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Foggy Morning and Re Crossing the River

Sunday November 17, 2013
Hunting Island State Park, South Carolina



It is a very interesting morning when I come out to watch the sunrise.



Full Moon and Hike to lighthouse 018



There are a lot of clouds.  The tide  is in.  Remember that broad beach  in  yesterday’s post?  Seemed like it was a mile wide.   Not today.  The water comes right up to the dunes practically.   No walking down the beach  in either direction unless you want to swim part of the way.



Full Moon and Hike to lighthouse 034


The sun  is up but behind the  clouds when all  of a sudden, we are socked in fog.  Pea soup in every direction


Full Moon and Hike to lighthouse 060

Full Moon and Hike to lighthouse 063



We decide not  to wait for the fog to lift but to just go inland and hike the trail to the lighthouse. 

It’s about 2 miles through the maritime forest to the lighthouse.  We are hoping by then we can walk the beach back to the campground.


Full Moon and Hike to lighthouse 071


We’ve hiked  this trail before.  It  is really beautiful and I always feel small and insignificant among the tall pines and palms.




There are even some South Carolina coastal hills.  :-)

Full Moon and Hike to lighthouse 075IMG_3128


Full Moon and Hike to lighthouse 080



We don’t stop at the lighthouse today since the view won’t be worth even the small $2.00 fee to climb it.  We leave that for a day with better visibility and walk on to the beach.


There’s plenty of beach now. 

But the clouds are still thick in the sky.

Full Moon and Hike to lighthouse 086



The kids are having a lot of fun. 


Full Moon and Hike to lighthouse 084




What I am really looking forward to is finding and crossing the River Jordan. 


We had such a great time fording a pretty good size stream when Carrie was with us here last time.    If you’d like  to see how big it was and how we managed, here’s a link to that post.    We’re near the end of this same trail so the Jordan crossing is near the end of that post.

But today the Jordan is quite different.  Things change at the beach and this stream has taken a totally new path since we were here last.   No wading necessary this time.  DARN and I was so looking forward to it.


 Full Moon and Hike to lighthouse 093A




We enjoy mother nature’s sculptures on the way back to the campground.


 Full Moon and Hike to lighthouse 090Full Moon and Hike to lighthouse 094 


Full Moon and Hike to lighthouse 097



As I look back over my shoulders I see the light house waiting for us to return.



Full Moon and Hike to lighthouse 100


  1. That sunrise picture is absolutely gorgeous. Isn't it amazing how many "looks" nature can give us if we pay attention?

  2. I love looking at foggy scenes, and your pictures are so good. Maybe next time the River Jordan will be entirely different again.

  3. Walking through that forest trail must give you the perspective of an ant. Those are quite large pines, but the needles lining the trail must have been great to walk on. Great use of a foggy day. I love the moods of the sea. Terrific pictures again! :c)

  4. Spectacular morning greeting, even with the blanketing of fog. Kind of nice to return to a place a see it looking different. Or maybe we are different in our seeing.

  5. Gorgeous sunrise ... I'm thinking I need to get to one. I love my trees but I'm hankering for a coastal sunrise.... fog and all... love it

  6. What a cool hike, through the forest and then the beach with all of the interesting things to see. The beaches in TX don't have driftwood, rocks or trees, mostly just flat stretches of beach and the dunes.

  7. Great way to spend a foggy day!! Hunting Island has so much to offer if you enjoy Mother Nature. Remember that trail and really sorry that The River Jordan was hardly a creek this year. Hope the Eagles have returned this year:o))

  8. That sunrise is pretty in my book :) Fog blocks views, but makes for more mystery. I loved Hunting Island. It's so green. I took the same pictures of the fronds and nature's sculptures when I was there. I'm glad things stay the same but also change. Definitely a different Jordan!!

  9. I remember your tour there last year...you are still finding hidden beauty! We move parks today...I'm seeing my first trip to Brusters in a day or two...I'll be thinking of you!

  10. I love the fog, especially when you see it lift when the sun burns it off. It does make for some pretty cool scenery. That trail looks like one that when you walk, no sound is made. The palms are huge!

  11. The fog reminds me of the Oregon coast where fog pummels down and the next minute is gone. This can continue for hours and is sooo beautiful. Hope you are able to experience it this year.

  12. what a wonderful place to be. . .so different from one moment to the next!

  13. Hunting Island is just a great park, and best when the mosquitoes are away. Love it all!

  14. We sure enjoyed our time there, and your pictures really make me want to go back!

  15. Looks a bit warmer than where we are - Texas. Been in the 30's the past few days. The sunrise picture was beautiful


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