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Last Days with Our Girls

Saturday October 14 – Tuesday October 17, 2017                      Most Recent Posts:
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The most fun of all our time in Virginia were the days that Carrie and Celia came to visit us.  Beware, this is a “Gramma Blog”.

They arrived Saturday morning and we all went over to Carrie’s high school friend Allegra’s niece Arya’s birthday party. Did you get that?

Arya was turning 4.  The evite said it was a “Spooky Soiree” and everybody was encouraged to wear costumes.  After all Halloween is only 2 weeks away.

Carrie and I wore our renaissance costumes.  Celia came as a pumpkin.

She’s a punkin’ all right.

Carrie’s friend Allegra, her mother, my friend, Lynne and Carrie.  Too bad Lynne wasn’t with us in Lubec, she’s definitely dressed for it.


Nana and Celia reading in their jammies. These pictures follow in no particular order and are just a montage of our days together.  Emphasis on you know who.

Celia visits Winnona. 

She gives the tow bar a few pats.


She’s heard that Grandpa had a problem with towing when he left Maine.  Maybe she can help.


Someone chalked a beautiful rainbow on Winnona’s street.


Horsing around for the camera.  Look at all those teeth!


One afternoon someone is caught in the act of pilfering raw pie dough to eat.  A LONG standing habit.


Celia is introduced to Amanda her Mama’s childhood baby doll and other childhood toys of her mama’s.  Grandpa kept them all.


Carrie’s high chair is totally cool in that it folds down into a little desk and chair sort of thing.
Grandpa knows what Celia likes, sweet raisins.


Is that an objection I see?

Celia decides she likes her mama’s rocking chair and takes it home with her when she leaves.  Nana wove the cane back and seat for it and many other chairs at the farm.


Carrie’s friend from the 2nd grade on was Kate VanDerbeek who comes to the farm for a visit and has Celia’s rapt attention.


They play inside and outside.  


Grandpa gives her a turn around the yard in the Flexible Flyer which was among the toys he pulled out and cleaned up for Celia’s visit.  Notice the farm bell on the pole.  I rang that to call whoever was eating in for dinner or lunch.  It can be heard all around the farm hollow (really known as a haller, y’all).



On another day, Celia is looking very serious about getting the rest of that delicious breakfast on the spoon.


She succeeds despite the fact that her usual little spoons had disappeared and she had to use a regular spoon.  But then food in the mouth is a favorite thing for her and she does seem to prefer the spoon to just shoveling it with her fingers.


Time to take Amanda for a stroll around the farmhouse kitchen in the strawberry shortcake stroller.


She’s a bit young for piano lessons I would think.

Caught her in the “stink eye” again.

Maybe someone had told her not to do this.

Off at a run across the yard and through the leaves.

We’re on the merry go round at the park.  Everyone is sitting.  I’m working it with my feet at a nice slow pace. 


Looks like she’s giving “kitty” a good talking to.


I think “OH” is her favorite word.   Said with many different inflections as in “oh dear” and “oh boy” and “Oh no” and “Oh my”. 


The last day Carrie and Celia were here we went over to see her cousin Justin, his wife Carmen and their 4 children in Charlottesville.   Only Issac was still long enough for a picture.  The other three were a blur on their bikes and scooters up and down the street.


We take care of a lot of “business” when we are in Virginia but it’s really all about seeing these two.   It’s goodbye for now.  Sure wish they could come with us.  What fun we’d have!



  1. Very sweet - your happiness is oozing out of every photo! ;->

    Virtual hugs,


  2. Great pictures and it looks like Celia had a lot of fun wherever she went!

  3. Having fun with family but especially the grands. They are always so cute and impressionable at that age. You're making lasting memories that they'll cherish.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. What a nice visit with two of your very favorite people:) Celia is so adorable. Love the photo of the two of you in your PJ's reading:)

  5. I agree with Pam, darling pic of you two reading! Isn't it funny how many things they can express with "OH"? Looks like you all had a wonderful time, especially playing with Carrie's childhood toys :-)))

  6. All such special memories built during this visit.

  7. Such wonderful photos that you will cherish for years to come!!! The farm is such a fun place for Celia to explore and it appears it is also a Toy Museum...way cool!!! Such a lucky little girl to have all Mom's childhood toys and furniture to enjoy:o)) Really something special about the "stink-eye"!!!

  8. Celia certainly has filled up your lives. Nothing better than seeing things through a child's eyes. And what beautiful eyes she has! :c)

  9. Nothing better than granddaughter time. I wouldn't know :) Did get some 'third' cousin time last weekend. That works!

  10. Great photo capture of our visit!! Love that last shot. We need more photos of Celia and her Nana & Grandpa me thinks. The reading one is precious! Love you.

  11. I think grandchildren make getting older so much fun. And I thought I was the only person in the world who ate raw pie dough!

  12. what fun. . .and that caned rocking chair is amazing!

  13. Such sweet times together! Love the Halloween costumes and most especially love the photo of the two of you in your PJ's reading. Celia is so expressive and so adorable!

  14. What precious memories being made. My folks had a bell by the front door that could be heard throughout the neighborhood.


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