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Back in Virginia–A Carrie and Celia Meet Up

Saturday September 23, 2017                                                                Most Recent Posts:
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Note: To John and Pam, please notice it isn’t summer any more, late September can November be far behind?

When we pack up from Seawall to leave Acadia we test our lights of course and find that Ruby’s back tail light is not working.  The problem is somewhere in the wiring.  We don’t have time to trouble shoot it since we are on a tight return to treatment schedule so we have to drive all the way back to Virginia separately.   But, these things happen.


20170909_143337It takes a full 4 days to travel from Acadia back to Charlottesville with stops at a Walmart in New Hampshire, a Walmart in New York and a Walmart in Pennsylvania for over nights on our 250-300 mile driving days.  Those who follow us know how I feel about that sort of thing but when you have to make clinic appointments, it can’t be helped.  Thank you Walmart for your hospitality.

We arrive exhausted and take a bit to recover and then move into doctor visits for all of us.  Actually Winnona doesn’t have any appointments.  Good for her.  David does figure out the wiring problem and fix it so we’re ready to go when we leave Virginia.


To celebrate the Fall Equinox Carrie and Celia and I visit Warrenton Virginia for an outing.  Carrie and I are clearly very happy to see each other.  Celia is cautiously happy with our exuberance.



We’re at Rady park and Celia loves the sound of her shoes as she crosses back and forth over the bridge.



She goes from one end to the other.  Stops, considers stepping down, decides against it, turns around and heads back to the other end of the bridge.  Repeat many many times.


Carrie gets her camera ready and encourages Celia.  “You can do it”.  



And with a wide step, she does.



She’s pretty pleased with herself and heads on down the path.


But things aren’t always to her liking.  I think this is the face her mother calls the “stink face”. It’s all I can do not to laugh.



She’s back up and headed down the path.  Time for some follow the leader.





She tries out the swings but seems more interested in watching Nana swing than in swinging herself.




But she does love to run through the fall leaves and across the grass.  Lots of room for her to safely venture out here.



Eventually we head into the town of Warrenton and have a bite to eat.  Neither of us it turns out took any pictures of our lunch

We leave the restaurant and stroll around the little town of Warrenton.   This is the “old section”.



Including the former jail which looks pretty nice now.  We didn’t take the tour.  Babies probably don’t care much for jails.



We do some window shopping on our way back to the car and this catches our eye. 



As does this great fire hydrant.  Well done Warrenton!


Back at the park we sit on the blanket and chat, make faces, try on sunglasses







Celia is a natural ham for the camera.





“Maybe I’ll just take that thing away from my Nana.”



While Carrie and I chat, Celia moves into her favorite pastime – picking up as many things as she can possibly hold in her arms and moving them from one place to the other. 


Of course it’s a problem when you have so many you can’t hold them all.  When one drops, like the keys, you have to figure out how to pick it up without losing any of the rest.  A serious and delicate endeavor.


Trying on Nana’s Oofos is fun.

                                 Tough walking in them though.



Back to her favorite bridge, this time with Nana’s water bottle in tow.  It’s important to be carrying something don’t cha know.



Too soon, off she goes and it’s time to say goodbye. 
But we’ll see them again soon when they come to visit again while we’re in Virginia.



They’re our Girls!
Can’t wait to see them again!!


  1. We sure know the pain of having 'to get from point A to point B' quickly. We do what we have to do for now. Love seeing pictures of Celia (and Carrie of course!). Celia is growing up so fast!

  2. Holy Moly! How did Celia grow up so fast? What a cutie she is. Sort of melts your heart with her big eyes. :c)

  3. WOW! Celia is getting so big! Seems like just yesterday she was born. Love seeing the pictures of both her and Carrie. Both are beautiful and look like their mother and grand-mother. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Those were some long days of driving separately. Glad David was able to fix the wiring problem.
    That Celia is adorable, and growing up fast!

  5. Home is a such special place where family is the main attraction!

  6. Two beautiful girls. Love seeing these.

  7. Celia is a sweetie! I can't believe how fast she has grown, it seemed like she was just a little baby the other day.

    Glad you enjoyed your day with them both.


  8. Celia, is just adorable and yes it seems like only yesterday you wrote about the baby shower.
    That was a lot of driving you you both. Happy to hear David found the problem and it is fixed for the next journey.

  9. Celia has grown to be a young cutie curios toddler ! She is definitely the apple of Nana's eye.
    That was a long drive, we try not to do such a drive or one of us gets cranky :)

  10. Celia is absolutely adorable -- and so expressive! Looks like all the girls had a fun day together. :-))

  11. What a little cutie. . .I know you were happy to see those smiling faces.

  12. And just like that you're back in Virginia! Time with the girls is a wonderful reward for a few grueling days on the road. How adorable they both are. I really need to practice capturing Ezra and Maximus on the move - you captured Celia so well! Especially love that last pic :-))))

  13. I love kids at this age, they are so transparent and honestly express their joy, wonder, curiosity or dismay (as in Stink face). I especially love to see the presence of pure joy & will never forget the first time I noticed that in Carrie. I am so very happy to see that she has not lost her ability to see and be in joy with her little Celia!

  14. Celia is just plain adorable!!!! You are a blessed grandma

  15. OH MY...Celia is precious!!! What a wonderful visit with both your adorable girls!!!

  16. Isn't it wonderful, watching your grandchild!

  17. Love Celia's stink face! The picture of Carrie behind Celia ai very nice, Kids this age do like to repeat things they like...again and again and again. I know Finn does. The last photo is very sweet.

  18. Great picture of the 3 of us! You captured the day so very well in this blog :) Those faces...oh my...I laughed aloud! That last photo captures it. She's my sweetie for sure. We miss you, Nana!

  19. What a cute post, love that stink face!


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