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We made it to the Grand Canyon

June 2, 2011
Trailer Village, site A-1
South Rim
Grand Canyon National Park

 Got up and went running around Williams.
I saw a number of places I wish we’d
gotten pictures of.
Places like
Cowgirl U,
the old jail,
the 1898 Bordello turned into a
B&B and Bakery
Rosa’s Cantina
(if you aren’t old enough to remember
Jimmy Rogers that won’t mean anything to you)

About 8:45, we went over to the Railside
office to have their breakfast
which consisted of make your own waffles,
cereal, hard boiled eggs, OJ, coffee
and I forget what else.
For $35 a night it was nice to get
a “free” breakfast.
It was an easy 60 mile drive from
Williams to the park where we did not
have to pay the $25 entrance fee
since we are officially seniors with
a National Parks pass.

registered at the campground,
which had a big FULL sign at the office drive up,
and pulled into Site A-1 at Grand Canyon’s Trailer Village
at about 11:30am.
Catchy name isn’t it?
What sort of images does it bring up?  :-)
But it is a fine campground and amazingly
has full hook-ups.  AND cable. 
What? In the Grand Canyon?
All for a mere $37 a night including taxes.
I was shocked there were hook-ups since
North Rim has none.
Both our Verizon air card
and my Verizon cell phone
work well up here.  But
David’s Sprint phone does not
have a signal,  I don’t know about
AT&T service.
Duckie was intent on the brochure.

Grand Canyon Day 1 004 

Prior to checking out the campsite.

Grand Canyon Day 1 005 

We are in site A-1 which is very close
to the bus stop and extra nice
for all the coming and going we will be doing.
Grand Canyon has it set up so that you
really do not have to drive or even have
a car.  The buses run from everywhere
to everywhere every 30 minutes from
4:30AM to 6AM and then every
10 or 15 minutes
from SIX THIRTY AM to 11:00 PM
for the central area and
6:30AM until an hour after sunset
for the outlying points.


In addition the buses are

Grand Canyon Day 1 123

AND they recycle EVERYTHING
Grand Canyon Day 1 003

Don’t I LOVE my national parks!!
Wish I could give much more
of my tax money to them and much less
to foreign intervention efforts.
But I digress……….

Once we got set up we were
off on the Blue bus which
comes right to the village and took us
to the Visitor’s Center.

Here’s the clock hanging in the
covered bus waiting area.
It was really the first thing we saw
when we got off the bus.
We laughed out loud.
Time Stands Still In Grand Canyon National Park.


We walked over to the Visitor's Center.
Oh be still my heart -
Look at the solar panels on the roof!


Grand Canyon Day 1 006 

Turns out, solar panels are used all over the park
even to power the blinking red lights at
a couple of intersections.
I was SO impressed with all this
environmental sensitivity.

The Visitor’s Center also has
great information
and a very
fine 20 minute introductory film
which we saw.

After looking over all the potential hikes,
(mind boggling)
we set out for our first view of the canyon.

So here’s the obligatory shot that everyone takes.
And no that is not a backdrop. :-)

Like everyone else,
our jaws dropped open with our first look
at this very GRAND canyon.

We knew that this was the
northern end of the Painted Desert
but we really had no idea how
magnificent the canyon was until we saw it. 
And these pictures don’t give any idea either. 
You gotta see it for yourself to believe it. 
It almost doesn’t look real
it is SO fantastic.
The North (far) rim is 10 miles
away if you are a bird and
209 miles if you are a car.
The haze on the far rim is pretty constant
making clear pictures difficult
So I can’t show you what we really saw
as we walked west along the rim
from the Visitor’s Center.
But here are our day’s pictures.
Well some of them anyway :-)

Grand Canyon Day 1 029 


Grand Canyon Day 1 030

Grand Canyon Day 1 040

Nature’s designs are amazing in many ways
including what I’m calling “turtle rock”.

Grand Canyon Day 1 110
We heard every language in the world I
think and saw some VERY interesting people.
But this may be taking “matching”
to a new extreme.

Grand Canyon Day 1 108
GREAT day in an amazing place.
Can’t wait to get started tomorrow!


  1. Isn't it 'other worldly'?? Beautiful beyond description...

  2. It is eye-popping, jaw-dropping BEAUTIFUL!!

    I am so glad you are there... cannot wait to get started doing some virtual hiking with you ;o))

    Did not know there was a full-hookup campground...was that there in 2000??? Definitely added to our "REDOS" list!!

  3. Ain't Grand Canyon ... well ... grand? We went during the winter; it was -4C (and that was a heat wave); most of the trails were closed, but the snow added another level of grandeur. And best of all ... NO haze ... YAY!

  4. That is a fantastic deal for Trailer Village :) We are finding that rates in the NE are much higher with no Grand Canyon to look at :)
    Is there a limit on how long you can stay? How far in advance did you need to make reservations? Questions, questions, questions!!!

  5. My breath was taken away just thinking about how you guys must have felt upon first seeing the Canyon. I'm so happy for y'all and of course, can't wait until we get there...some day.

  6. Great pics of the Grand Canyon. And I'm with you...I wish I could give more of my tax dollars to the National Parks too! Enjoy & be safe!

  7. I was there in the mid 1980s and only had a cheap camera. However, no photos can do it justice. Enjoy!

  8. Nancy & Bill,
    Not sure how long Trailer Village has been here but perhaps you chose Mather because it has much more charm. Trailer village is coaches in a row on streets. Mather is camp sites in the trees with lots of space in between.

    Gail & Rick,
    I got our reservations in December for June. When I went at the same time to get Zion and North Rim, both were totally full. BUT I have kept trying. No luck so far with Watchman at Zion but I was able last week to get 3 nights, sadly not a week, at the North Rim but not until the 23rd of June. Make Reservations early for sure. I "think" the limit is 14 days but it might be less in the summer.

  9. Just amazing. Can't wait to see more!

  10. I love the grand canyon too. Just started reading your blog, thanks for writing.

    A Arizona Holiday

  11. I do recall that first in person look over and into the Canyon - really a stunning moment. Mother Nature out did herself there :)

  12. Thanks for the gorgeous photos! We'll be in the area in July for a family reunion..Great post and great info...thanks for sharing!


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