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Henry David Thoreau

Back to Kanab

Tuesday June 21
Kanab RV Corral Site 4
Kanab, Utah

Longest Day of the Year.
Hope you are having a party!!
I don’t guess I’d call our
leaving Zion a party
since I wasn’t happy to do it

we got stopped dead in our tracks
on the way out of the park,
actually both lanes coming and going
were stopped,
by two Big Horned Sheep.
They were just hanging out in the
road in no hurry to go anywhere.
Unfortunately both of us were driving
and not camera ready so we couldn’t
get what would have been FABULOUS pictures
of them since they really took their sweet
time moseying out of the way.

But David especially, way up high in
Winnona and the first vehicle in the lane
they stopped going out of the park,
got a great show as did the driver
of the tour bus in the other lane coming into the park
Those big vehicles blocked pretty much everybody else’s view
until the sheep finally decided not to climb up the sheer rock face
on our left but to walk across the road and go down the sheer rock face on the right.

The male, with his GREAT horns,  looked back
over his shoulder right at me as he got to the
edge of the road to start down.
What I wouldn’t have given to have had my camera
in my hand or even in the seat next to me since
I was completely stopped.
I could have gotten an amazing picture even through the car's side window.

It was really exciting especially given the
book I was wishing I could read.
I hadn’t seen a bighorn in the wild before.
Great memories and mental pictures for sure!
Almost like a blessing as I left the park

We drove the 41 miles to Kanab
through the gorgeous scenery
without incident and got there before noon check in time
at Kanab RV Corral.
So we took the opportunity to give Winnona
a well deserved bath.  Luckily I think the
car wash is owned by the laundromat next door
so there is a machine to give change in quarters.
$10 later she was all cleaned up.
And for another $1.25 I rinsed off the car
which had been washed and waxed the last time
we were in town.

Washing Winnona (4)

Watch out.  Don’t bump your head.
Maybe you should have told the short person
to do that up top job.

Washing Winnona (6) 

Washing Winnona (11)


We drove over to Kanab RV Corral
checked into site #4, a pull through
three sites over from our last one.
Got set up and David went off to
the hardware store, his fAvorite place.
He had to get some washers or
who knows what.  And he also picked up
another $20 in quarters at the bank
so I could do our laundry at the park
and come back to the coach and type this
up while it was washing & drying.  :-)

Lots of quarters spent today between
washing the RV, the cars, a bundle of rags
and our clothes.

Here’s one of the places where the hardware store
trip came in.
Fixing that leaking water connection.

fixing the leak

Then it was time to go to the grocery store
but three problems

A) we were both hungry since it was now 6:00 at night
B) You should never never go to the grocery when you are hungry.
C) The cupboard was bare of things we could fix-thus the need for the grocery store run.
So we could either have peanut butter and jelly for
dinner or we could go to Subway and split a $5 footlong.  
You can guess which we chose.

Being back in a town is very disastrous
for your budget.  With the campsite,
the RV & Car Washes, the laundry, the
hardware, and the groceries we have
Spent $172 in one day.   Good Grief! 

We’ll definitely have to stay inside tomorrow.


  1. One of my favorite big horn sheep photos was during a jam a herd created moseying across the road at Medicine Lake near Jasper NP. Couldn't see them until they crossed over and meandered right by the car. Luckily I was the passenger and did have the camera handy ... even luckier since I had the wide angle lens on as the tele would not have focused because the herd was so close to the vehicle.

  2. Don't know what scares me more, your climbing cliff side trails or how much money you spent in one day!

    I guess I'll have to plan on cliff trail hiking to preserve our budget. ;c)

  3. There's a Subway located within the Wal-Mart near us, and it always smells sooooooo good!!! Can't blame you for caving in on that one.

  4. OK...stay inside and rest up. Because shortly, you need to take us all over the North Rim!!

    We can'wait;o)))))

  5. Only 10 bucks to wash Winnona sounds like a deal for real to me. She still has a nice shine on her. I need to get busy and wash Wanda too. Safe travels.


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