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1/8 of an inch fixed it

Friday November 22, 2013
Hunting Island State Park
South Carolina


*yes I’m behind on my posts again.  What else is new?  I know the 22nd has passed but it’s an important date in my life and this is how it seemed to me this year.


November 22nd is the 50th Anniversary of the death  of John Kennedy.  Along with  9/11, I think 11/22 is one of the saddest days in  our national history.  They are similar tragedies it seems to me.  Those of us old enough all remember exactly where we were when we heard the news.  This date  too changed our nation in a way similar to 9/11.  We no longer felt safe.  Someone had assassinated our president  in broad daylight  in a major city surrounded by thousands of people. It seemed only fitting that our day today begin gray and dreary.

 AM Sunrise 004



As you see, the day does begin dark and  dreary.


The clouds don’t lift but eventually spots of color peek through.  Not much of a sunrise but when the sun finally shines through the opening in the clouds the sun beams shine down.


AM Sunrise 031A 

AM Sunrise 053 


There is more color in the western skies behind me where I see the moon is high in the sky over the campground.


AM Sunrise 012



And now for the weather report.

Gray skies for the morning, too many clouds for sunrise but the  temperature is fine and warmly dressed I sit out on the beach in a tiny spot next to the dunes as the high tide sends the water closer and closer to me.   This is one of the widest and flattest beaches we have seen.  At low tide we speculate there is 50 yards of flat beach between the dune and the water.  So it is quite a surprise to see  the water come right up to the dunes at high tide.


oysters 004



Clearly it doesn’t seem as warm to me as it does to Judith.  She was there about 20 minutes and then put her clothes back on, chatted a bit and walked off.  She told me she’s from Ontario.  I guess this must seem really warm to her.


oysters 009



Actually the temperature  is fine but it’s another windy day so the wind chill  makes at least me require some fleece on my legs and  arms if not my feet.   The wind is making some rough waves and a lot of spray.


oysters 007

oysters 008  



After lunch I head out for what is becoming a daily beach walk to one end or the other . 

Along the way I find this really great looking jellyfish.  I’ve heard that the clear ones don’t sting.  Does anyone know if that’s true or if this is a special kind of Jellyfish.   I couldn’t find anything about it on line.


 AM Sunrise 065




AM Sunrise 016A


GUESS what we’re having for dinner!

We’re going to Gay’s Fish House just a mile or so over the bridge on St.  Helena’s island to pick up some oysters for dinner  mmmmmm.  I do LOVE oysters.  And lobster and crabs  and  clams and……….







And  what has David been doing you ask?



While I’ve been beaching around David has been doing his favorite thing – FIXING STUFF.

He’s  had a VERY productive day.  He fixed the door.  Hoo RAY!!

He had moved the striker bolt but that didn’t fix the problem so he raised the door by loosening the 6 hinge screws  and using our bottle jack to raise it up 1/8th of an inch.  That closed the gap at the top where it wasn’t sealing and  also lined  up the closure mechanism with the striker bolt.  Everything is working wonderfully now. 

THANKS DAVID!  It’s so fine to be able to close the door easily with  just a push rather than a SLAM.  I LOVE it!!



He also cleaned some rust off of the bikes, washed and  polished them.  This pesky salt air is hard on all the machines.   We’ve been around  the ocean fairly constantly for most of the year from Florida to Maine.



This early dark really catches us unaware.


We don’t realize how late it is and end up trying to cook the oysters in the dark.  It’s especially hard to shuck them.  A word to the wise, take a look.


oysters 020oysters 023 


Pretty hard to see for shucking to make sure you get them all when they grow piled on top of each other they way they do.

oysters 032oysters 027


And after all  that, they were SO good I forgot to take a picture of them.  Although oysters don’t look beautiful on a plate anyway.  We only cooked half of them so I’ll try to remember tomorrow.


  1. For some reason Oysters are just not appealing to me:(

  2. Love the sunbeams and moonshine going on together at the beach. Great pictures!

  3. I've been out of touch and am trying to catch up. Fresh oysters . . . oh, my. Must be close to heaven.

  4. Have you tried oysters on the grill? No shucking required. If you close the grill, they pop open and you can add garlic butter with a dash of Tabasco. Quite yummy.

  5. The solemn morning sky fit the day.

  6. A tip, use a cordless drill to make a hole in the corner of the shell so that you can shuck them easier

  7. It looks like a pretty chilly day to me, but then I've been cold a lot lately.

  8. I suppose a cool windy day on a SC beach would still seem warm in comparison for someone from Ontario. That would've been a cute picture to see the two of you in contrast.

  9. Wow, as much as I love oysters, I don't think I would ever be so brave as too cook them myself. How did you prepare them? Fried? Baked? (I like Big EZ's grilling method!)

  10. I love the sun coming through and the wave pictures. The ocean has such varying attitudes! Great job Dad! I'm impressed :) While Mom enjoys beach, Dad enjoys the jobs I at least wouldn't want. Nice deal :) Oysters...I just don't get it ;) Special although I can see why it'd be tough in the dark!!

  11. The photo of the sun beams on the crashing surf is beautiful!

  12. I'm looking forward to nice sunny days again. Seems like Florida, at least this part, is cloudy all the time!

  13. Good for David, fixing the door! I'm impressed once again with his technical skills. I know it's just one more reason why you love him! :c)

    Don't I know how hard salt air is on metal, after living right on the ocean for 11 years. I probably still have some rust on my teeth... :cD

  14. I was only 3 at the time JFK was assassinated, we lived in TX, I do remember my folks being terribly upset. Love the sunset, think we got fresh seafood from the same place, nothing beats it right off the boat unless you catch it yourself.

  15. Glad David got the door fixed. Good job David!

    We don't eat oysters, but I'll bet Pam's method of grilling them would be good.

    Those pretty pink jelly fish don't really cause much of a problem. We often dove in places (like the Keys) where they are thick. You try to avoid them but often it's not possible. You can feel a tiny sting almost like a small bug bite. Not pleasant but not painful. They are one reason I always wore a skin suit.

    I hope you don't get any bad weather from this cold front that's heading our way.

  16. I know I could eat fried oysters as fast as you could shuck them and cook them for me...

  17. The sea looks angry- Oysters.....blech....slimy. Beek brought some home from the beach and sat by me slurping them. Eeewwwwww. You are lucky that David not only enjoys fixing stuff but is so patient and so good at it as well! xxxooo

  18. Guess I'm a little late in arriving at this oyster party. I'd be interested to know what you did with them too.

  19. I also think that Abe Lincoln needs more recognition. He freed the slaves and gave his life because of his stand against slavery.

    Oysters.....oh yum. Have not had any since September when we were in Oregon. But, our time is coming.,

  20. Moody skies always make for great photo's. As for oysters.... I love them. I pan fry mine with a mix of toasted bread crumbs with lots herbs and flour in seasoned (garlic and basil) butter! Best done outside over a cmpstove to avoid the trailer, bad breath! Yummmmm

  21. It seems for me that Kennedy's assassination happened at a time when I was so impressionable and full of hope for what the world could be and then in a flash, life could never be so hopeful again. I am sure that every generation has those moments that everyone remembers exactly where they were and what they were doing. Both the assassination and 9/11 represent the evil that remains among us and yet in the mist of those moments there are touching reminders that good exists and we must make the most of the good in order for it to prevail.

  22. Don't shuck them. Just throw them on the hot grill and they will pop open- much easier. We learned that in Port Aransas.

  23. Just not into seafood but LOVE those photographs of the ocean and sky and clouds.... gorgeous! I never met a jellyfish I trusted ... never


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