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To the Point

Sunday and Monday November 12 & 13, 2017                                            Most Recent Possts:
Anastasia State Park                                                                   Anastasia State Park, St. Augustine
St. Augustine, Florida                                                      Fort Caroline National Memorial is a Lot More than a Fort

Anastasia Map

This morning after watching the sunrise I walk the length of the peninsula and back,  a 7 mile hike.   I’m starting from the red and gold star at the bottom and walking to the gold and red star at the top.  David was still asleep when I left so he didn’t join me.

Another beautiful dawn started my hike off perfectly.


As I walk down the long boardwalk over the dunes, I can see the lighthouse light shining in the dawn sky.  It looks far away.


It’s a red flag flying as I approach the stairs down to the beach.


When I get to the steps I find that today there are only two of them and I’m going to be walking a sand hill down to the beach.



The sky is turning yellow as I head north up the beach.


I keep checking over my right shoulder to judge the progress of the sun.

It rises up over a bank of clouds rather than directly over the water.

But then there it is sending its beam of light over the water to me and of course anyone else at any point up and down the beach.  I always find that amazing.

Lovely art.   I don’t get my footprints near it.   So beautiful without any intrusion.


A group of sanderings, sandpipers and plovers are gathered along the shore.





Perhaps half way up I can see the lighthouse clearly



Up in the air there are squadrons of pelicans.    Not sure I’ve ever seen groups larger than these and they just keep coming flying south down the beach sometimes over the water, sometimes over the dunes.


But when I reach the point, I really can’t believe the gathering of  birds.  Everyone I’ve seen all day and more are there.  The stretch between the two yellow arrows on this picture.


They don’t seem bothered by the size of the waves.



I know I’m at the point, the gathering of birds is on my right and straight ahead the sand ends and across the water I can see houses.   Lots of houses.


Anastasia Map

Just a reminder of the map.  The houses I can see across the little straight are on the tip of land across from where I am.  Although it looks as though I could walk all the way around and back on the other side of the peninsula, what the map doesn’t show is that entire side is sand dune.  No walking there so I walk back the way I came.


I am now walking into the sun.  The pictures I take of the congregation of birds turn out to be black and white without any selection on my part.  The smaller birds are much harder to see.  Looks like mostly pelicans.  But I like all three of the black and white.


Footprints in the sand.


Other fishermen also in black and white.


Back across the boardwalk I see the lighthouse again.  Of course the light’s not on now but tomorrow we’re going over to see it up close.


That night we have a big storm and the next morning walking over the boardwalk the clouds are pastel and the water is in giant ponds.  At least one wading bird has moved in.

Can you see him?   How about the itty bitty lighthouse on the horizon?

It’s a rainy, cloudy, windy, drippy day so we postpone the light house visit AGAIN.  The red flag is flying.  No swimming today. 



  1. I just can't get enough of pelicans. They are my favorite sea bird. They look so ungainly, yet they fly in such perfect formations. :c)

  2. I do think your Florida posts are my very very most mostest favorite of all. I so love Florida, and so miss getting there. In the mean time, I'll dream along with your beautiful photos of your morning hikes, sunrises, and birds. I can smell it.

    1. Thanks Sue. It's really good to see you in the comments again.

  3. The choppy water is quite a sight to see. I'm impressed by the sand burying the staircase.

    1. I was impressed too. I didn't think it was THAT windy.

  4. A great beach walk. Your photos are amazing.

  5. Replies
    1. It was a wonderful walk and I just couldn't get all the birds in one picture without being too far away. Not sure what's so special about that spot.

  6. The water looks so cold, and the morning looks cold. Was it?

    1. Actually none of it is cold. The water is very wadeable (is that a word?) and even swimable I think except for the wind that would give you chills when you get out. Temps at night in the upper 50's and in the 70's during the day. But the wind on the water makes it feel cooler than that. But certainly not cold.

  7. Every day at the beach is special...each is unique and always something to see!! Great photos and sure hope you get to that lighthouse eventually:o))

  8. I always love your photos and these sunrise captures are just amazing! Love the single feather art and the bird with bubbles - wow!! This is such a beautiful place, I can see why you spent extended time here. Amazing to see the sand built up so deep. You need a dune disc to ride down to the water :-))))

  9. What a great way to start the day! Makes me think about getting up earlier:)

  10. Your sunrise photos are absolutely spectacular. And all those birds! Now you're getting me excited about returning to Florida this winter. :-)

  11. Pelicans are Steve's favorite! You had quite a gathering of birds and I hope to experience your beautiful mornings with the birds one day.

  12. Love the bird pictures and the sun pictures and the ocean pictures and the sand pictures. All of it...divine!


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