast.  The folks who own it are from Australia and they are friendly and welcoming with GREAT accents.  :-)

 To Georgia 026



To Georgia 022


We kick back, check to see where Isaac is now, have some dinner and go out for a little walkabout of our own where we find the bug crew on duty.  I sure like them a lot better than the Hillsborough County mosquito sprayers who were out at 8:40 last night to give us a proper send off requiring us to shut off the AC and David to put on a mask until the spray settled, about half an hour later.



There is a nice trail out to the Crooked River from the park. 

The boardwalk goes out to a small covered gazebo at the end.  There wasn’t much of a sunset but it’s great to be able to walk out to the water from the campsite. 

To Georgia 034


To Georgia 038


We’ll be off tomorrow heading for South Carolina.

That should put us well away from Isaac and whatever he has in store for Florida.  It’s been good to get on the road again and see that all of Winnona’s systems are GO!  Although, my fingers are shocked to be typing something other than Quail Run in the header to a blog. 


  1. Whoop! So excited for you both. Hope you reach some cooler weather somewhere in your travels.

  2. We've never been to this part of our beautiful USA So thank you for all your pictures. Glad you're staying ahead of Isaac.

  3. I'm so thankful you are out of Florida, and hope you have good travels the rest of the way.

  4. Good timing that you were able to get out of Florida, hoping that you stay out of the path of the hurricanes.

  5. So happy for you two. Georgia and South Carolina are great states! Have some fun and enjoy! Smell dem roses!

  6. Good to get away from Isaac. And looks like you found a nice place for the night.

  7. Good first day on the road; have pinned this place for a stay on our way to FL later this year.

  8. We plan to stop there for a couple of days on our way to FL in a few weeks. Bass Lake RV Park near Dillon SC is another PPA park with pullthrus and easy off/on. Those owners are British so cool accents too. Travel safe!

  9. Nice to see you are moving right along.

  10. That's great that you're back on the road. I have no idea what that caterpillar is, but I like your bug crew. :)

  11. Safe travels! I hope that you reach cool temps soon!

  12. Glad you are safely outta Isaac's way. Sounds like a nice overnite in Georgia too. Perhaps Nancy & Bill in SC? :)

  13. Glad you made it back on the road. I know you were glad to see the Florida state line in your rear view mirror.

  14. So relieved for you that you're finally out of Florida. And not a moment too soon with Isaac on the way. Keep gettin' it!

  15. For selfish reasons I wanted you to go to the north Georgia Mountains so I could run up to see you and David, but your post makes me want to be over on the coast.

    You're making good time. The only person I would consider being a passenger with was Rich, and at that I would tell him four hours was my limit in the motorhome. I didn't mind the Jeep.

    The mention of Cumberland Island brought back memories. I met Jane Schnell on the ferry over. She was retired from the CIA and had bicycled the perimeter of the U.S. We talked for quite a while--fascinating conversation. I spoke with her years later, and I got a book in the mail. It had a yellow sticky on one of the pages. She had written about her adventures and had included our meeting and conversation on the ferry. She wrote a number of books about travel. She moved to Clayton, GA to take care of her Mother but somewhere in between had bicycled the perimeter of Georgia and owned a Bed and Bath.

    Glad you're making good time. I was going to ask where you are stopping in SC, but you'll be there, tonight!

    No mention of David tiring during the drive so that's good news.

  16. What a great feeling to be back on the road and I'm glad you're out of the reach of Isaac!

  17. 210 miles in one day! Sounds like PDD is growing on you. ;c)

    We're thrilled to see you moving again, I'm sure it felt great to roll down the highway after sitting so long. From your departing picture, it sure looks like Ruby is quite a workhorse with all she carries. Beverly Hillbillies comes to mind.

    We have the same deal, our Element toad carries a lot of our "stuff" and we call it our rolling garage.

    Wish you didn't have Issac breathing down your neck, it would have been nice to be able to find some new places for you to relax with out suffering from PDD, but you always find interesting things no matter where you land.

  18. We are so happy to see you rolling along again:o)) We love 301 and use it often coming and going to central and western Florida. Love Walkabout also...you gave us that hint and we stayed there when we headed south to pick up Baby. Well, we are in South Carolina...where are YOU;o))

    Safe Travels and Happy Trails....

  19. Good luck and stay safe wherever you are.

  20. On the road again! Yayayay. can't wait to see where you end up in South Carolina. We loved Edisto Island south of Charleston when we were there in 2007. Stay safe

  21. I got my laugh for the evening from your "North-South raceway" comment. Truer words were never spoken. It's always an experience to ride/drive on 95. I'm so happy that y'all are moving to safer locale, but I know that it's a hardship for you to miss the convention. :-) Enjoy South Carolina. I'm headed to Kiawah, SC, for a long weekend in October, and I can hardly wait. Take care!

  22. Sorry to see you leave Fl without getting to see you but I do understand your hurry to leave! Enjoyed the picture of 301 I was just there. Went to see my new great granddaughter in Jacksonville. We always take I75 to 301 then I10. Enjoy SC.

  23. I enjoyed this post - Winona and Ruby look great and sounds like it was a relatively easy travel day once you got on the road. Seeing the Georgia sign must have been a highlight of the day - so glad you are 'movin' on'!


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