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Heading to Hunting Island

Saturday November 16, 2013
Hunting Island State Park South Carolina




There’s a great stop on the way to Hunting Island.


Before we leave Edisto State Park which I really enjoyed, I realize I have not mentioned that this park, like most of South Carolina’s ocean parks has raised its rates in the past few years to the point where they are nearly as expensive as private parks.  Edisto is $40.50 per night for water and electric only.  That includes the tax.  It’s listed as $35 but by the time you add the taxes and fees it came out to $40.50.  That’s why we stayed only 5 instead of 10 days and why we may not return unless we should decide to take them up on their 1/2 price winter month special.  Pretty sure it’s not warm  enough for me in December, January or February but you can book an entire month at $20 a night.  Now that’s a great price that’s for sure.


Our drive  today is a perfect one.  Both Edisto and Hunting Island are part  of South Carolina’s sea islands – barrier islands off the coast.  They are VERY close to each other as the crow flies.  Probably no further apart than Eastport and Lubec so maybe they should have a pirate festival too.  But we landlubbers have to drive a whole 84 miles west up route 174 to Route 17.  South on 17 and then back east on Rt 21.  


Hunting Island site 88 001


It is such a  grueling trip so we need to make a rest stop in  Beaufort.  As you know, I have Brusters radar!  And this time I have my 9 punch card totally filled so I can get my free cone.  UNfortunately JMC isn’t on the menu so I suffer  through chocolate coconut pecan.  David has chocolate raspberry truffle until he drops it while trying to take this picture.  That’s what I’m looking  so concerned about.  I am smiling about my ice cream  until I see his scoop go SPLAT onto the sidewalk.  No second shot obviously.  But the nice girl at Brusters gives  him a new BIG scoop at no charge.  I do love Brusters!!!


We see this interesting conversion in the parking lot  of the shopping center  behind Brusters.   What do you think?  Fulltimer?   :-))

Hunting Island site 88 002




Twenty Four miles, one traffic tie up in Beaufort, and 3 bridges later we arrive.


In short order we get set  up in our pine and palm tree site.

Hunting Island site 88 012 


Check out the GREAT view through the front window

Hunting Island site 88 006


And head out to the beach.

Hunting Island site 88 014


There’s the light house peeking over the maritime forest.

Hunting Island site 88 015


The beautiful natural beach.  Just as nature leaves it.


Hunting Island site 88 017


Water warm enough for walking.  If the air temps would warm up just a tad it would be swimmable.


Hunting Island site 88 023 

Hunting Island site 88 026


Hunting Island site 88 028



Hunting Island site 88 037



We  even get a great full moon through the pines with a halo all around.  

What a day!!

Full Moon and Hike to lighthouse 010


This is our 3rd trip to Hunting Island. 
It is really good to be back.
I do LOVE Low Country South Carolina and its Sea Islands.


  1. With your love of the ocean and its beaches, I'm not sure how you'll do out west before you hit that coast. ;)

    1. She will have the refuges here, and a different kind of water, but knowing Sherry, she will love it too.

    2. We loved the ocean and then we met the desert! Oh my gosh, such a contrast, but we absolutely love the desert too. It is a tie!

  2. We were at Edisto in mid December and it was lovely and quite warm enough. Not so sure about January and February though, but maybe I'll find out about March on our way back west...via a little bit of a northern run into SC.

  3. Yumm, Ice Cream. All of the milk crates on that van conversion look a little scary, would not want to drive near that on the highway.

  4. That is an absolutely beautiful place, but the cost of a campsite is like WOW! Now that conversion is what I need. Can you just see me traveling around the country in that?

  5. That seems like a high price for a State Park. But I think here you have a better view.

  6. Sounds like that park has been taking lessons from KOA. Not a friendly price. Must have cut deeply into your Bruster's Ice Cream budget... :c)

    Maybe that "conversion" van was a milk truck in a previous life?

    Those dead trees are so hauntingly beautiful, glad you got to enjoy them in person, I liked them just from your pictures.

  7. Like everywhere...the price of oceanfront living just keeps going up, up, up;o(( I guarantee, other than Dec-Feb, they have no problem getting people to fill those sites. We are finding that we must plan well ahead to get a site at Huntington Beach near my mother's home. With the increase cost, we will have to spend less time on the the coast and more time at the inland South Carolina State Parks which are still reasonable. But when you do get to stay at the coast...the parks are really wonderful:o)) Enjoy!!!

  8. Hunting Island is wonderful! Definitely a good choice for visiting multiple times :) Glad you made it even without JMC. Hehe. Great view from the coach. Enjoy it triple for all of us :)

  9. Went back and read last year's post about the areas here, including where you are now. Lovely spot!

  10. Love Hunting Island when we were there last year, just wish I had known about Brusters then. Enjoy!!!

  11. Love the wavy patterns as the water makes its return to the sea.

  12. The drift wood and trees are quite a site. Love that on a beach!

  13. Robinkwalton@gmail,comNovember 21, 2013 at 10:53 AM

    Sherry! How do I get some hard copies of your photos???? I want to paint them!!!!!!!! The one of the sand..the natural beach...Please,Please Please tell me how?
    So many that I have seen..what wonders
    Love you guys..what a life! Robin

  14. I think that's cute. David dropped his ice cream cone and they replaced it. What a nice Bruster person!

    another gorgeous place and pictures...

  15. I think $20 a night is horribly expensive but then I am a cheapskate when it comes to camping, as you know.

    Love the lighthouse picture. Very haunting.


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