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Here we are at Zooland

Sunday August 26, 2012
Zooland Family Campground
Asheboro, North Carolina


67 last night felt wonderfully chilly.

Such nice sleeping weather here at Jolly Acres.  What a difference 8 or 10 degrees at night makes. 

We debate about whether to go out for breakfast this morning but David decides Monday morning would be better than Sunday morning so we pack up and head out.


Back on I-95 the road pavement North is much better than the interstate pavement between Savannah and Charleston.

David drives and I call to check in on my father and my daughter as we travel up I-95 88 miles to our exit heading west toward the foot hills.  At that point we were on state routes for about  65 miles.  Very little traffic, only a few towns.  The roads are two lane but it’s fine.

At first it’s flat cotton country, old barns and buildings along the roadside.

Zooland Asheboro NC 001


Zooland Asheboro NC 002


As we start to climb into the foothills toward Cheraw, the trees line the road. 


Zooland Asheboro NC 003


I wonder if this two lane road will have a Welcome Sign but as we pass into North Carolina, there it is.  David says folks have to know whose jurisdiction is whose and the sign does that.  But I wonder how every single road that crosses a state line could have one.  Still, this is our 3rd state sign in as many days.  A really unusual feat for us.

North_Carolina Welcome


Oppps, both mapquest and google maps got this one wrong.

We should have picked up Route 220, a 4 lane highway just before, not AFTER, Rockingham but our directions don’t show that and we see it JUST as we pass it.  This is a rare situation where neither of the mapping programs was right.  We don’t dare trust the unreliable Garmina (our garmin gps) she’s only right about 30% of the time and up until now the others have been pretty much spot on.


Oh well now we’re stuck and have to go into the down town area and around some blocks to get back onto the correct road.  David does a super job of taking Winnona with the dolly and Ruby in tow down some streets that probably have never seen such a vehicle before and luckily on a Sunday just after church, have no cars parked on them.   I’m thinking how glad I am that I’m  not driving for this part.  No pictures, I am too frantically looking at the map to figure out how to get back to where we want to be.


SUCCESS, everything turns out fine, of course.

SUCCESS and with the white knuckle error behind us, we are soon on I-74 which looks like a brand new interstate.  I had no idea any state had the money to build new Interstates at this point.  But what a dream road.  New pavement, new “welcome center”, almost no trucks. 

We drive 205 miles today and pull into Zooland Family Campground about 3:30, our usual time for stopping.   The office is only open Sunday through Thursday from 9-3:00 but the woman is just leaving and tells us to pull into site 33 and pay her on the way out in the morning. 


Winnona has a nice long pull through.  Perfect for an overnight.  No need to unhook!

Zooland Asheboro NC 007

The site is grass, no concrete pad.  But the ground is firm and there is some gravel.  This particular site requires more leveling than we’ve had to do in a long time.  But it’s manageable.   Not sure why the  sewer connection is at the extreme rear of the site.  But if we didn’t want to keep the dolly and Ruby on the back OR we had about 10 more feet of sewer hose we’d have been fine.  But we’ll  work it out when we leave the morning.  We paid $15.75 for this 30 amp full hook up site using Passport America.

The park is under new management since last September and the lady in the office said they had totally redone both the bath houses, removed 280 stumps from the sites and put in a completely new septic treatment plant.  Apparently Zooland had a single house septic field which North Carolina thankfully would no longer allow for the 135 site park.


What is it with these private campground speed limit signs? 

Is this a trend?  At Quail run it was 9 1/2 mph and here it is

Zooland Asheboro NC 042


David takes a nap after we get set up and I start on this blog.  We watch the weather predictions that the Hurricane is now headed for poor New Orleans,  have some dinner and take a walk around the park.  We have NO idea how much we are going to see.


David really likes the park’s trees and kitschy old metal signs on all the buildings.


Zooland Asheboro NC 055

Zooland Asheboro NC 010

Zooland Asheboro NC 012

Zooland Asheboro NC 015

Zooland Asheboro NC 037

Zooland Asheboro NC 059


Zooland Asheboro NC 060

Zooland Asheboro NC 070


Zooland Asheboro NC 065


We check out the “lodge” and find  TWO pianos, a giant checker board on a table, books selves, magazine shelves. Facing the fireplace are a comfy sofa, and chairs. Nice place for a rainy day.

Zooland Asheboro NC 041


Zooland Asheboro NC 038



Outside a large deck is attached to the lodge and a BBQ grille stands at the ready.  I’ll bet this is a hopin’ place on week-ends and during the summer. 

Zooland Asheboro NC 008


As we walk around, I see why they call it “Zooland”. 

The park is close to the North Carolina Zoo for a day visit so it appears they have taken advantage of the idea.  Zoo animals as garden art in front of the store/registration office. 

Zooland Asheboro NC 063


And as the tiny miniature golf course theme.  Too funny!

Zooland Asheboro NC 023


Zooland Asheboro NC 028


Zooland Asheboro NC 025


Zooland Asheboro NC 030


Zooland Asheboro NC 031


This place has LOTS of places to PLAY.

Next door to the miniature golf course,  we walk by a big pile of sand with buckets and shovels in front of a really BIG blow up jumping pad for kids (hope it’s not a law suit waiting to happen).  We see a father and son on bikes and after we are walking away they get on the pad and jump.  The poor little boy is thrown WAY up in the air.  His father is too heavy.

