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Closing Out Our Time at Schoodic

Sunday September 3, 2017                                                                         Most Recent Posts:
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Winter Harbor, Maine


Schoodic Woods Trails Map


We’re in our last few days here on the Schoodic Peninsula and today we decide to split up.  David wants to try the bike trail on a bike this time and I want to hike one last time up the trail from the campground.  On this partial map of the roads and trails of Schoodic, David’s bike ride is the green line and my hike line is the blue.   We crossed at one point but apparently at different times since we didn’t see one another.

The bike trail begins at the ranger station from which you can go in any direction.  David is going over to Birch Harbor.  We’ve driven by the entrance to the bike trail there many times so now he’ll see it from the other direction.  It’s mostly down hill all the way there.  Sweet.  He doesn’t take many pictures going, knowing that coming back will be all up hill and he’ll likely need some excuses to stop.  He didn’t take very many pictures, but here’s a look at his day.


Starting out.  IMG_0004


Arriving at the harborIMG_0005IMG_0007


He takes the park loop road north to the Wonsqueak Harbor House where you actually can rent a room.




And then it’s time to head back up the bike path from the park road. 


It’s all up hill from here



But there are some nice viewsIMG_0025


Meanwhile I’m on two feet starting out from the campsite and walking up the hill to the day use area to the trailhead.
Forgot to mention that we have moved sites to a pull through that parallels the campground road as many of them do.  It’s a bit more level than our previous site and has a huge yard.



Buck Cove Mountain Trailhead.




The trail begins climbing through the woods right away



I cross the first of 4 trail road crossings on this trail and shortly enter one of my favorite sections.  The BIG rocks.  I really do like having done a trail before or multiple times and knowing it well enough to anticipate my favorite parts.








What’s in there?  Looks pretty dark.










Last time I hiked up here I was totally fogged in, no views.  But not today.IMG_4269


Getting very near the top as I can see on almost all sides now.



Wish I knew what I was looking at here.  Some ponds, a few houses and then the ocean.  Maybe this is Bunker Harbor.  I have a general idea of where I am on the trail but didn’t bring a map. 








I continue on to the rock face.






Pretty sure that’s Schoodic Head and it’s time to turn back



Love the fern lined paths.



There are some boggy sections on the trail and I notice more carefully this time how  many pitcher plants are here.

They are everywhere in this area.  I notice them at first because of the flowers but then see the little pitchers nearly covering the ground.






Another plant in profusion are these “puff balls”.  I have no idea what they are or if this is their flower or the end of their flowering.



Any one know the name of this??



Here’s another beauty I can’t identify.



The fall color is striking amid the ferns which themselves are fading.




I arrive back in my favorite area and this time take a selfie so I can see myself with these huge rock faces.







The steep downhill lessens as I enter the woods I recognize to be near the campground. 


Last section before the campground.  My last hike up Buck Cove and most likely my last hike in Acadia National Park.


Even after all this time, we are truly sorry to be leaving.


  1. Looks like a great trail. So rocky around there.

  2. Very nice selfie! That red maple may just be its natural color and not a Fall change, but who knows with the crazy climate we now have. Was a great place to BE, loved every minute. ;)

  3. I really like the campsite - lovely. Excellent photography as usual, and beautiful subjects in every direction.

  4. That beautiful mossy area of boulders would be my favorite, too. I'm sure it must have been hard to leave after such a wonderful summer.

  5. I have enjoyed following along with you and David. I to would hate to leave.

  6. Something peaceful about a single bike along a path - love those pics. I would love those huge rocks too. I have no idea what the puff balls are, but I love that from a distance they look like fairies flitting over the ferns. I know you've been in Virginia for a while, but I'm sad to leave Acadia :-)

  7. I remembered this trail! We have taken time but sure looks overgrown now. Im going to guess those must be mountain avens on their final days?

  8. Sad that you had to be leaving, but if you stayed much longer, you'd have to shovel your way out. :cO

  9. Nice that you split up to do two different hikes/bike ride. Twice the pictures! Bet you hated to leave.

  10. Marvelous places for hiking! Excellent shots!

  11. Excellent day! I like the bike in Dad's pictures. Great selfie and beautiful trail. Lovely place for sure-hard to leave it!

  12. What a wonderful day, can't wait to visit there in 2019. Your blog will be our guide to get the best out of our short time there.

  13. The puffy stuff is cottongrass or sometimes also called cottonsedge. Really common in bog areas, just love the stuff!


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