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Day +21 – my lucky day

Monday August 6, 2012
Quail Run RV Park Lot 15


Today is a non running day so I think I’ll go outside on the patio to read and write as usual.  But first I clear off the water on the roof.  Again!


Day  21 005


Day  21 006


When I sit down, Catherine and Jo Beth stop by on their walk and show me their pedometers.  They love them.  Catherine says her whole family has them and promises to program mine if I get one.  Well all righty then. 

I’ve wanted one for a long time but just hadn’t done it.  I’m interested in how many steps I take in a normal day.  My life right now has a lot fewer steps in it I know,  but I guess for now I’ll be finding out how few steps I’m taking.   Because you have to measure your stride, I won’t be able to count the steps running.  Only walking. 

So when they go on about their walk, I get out my laptop,  log into my Thank You points account and find that I have $100 worth of points.  So I buy an Amazon gift card for enough to buy two pedometers.  FOR FREE!!   Can’t beat that price. 


Perhaps a pedometer will motivate David to do at least 2 of the 3 daily walks he was assigned to do in the hospital.  

It is amazing what this blog can accomplish or was it that phone conversation??.  David is up this morning, has some toast with peanut butter and goes straight out for his first walk of the day.  I didn’t say a word.

And when he returns at about 9:30am, it is already too hot to sit outside so we go in.  He takes a short rest and then my prediction comes true.  He does the first cooking he’s done since before he went into the hospital on July 14.   He makes oatmeal pecan pancakes.  I’m just a fortune teller that’s all. A regular seer!   J

 Day  21 014


They taste as delicious as they look with fresh fruit on top. We’ve got the recipe for you Al!!


Day  21 018 


Day  21 021 

Time for a nap.  Then time for lunch.  Then time for another nap. 

I  intend to change out of the sundress I have on and into a t-shirt and shorts to go over to Catherine and Jo Beth’s.  Last week Catherine graciously offered me a massage and today is my lucky day.  But I’m not on the ball and David is asleep in the bedroom before I get my clothes so I have to wait until his second nap is over.

While I am having a wonderful massage, he recharges the AC and uses the entire can, totally vindicating his Advance Auto stop yesterday.  Notice the gloves.  What a good boy he is.  J   He’s definitely on a roll here.

Day  21 022

I am in the wrong position for taking a picture of my great massage so if you want to see me with my head in a chair check out Jo Beth and Catherine’s Blog R-V Crazy Travel Journal.

Catherine and Jo Beth have a night of trivia planned with their friends so feeling fabulously I walk back to the rig in time for the BIG downpour.  I’m just about to start dinner when the thunder and then the lightning and then the heavens break loose.   What a storm.  The lightning cracks and the thunder is deafening.  This goes on for nearly an hour.  At one point the time between lightning and thunder is a count of one.

Day  21 024

I abandon dinner plans to go sit out on the patio and watch the display.
Those vertical lines are the rain.  It is really pouring down.

Day  21 032


Day  21 035


But it soon becomes too scary for me and I move inside.  I was once in a building that was struck by lightning and ever since I’ve had a healthy respect for its power.  One person was killed and numerous people injured especially those who wear in any way touching metal in the building.   That will give you pause if you live in a metal container.


I sat inside onto  the RUBBER steps and peer out the door to watch and listen to the mighty thunder roar and the lightning flash for over an hour.  The street is a stream. 


Day  21 039

Day  21 040


Day  21 045



Time’s getting away from me.  I do love to watch storms but I really must get some food on the table for David.  He hasn’t had any stomach troubles or nausea for several days and I don’t want to break that streak.

The rain is still coming down 5 hours later.  At this point I hope it continues on into the night.  Or at least enough to lull me to sleep.

Today’s my lucky day.  No reminding, a pedometer ordered, a delicious breakfast I didn’t have to prepare, a fabulous massage-Catherine is definitely goooood and a powerful storm that did no damage.  Thank you Catherine!  Thank you David!  Thank you storm! 


  1. What a great day! I have a pedometer app on my iPhone. It's the first pedometer I really like. So cool to do my walks and then see how far I went. It is a great motivator. :)

    1. what is the app? I bought one and could not program it

  2. Sounds like a great day for you. Just what the doctor ordered! If David is feeling well enough to start cooking again, I'd say things are definitely looking up :)

  3. What a great day!!!! So happy for you....things most definitely are looking up..nice to see David cooking!!!! You were some stylish up on that roof in your dress sweeping off the water :)...

  4. Sounds like you had a nice "me-day". Glad that David is feeling well enough to start cooking! Please share the pancake recipe!

  5. What a great looking breakfast! That looked to be quite the storm - we very, very rarely ever get thunder and lightning here on Vancouver Island so I'm always up for watching it when we're off somewhere. Lightning can be dangerous though.