Zooland Asheboro NC 078

Zooland Asheboro NC 079

Zooland Asheboro NC 080A


Next door to the office we find a Game Room with pool table, old fashioned table hockey, pinball and other sorts of video games including a Star Wars game.  With the Lodge and the Game Room there is plenty indoors to keep folks entertained if it rains.


Zooland Asheboro NC 066


Zooland Asheboro NC 073


Zooland Asheboro NC 072


Zooland Asheboro NC 071

Zooland Asheboro NC 077


There’s also a playground, a basketball court, a swimming pool and what I assume is a fishing lake. 


Zooland Asheboro NC 019


Zooland Asheboro NC 021

Zooland Asheboro NC 034Catch and release – meaning tear up their mouths throw them back and do it again???


In addition to the fishing pond there are other nice natural areas.

On the lower side of the park we find  two woodland trails and a lovely little river.  This really is a “family” campground.  I am imagining some party here over Labor Day.  But I won’t be here, party girl that I am of course.


Zooland Asheboro NC 046


Zooland Asheboro NC 051


Zooland Asheboro NC 049


Just missed my kind of bingo last night, DARN!  The price is right!


Zooland Asheboro NC 064


Zooland is a really interesting Passport America park with any sort of hook ups you want.  And about anything you might like to do.  There is even a covered bridge just down the road.  It’s located about 36 miles south of Greensboro so if you should ever be over in this neck of the woods and want to stay here I doubt you’d have to leave the park to keep busy.  Looks like everybody can be be a kid and have fun. 

We’ve had a great time checking out this park.  It’s definitely a rustic family kind of place for kids of all ages.  We return to Winnona and with the wonderful cool temperature I know it’s gonna be another good sleeping night.


Speaking of when we were kids, are you old enough to remember “lick em’ N’ stick em’”???


Zooland Asheboro NC 067




Zooland Asheboro NC 058


  1. Have to remember this one to take the kids camping. Lots of stuff for them and not far from the Zoo!!

    Safe Travels and Happy Trails....

  2. What a lovely find in a campground. Looks like the kind of place I could hang out for a few days and just enjoy be-ing. :)

  3. When I saw your postr title of Zooland I thought how did you get to Washington, DC so fast?

    205 miles in one day? PPD is creeping up on you... ;c)

  4. It seems that the cloud coverings have really been affecting all the GPS signals as of late. We do have problems getting home though. Every time we pass through Ohio the GPS all want us to go south. We live in Ontario, Canada. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  5. Thank you for allt he wonderful pictures. Glad you are now out of harms way with Isaac.Sounds like it was a little tricky getting on the right higway. Glad David is well enough to drive now. He sure looks good. But if push came to shove you are such an amazing lady I KNOW you could have got the rig turned around and back on the right highway too.

  6. Oh, I remember S & H green stamps! Used to be in charge of putting them in the books.
    Interesting little park there.

  7. Glad you found a good place to overnight in NC. We might have to check out Zooland the next time we come back home.

  8. Well there you are hanging out at the 'Zoo' After all that you have been through it somehow seems appropriate. Just don't get stuck in the zoo garden! It must feel good to be on the road. Master of your fate and all! Safe Travels!

  9. YES, I remember green stamps!

    That looks like a really nice well-kept campground. The speed limit cracks me up!

  10. Glad you are in cooler weather. Looks like you have time traveled to the past with your discovery of Zooland. Fun.

  11. Another good spot for an overnighter during the week ... with all those activities attracting the kiddies, it probably lives up to its name on weekends and holidays.

  12. Fun campground and I remember those green stamps. My mother used to let me have them and I could buy what ever I wanted at the green stamp store near my grandmothers house.
    I bought my first radio with them.

  13. What an adorable campground...so clean and tidy, and plenty to keep you entertained that's for sure. We have family in Greensboro so adding this one to my links. Bet you are enjoying the cooler temps and hoping its makes for some sweet snoozing!

  14. Sounds like a pretty place to stay a few days- We are waking up to darn cold here some mornings already in the 40's!! Yikes, but over 90 during the day. Have to love Colorado with are extreme changes this time of year. Dave can't wait for cooler weather, but I will really miss summer.

  15. That picture of the Green Stamps sure brought back memories!
    Looks like a nice campground. So many of the Passport parks aren't that great.

  16. As Forrest Gump would say; "Travelling is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get." Looks like you stumbled onto a good one.

  17. Interesting campground. Not sure why so many campgrounds seem to be clueless when it comes to placement of the utilities.

  18. That is a LOT of activities available in one campground - I bet you're right that Labor Day will be a party there! And, the zoo animals - quite creative. Why not just 5 MPH - 5.5 is certainly hard to calculate on cars without the newer displays - are they just trying to be funny? Glad you had a good time there!

  19. I had to laugh at the 5 1/2 mile speed limit sign. It sure reminded me of Quail Run.

    We had a little glitch coming here. We were trying to get into Camping World, missed the turn and had to find a place to turn around. Not easy towing a vehicle.

    Just found this post, for some reason it hadn't shown up on my blog roll, but I've also been having sporadic internet.

    I guess you're back in Virginia now. How did the old homestead look to you?

  20. We stayed at Zooland last Fall....the place was under new ownership at that time too so I guess they didn't work out! Looks like they have made plenty of improvements!

  21. Glad to see david enjoying himself.zooland looks great.cousin richard


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