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The icing on the cake was when she called me Baby

Friday Nov 29, 2013
Walkabout Camp and RV Park
Woodbine, Georgia



Steffens Kingsland  Georgia


Today, on our last day at Walkabout it was again windy and  cold.  So that cancelled the Cumberland Island trip for sure.  Although we did drive over to the visitor’s center and gaze out longingly.

But before that David has to go out for breakfast.  It’s cold outside doncha know.  Gotta have some  warm grub.  Actually any excuse or no excuse will do.  I’m amazed that even after that giant Thanksgiving dinner just yesterday afternoon, he’s still  thinking about food and Steffens is the place. 


Steffens has been in Kingsland Georgia at this same spot since 1948 which makes it nearly as old as David.  He seems to really like things that are his age.  He has serious nostalgia.  Just put out old pictures of buildings or people and whether he knows them or not he’s all  over it.


Since 1948


He’s thrilled that it looks just about the same.  Well  except there are a lot more cars and trucks in the parking lot this morning and no gas pump.


Steffens  in 48 maybe 


There are even 3 logging trucks parked outside today.

Logging trucks



dgb favorite breakfast



Steffens is his kind of place for other reasons too.  It’s a down home diner where Miss Helen has been  making famous homemade biscuits from scratch for over 30 years.  You can get chicken and biscuits.  Biscuits and gravy.  Biscuits any way and with any thing.

Now David makes a GREAT biscuit but he always likes to compare.  He orders 2 eggs over easy, hash browns, Wainwright’s local sausage and Miss Helen’s biscuits.   Just your basic vegan breakfast of course.


He declares Miss Helen to have one up on him.  I admit the breakfast is mighty good and  those biscuits are flakey and rich.  I don’t even want to know what is in them.  Certainly not spelt flour.

It’s true this place is a blast from  the past and chocked full of Southern charm.  The waitress even calls me baby.  Me, baby?  I laugh out loud.  She’s 20 years younger than I am.


Steffens diner2


They have a Hoosier Cupboard and REAL butter served  in a unique really old style short canning jar and real sugar served in a you pour it.  No packets here please.


HoosierReal butter & sugar 


Check  out their weekly specials like Fried Chicken Livers with black eyed peas and strawberry shortcake on Monday or or Smothered Pork Chops with Fordhook Limas and Banana Pudding  on Wednesday among others. 


daily specials


We feel right at home, have a great breakfast and a sweet little waitress.  Bless  her heart!  So if you are ever in  Kingsland or at Walkabout, and this is your kind of place too, then stop on by Steffens.   It’s on Route 17, South Lee Street.  


This sign on the wall sums up my feelings.


my slogan


  1. I would certainly enjoy Steffans and don't care how they make their food! The more fats the more flavor.

    1. I'm with you Martha I have it in my phone and make sure I overnight in there parking lot on my way down on 12/28. I can feel the love already...

  2. Yes, but given the weather, we didn't scoot down south quite fast enough this year. Loved that breakfast! Wainwright makes a great sausage. Too bad you can only buy it in Kingsland. Maybe that is a good thing since I probably shouldn't be eating it so often anyway..

  3. That Sunday menu looks best to me. Sweet potato souffle? Sign me up, Baby!

  4. Love that old sideboard. Sounds like good old down home southern cooking. Mass calories. ;)

  5. ooo Sunday they have bread pudding. LOVED the bread pudding in the South!!!

  6. So, I didn't miss out on Cumberland Island after all. Still too bad the wind kept you from getting there :( Best thing to do when it's cold and windy? EAT! ;) Steffens looks like a great down home place. I have no doubt those biscuits are not nearly as 'healthy' as Dad's so I'm not sure he can say he was one uped!! Since 1948 - I'd say that place has stood the test of time :) Way to go Baby!

  7. Now that is some real down home Southern comfort food that's hard to beat! We always stay at Walkabout on our North/South flights. We might just have to make sure to get there early enough to eat at Steffens.

  8. Too bad the wind kept you off Cumberland Mountain, but gee just look at the delish food you had. Very vegan, I must say.