  6. I think he may have listened to his daughter ;) Or perhaps the blog gave him just the push he needed - hope it keeps up! That breakfast looked delicious - time to celebrate - cooking and diagnosing car issues - I'd say that is improvement! What a storm! I'm so glad it wasn't a storm with crazy winds - that is what makes them truly scary - however, thunder and lightning cracks right overhead can be somewhat deafening - definitely an experience to watch. Glad it was such a good day!!

  7. Pretty neat - thunder, lightning and rain. I love to sit on our front porch and watch and listen. Yoda (our shih tzu) is terrified when it thunders so we have to either have him on a leash or locked in the bathroom. We slept through a big one the night before last. Everything is very green here - we've been lucky this year with rain - usually by this time in the summer, everything is browning up. Great to see that David is doing so well. I'm sure you'd both enjoy being able to be released to go back to Virginia or where ever.

  8. You have MADE my day. I'm so happy for you and David! As active as you are, you'll be off the chart with steps on your pedometer!! Sounds like David has made it over the hump and has gotten himself in a good place, mentally. I know he is determined, but I also think it's okay to have a "down day" when you're feeling lousy. He does seem to listen to his body.

    How kind of Catherine to give you a massage. You seem so much more relaxed.

    Careful, especially in the "lightening capitol of the Country". There have been a number of people killed and injured, here, and I heard on the news that there were two people killed and eight injured at a NASCAR race in Indiana, I *think*.

    I couldn't be happier for you, Sherry. You and David deserve lucky days! I hope this is only the 1st of many, many for you and David.

  9. Sherry a few months ago, I ordered mine from Amazon too. I love it! It is just like yours. I down load it once a week to my laptop. Enjoy!! If any one deserves a massage it's definitely you. I hope you post that pancake recipe sometime.

  10. Hmmm -- I wonder if David read yesterday's post :-)))

    I used a pedometer for the 10K steps program; but need to get back to it for my regular walks.

  11. What a lovely day! Things are looking up for the two of you, even though it was a rainy day....

  12. You look like the King of the World (or should it be the Queen?) up on top of Winnona.

    That was some frog strangler of a rainstorm you went through. Too bad some of that rain can't be redirected out west.

    David looks great, and those pancakes looked delicious. Good for him, moving on and not letting anything slow him down.

    I think we need to camp next to Jo Beth and Catherine. They are such nice folks!

  13. Oh Oh, sounds like it is back to the roof again. Way to much rain. I guess it is the price you have to pay to live in the green. Goodness, you would have thought the manufacturers would have come up with solutions by now.... Rain drains for RV'S.....hmmmm

  14. I have been thinking about one of those meters for awhile. Looking forward to hearing how you think they work:)

  15. I can tell you I was NOT sitting on the steps with the door open during all that lightning and thunder. I was extremely nervous the whole time. You're lucky no winds came up and blew your awning away. Remember Florida is the lightning capitol of the world and Tampa is the lightning capitol of Florida! (and our old house was the lighting capitol of Tampa, I think)

    BTW...Land O' Lakes is named that because of the many, many lakes. You just can't see them because they all have houses around them. If you ever fly over this area you'll notice all the lakes.

  16. I just knew it would be pancakes!!! But now I need that recipe... Way to go David. You are really getting you strength and stamina back:o))

    Sherry you really had a Winner, Winner, Winner Day:o))) We've had a summer full of those big storms only ours have had too much wind. I'll be glad when they move on;o(( We have the exact same pedometers. We've had them for about 3 1/2 years and have recorded over 7000 miles:o)) Don't think your steps will be too far off if you use it to run. Your stride is not really that much longer. I would and did use it for both. Your massage looked fabulous!!!

  17. Good news that you both had such a great day today. Let's keep it up! And please send some of your rain to Texas. Thanks. :)

  18. Glad to see David doing some cooking. I like the sound of those pancakes...what type of flour or meal do you use? I've been avoiding them, not using white flour. Be careful around lightening!

  19. Fixed your bean/tomato/turkey recipe for my friend, she really liked it!! On top of the RV in a dress!!! You r brave!!

  20. David looks absolutely terrific. I'm so happy for both of you.

  21. A good day!! So nice to hear. Perhaps a storm temporarily cools things off in Florida. Not sure about that humidity though. Love seeing David smiling over his breakfast. Such a journey for the two of you... a hard one. Abby and I each had our cards returned yesterday... we would like to re-send them to David. Email us with an address, if you would, please. Hoping each day finds David stronger and more determined. Sherry - you needed that massage... a little R and R is good!

  22. Glad to see the hubby is making great progress in his recovery. I really miss storms, we get Seattle type drizzle up here most every day this Summer. It was 42 degrees this morning, but warmed up to 58 in the afternoon. If I wore one of those gizmos, it would die from inactivity.
    Thanks for all the updates.

  23. So happy that progress is made daily! David is looking better every day. Life is goo!

    We have our pedometers but have yet to calibrate them. Hopefully today since we have had them almost two weeks. Before I lost my first one, I was up to + - 18,000 / day.


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