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Packin’ Up

Thursday August 23, 2012
Quail Run RV Resort Lot 15
Wesley Chapel, Florida



Things are coming together.


We’ve been hanging around since David’s “release” waiting for a number of items we’d ordered to arrive and they finally did.


Packing up 001

Fed ex shows up today and drops off the 3rd in a series of post WBBU (world’s best beach umbrella) replacements.   I ordered a sportbrella as my next effort at finding a beach umbrella that can deal with the breezes on the gulf coast.  Those of you who have followed us for a while know that the WBBU was grabbed and tossed too far out in the gulf for Carrie and I to swim and get it.  Then there was that fisherman…..well anyway.  We’ve now had two TIBU (totally inferior beach umbrellas) which had various parts crack and break after 2 or 3 uses. 


Isaac alters the plan.

As many of you know, I have been collecting ideas and thoughts about where we might go now that we can go somewhere.  I have wanted to move north up the gulf coast to the panhandle area which was our original plan for this past April on our way to Maine after wintering in Florida.  So I’d ordered an umbrella in case we could.  The heat was my concern at the time of the order.  I’ve been checking the weather everywhere going north and the heat doesn’t seem to lighten up much until you get into the mountains of North Carolina.  So I was still thinking…..maybe we can continue on with our original plan.  But Isaac has nixed the beaches idea.


Packing up 004


Still,  Fed Ex delivers the brella and I set it up to check to make sure everything is OK since I don’t know when I’ll use it now.  David supervises.






Another Fed Ex truck pulls up.  Two in one day!

A couple of hours later, another Fed Ex truck pulls up and they have the new pads that David has ordered for the Yakima Roof Rack.  The old ones had gotten gummy and were slipping.   Yakima replaced them for free and I’ve had this rack for close to ten years.  Now there’s a company that stands behind their product.  They even paid for the shipping.


We’re on a roll.  

I call the Optical folks and my glasses have arrived so I drive over and pick them up and stop at the grocery to shore up the pantry supplies.  The glasses are the last of things we are waiting for.   Not sure what I think of them.  I am so unused to glasses but I can see at a distance and that’s what counts.


Packing up 022




There is a lot of packing up when you stay some where for this long.


Another 75 degrees at 7am day.  This is a big reason I want to leave.  I am so tired of the heat and humidity.  I go running.  David walks.  We do the usual routine. 


I have a strange green caller moving toward the welcome mat.


As I am doing my after run leg stretches with my hands down on the patio, I look over and see this fella strolling across the concrete.  He sure looks like a tomato hornworm only about 3 times the size of any one I’ve ever seen.  And as far as I know, there aren’t any tomatoes growing in this park.  I’ve seen every yard many many times I assure you.


Packing up 007

So here he is or is it a she???

Packing up 014A



Here’s a shot of my foot to show this is a BIG “worm”.

Packing up 015A


He’s raising up his head.  Is he going to attack my shoe??

Packing up 020



Looks like something out of a horror movie.  I assume he has his mouth open here.

Packing up 021A

So who is he you entomologists out there?


After all that fun, we start the clean up process.


Packing up 024

David puts the new pads on the racks and we put the racks back on Ruby’s nice clean roof. 

Packing up 028


Then we have to clean up the kayaks which have been sitting on the ground unused for the past two months.  With all the rain and sand, they are a real mess.  This takes a LOT of time. How in the world did tons of sand get inside these kayaks when they were just sitting behind Winnona?


Packing up 029


Then we find that the pads have changed things for the racks and we have to readjust several times how the kayaks fit on the racks.  But we get it done and get them and the bikes loaded onto poor Ruby who looks like a pack mule,  albeit a very shiny one under her heavy loads


Packing up 039

David takes a break to go pick up some prescriptions so he won’t have to do it while we are on the road.   I plan our route.


I put away the chairs and tables and everything else that’s been outside.
We clean and put up the awning.


Packing up 042


By then we are exhausted and ready for some dinner. 

Cous cous with mushrooms and pecans, kale and broccoli.  Have to include the food picture for the foodies!

Packing up 048


We still have things to do in the morning but tomorrow we’ll be pullin’ out and movin’ on, headin’ north toward Virginia.  Bye bye Isaac!!


  1. Yeah! Virginia! Nothing like a taste of home to make you smile :) Safe travels!

  2. I think your glasses look good on you. Have a safe trip up north to cooler weather.

    Leanne ( Laurie's Mom)

  3. Congrats on being able to move on! I know you must be really excited!

  4. Wooo Hooo!! Soooo glad Winnona will finally be rolling down the road!!! It does seem to take forever to pack up once you've been sitting for any length of time.

    Your glasses look great on you!

    Hope the third time is a charm with your new umbrella.

  5. Hard to believe this day has finally come. I know the excitement you will feel when you slide in behind the wheel. The whole world is your oyster, so to speak! So glad you get to hit the road!

  6. Oh darn, my card didn't make it in time! But glad you are getting out of harm's way. Run fast, run hard and best wishes.