  9. We never have stayed at Walkabout long enough to explore the area! Have to do so next time, that breakfast sounds great :)

  10. Yep, now David will get another chance to have a great anti Vegan breakfast when you drive North in the Spring and stay a while.
    It was 75 to 78 degrees today with quick scattered showers. A very good day.

  11. Looks like a great breakfast. Hoping the weather warms up.

  12. How on earth did I make the trip from Atlanta to Cumberland Island at least six times when I lived there, and never made it to Steffens??? Wow, I clearly missed out. Boo Hoo on the Cumberland Island trip. Maybe you can catch it on your way back. Try to do the tour to Plum Orchard Mansion, if you can. It was one of the most memorable Park Ranger tours I have taken -- not just because of the mansion, but there was a grand piano in the living area. I was never so shocked when the Park Ranger sat down at the piano and belted out a tune! Now that's entertainment! ;-)

  13. Now I know why the weather got so cold...Carrie wanted to go to Cumberland Island...maybe, next time;o)) That's a trip we want to make also!! We'll probably have to make 2 trips to Steffens also... one on the way to Cumberland Island and one on the way back;o)) Enjoy some warmer weather at Anastasia!!

  14. You are too funny with your "subtle" vegan references. Last night, as Bill was eating his THIRD Reese Cup, I said, "at what point in your recovery will we go back to our sugar free/white flour free way of eating?" His response? "Probably never." Hmmm, guess one thing he's learned from this "journey" is not to beat around the bush. Just tell it like it is!! And I did notice that you never told us what YOU ate, baby!! I spent many childhood weeks in a pop-up camper in Anastasia State Park. Lots of good memories there. St. Augustine has changed so much. Too touristy, too commercial, too crowded, too expensive! But not meaning to be so negative, be sure and check out their "Night of a Thousand Lights." That may not be exactly what it's called, but it is pretty to walk around the Old Town at night if you can find a place to park or deal with the crowds. Hint...if you are willing to walk, drive a few blocks away from Old Town toward US 1 and there is plenty of street parking in the residential areas. We've had good luck off Carrera St, on Riberia. (I'm cheap, I despise having to pay to park)

  15. We've been having too many of those "vegan" meals as well, but now that we're back in Florida, we're doing much better.

    Sorry you didn't get good weather for Cumberland. When we tried to go there, there was a hurricane chasing us, so we didn't make it either. Hope you're enjoying Anastasia and gets warmer.

  16. So if the waitress who called you "Baby" is 20 years younger than you, that makes her 9 years old, right? I guess child labor laws are more relaxed in Georgia... :cD

  17. Looks like our kind of place and a great "vegan" breakfast, sorry you couldn't make it to Cumberland Island something for the next trip.

  18. When I was at Okefenokee last year I wanted to visit Cumberland Island too. However, with my hip problems, I never made it there. You have to be able to walk to enjoy it. ;)

  19. "Bless her heart" is a very back-handed compliment in this part of the world. Such as "She'd be so beautiful if she only lost 100 pounds, bless her heart."

    We enjoyed a hike around Cumberland Island several years ago. I want to camp there someday.

  20. I love David's enthusiasm for a good breakfast. Looks like our kind of place.

    The weather seems to be improving here in Florida as today is near perfect. Hooray!

  21. I never made it to Steffen's, either. You'll have another chance to do Cumberland. Better to do in good weather. It's one place where you won't see crowds because only a limited number of people are allowed on the island in a day. Glad you're having a great time. Glad you and David continue to live every moment!

  22. We'll have to check out Steffens next time we're there. Love those old timey diners that keep their decor just like it's always been.

  23. LOVE that type of restaurant ... wonderful, not good for me food... but soooooo good.

    I try to hold down my dislike for a server calling ... hon or baby ... I know they mean well... but I take it as playing to my age as well as my eating alone.

    I've had waitresses say YOU ALL BY YOURSELF?? ... haha... YES ALL BY MYSELF.... Or when seating me... JUST ONE? but I still like eating in the Mom and Pop places ... my sense of humor is usually intact... ha

  24. Love St. A but been years! Glad you back in FL for some warmer temps...we have opted to winter in Gulf Shores, AL at a resort for the winter. LONG story but we have a new rig and just ready to veg when we get moved out of this dealers lot Monday...SW will have to come next year!


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