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Henry David Thoreau

Not Much

Wednesday June 22, 2011
Kanab RV Corral
Kanab, Utah

That’s pretty much what we did today,
not much.

It was 71 degrees by 7:30 am  when I
went out to run the town main streets again.
You’ve already heard about it so I
won’t bother repeating except
to say that the Western Stars
pictures were still there
and on the way I ran into another
Mulberry Tree that was totally
loaded so I stopped and put handfuls
into my mouth.  Mmmmm good.

On my run, I noticed that the
neon sign the grocery store on Rt 89
has was flashing 2# of fresh strawberries
for $2.99.  Got me to wondering if
we needed a strawberry pie more than
a chocolate cake which I was planning to bake.
(good thing I didn’t, you’ll see why in a minute)

Got back, had a shower, a light
breakfast and did far
too much “business”.
We are getting things taken care of
before leaving tomorrow for boondocking
at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.
So far, we’ve done
fixed a couple of things on the RV
taken care of the necessary on line business
charged all our batteries
and put Linda Payne’s
crockpot spareribs on to cook
so we’ll have something that doesn’t require
much in the way of fixing while we are up there.

97 degrees by 1:30 pm in the afternoon so
nobody is going out anywhere except maybe
to The Three Bears Ice Cream Parlor.  :-)

David says he won’t pay their price for ice cream
$3 a scoop.  Says he’d rather put his money
toward decent beer at the ABC store.
He discovered yesterday that the grocery store
beers in Utah are all 3.2 or at most 4% alcohol
and to have anything more than that, you have
to go to the ABC store.   Haven’t heard
of 3.2% since I was a kid and in Ohio
you were allowed to drink that at age 18.
So most bars had both. 
Beer for 18 year olds and beer for 21 year olds.
Doubt he’ll get a 6 pack for his $3.
Maybe that means I can have a triple dip!

Spending my computer time, now that
I’ve done all the business,
looking at where to go after
North Rim.
I’m thinking we are going to skip
Canyonlands & Arches.
Weather predictions are for hot hot hot there.
And I’ve actually had more than enough of that.
Especially after these 100+ days in Kanab.

So we will just have to return there
either later this year or another year.
I’m not much for boondocking, or hiking
for that matter,  in 95+ degree temperatures.
Looks like late June is the time to consider heading north.
So if anyone has any suggestions for places to see/stay/stop
between the North Rim and Grand Teton National park. 
Please let me know!

It hit 101 and all of a sudden all the power went
off.  David went out to check our power regulator and
determined it wasn’t us,
it appeared the entire park had lost power.
We were thinking earlier that they were mighteee full
today.  Looks like everyone is in their coach
with the full AC on.
So he went up to the office to “check things out”.
The power came back on about 20 minutes later
before he was back.  But it was getting pretty seriously
warm in this metal house.
Sure was glad that cake wasn’t in the oven.

When it hit 104,  it really was time to go for ice cream!
I had a double dip $4.89 but BOY was it GOOD.
David left me there to eat my ice cream and
read The Harvey Girls while he
went and bought 4 beers at the ABC store.
They sell them by the bottle here in Utah.
I’m surprised the LDS majority lets them sell it at all.

He also went over to check out the $2.99 strawberries
and came back with chocolate shortcake cups,
strawberries and cream for whipping.
SO here’s what we had for dessert
after our delicious BBQ’d pork dinner.
Thank you Linda Payne for the BBQ recipe.
Thank you David for the Stawberry Shortcake
chocolate style.   :-)


North Rim tomorrow!!!


  1. We've cooked those ribs before and they are good. When it's that hot, you have to eat the ice cream pretty fast.

  2. It's very interesting to see how It's interesting seeing how the different states treat alcohol. I come from a state where you could get both beer and wine in the grocery store. Liquor was sold at the ABC store. Some places we've traveled wine and liquor were sold at the ABC store, beer in the grocery. Other places sell beer, wine and liquor in the grocery. No rhyme nor reason :) But, of course, we'll continue to seek out those places, wherever they might be :)

  3. You are just getting caught up on the blog, now you are going to boondock and can't keep me posted :p I sure do miss you guys but you can keep the heat!!!


  4. Glad to hear and see you are building up your strength and energy for your time at the North Rim!!

    Sherry, Bill drolls everytime to talk about your ice cream adventures. I want to rent the chef to fix my meals and DESSERTS!!

    Enjoy the journey....

  5. I remember drinking 3.2% beer when I was 18 in Ohio. I doubt there was much difference in the alcohol content of either 3.2 or 6%, but mainly a psychological thing.

  6. Looks yummy! I've never seen chocolate shortcake cups! I'm looking forward to your travels to the Tetons; we are hoping to work anywhere from Colorado to Yellowstone next summer!

  7. I thought it was bad enough here getting up into the mid to high 90's. Guess I should be thankful we haven't crested over the 100 degree mark -- whew!! Suffering through temps like that definitely deserves 3 scoops of ice cream, strawberry shortcake, and a beer. . . but I wouldn't advise them all at the same time!


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