  7. Have a fun trip, looks like you have all the stuff you need:)

  8. I like your new glasses. Praying for safe journey for you to your next place. I was able to download my new Forks over Knives 300 recipes cook book today. Looks very interesting. I don't think I will be able to get Joe to eat much of some of the things in there, but I'm sure going to try them. Enjoy your new umbrella.

  9. SO, it's Virginia. Are you going to ramble or make it a fast trip? There's a lot to see between Virginia and Florida. I'm glad you'll be out before Isaac. I agree that your glasses look very nice. I look forward to the tales of your travels. It's been a long time coming, and I'm very happy for you and David.

  10. Safe travels and Have Fun! So glad for you guys!

  11. We know you are thrilled to be movin' on!! Real glad you can get away before the convention and hurricane arrive!! That new umbrella looks like a winner.

    Safe Travels and Happy Trails........

  12. yipeee your finally getting to move on..congratulations....love the glasses :).....and good move getting the pros into help with the rig and car..smart move and great price....travel safe!!!!

  13. Your glasses look fantastic! Very studious :) Safe travels getting away from Isaac. We are watching him as well, though we may just get rain from it.

  14. congratulations on the move! Sorry to hear Issac has messed with your plans, but glad you guys are able to get going somewhere! It always feels weird to us to be on the road again after sitting for awhile. Safe travels!

  15. Lots of work to pack up... but exciting nonetheless. Perhaps the farmhouse has been lonely and needs a "reconnect". Just so excited that David is able to do this... and experience a "near normal" lifestyle. Actually, late summer/early fall in Virginia and Maryland is beautiful.. one of my favorite times of the year. Maybe you can stay long enough to see the colorful leaves before you return to Florida (which by then should have bearable temps). Ruby and Winnona looks smashing... or shiney!! The glasses are good - I like the "light" look of them. Glad you are getting out before Isaac... who knows what Isaac will bring to Fla. I remember KK exiting Key West due to storms on several occasions when they lived there. Enjoy your travels and adventures!!

  16. Love the Sportbrella (that's what we have for our sunshade for the kayak and for the beach!). We were going to go to Ft Pickens but Isaac made us rethink being on a barrier island!

  17. Wow what a big umbrella. Are you heading home? I liked your glasses, and it must be nice to see again.---

  18. Oh you must be so excited to be getting back on the road. Hope you get ahead of any hurricanes.

  19. Safe Travels! Glasses look good!


  20. See how good those new glasses are? Before you had them, that monster caterpillr would have been squished flat with your foot. Now you saw it in time and saved its life.

    Score one for being able to see straight again. :c)

    I got tired just looking at all the work you had to do. Amazing how much stuff we fulltimers are able to cram into our lifestyle.

  21. Finally! Enjoy Virginia. To my way of thinking you will have much better views than from Florida, although I'm more of a mountain (and mountain stream) lover than oceans or lakes.

  22. I love your foodie photos. Not sure I would ever get MO to even THINK about going vegan, but you two have surely inspired a lot of people! As a one time vegetarian (not vegan) I have thought about it now and then. I no longer drink milk, but butter is harder to give up. and bacon. sorry! LOL Ah well. That worm is seriously scary, as is Isaac for folks on the west side of Florida, or any side actually. My friend Bel in Ocala is preparing for heavy rain and wind as usual. Hope you all find a place to be during the icky weather. As I keep seeing the news I think of you two and of Karen as Al as well. Take care and BE SAFE!!

  23. I imagine that the weather will be cooler at the farmhouse in VA. I'll bet that it will feel a bit odd to pull in to the driveway too. Travel safe! (It's nice to say that again.)

  24. So glad you are able to head out "in the direction of your dreams" again. It must seem somewhat surreal to finally be packing up. We look forward to hearing about your new adventures.

  25. eeeewwww! that worm has hair!!! even, geez!!
    LOVE the umbrella, you need to use it at the beach!
    You guys have been BUSY!
    I get to go kayaking on Monday, am excited!!
    Safe travels!!

  26. Such great news - you're on the road again and...headed my way :) YAY, YAY, YAY! I like the glasses too and think Ruby looks stunning, even if she is weighted down. I am glad you are getting out of there before Isaac's arrival - good timing me thinks!

  27. Very Happy to hear David is up to travels again. I am so happy you posted the good and bad of his misfortune, we can all learn from it. He is one strong willed man.
    That big Caterpillar is just another fun thing to see near a Nuclear Power Plant, great pic's. I do not think the storm will hit Tampa hard ( been looking at NOAA charts ), but that political convention would have been much worse. Stay East on your way North and it should be clear sailing. I am guessing that umbrella will live on the center floor while you travel. Have a safe and happy trip.

  28. Your caterpillar, as it turns out, was an Imperial Moth. :)

  29. I think the caterpillar was checking out your shoes for a snack. David looking good - did you have the Fantasy Car people spiff him up too?


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