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Triple Hikes - sort of

Thursday June 16, 2011
Zion National Park
Watchman Campground Site B-3

We were out about 8 this morning
and took the shuttle bus up the canyon
to Weeping Garden.

There are several trails that leave from this point
including a half mile paved but steep one
to the Weeping Garden.

The Weeping Garden is the result of water
that weeps from the rock face
where a layer of porous sandstone
sits on top of a layer of harder, non-porous rock.
The weight of the water in the sandstone
causes it to seep down over time
until it hits the harder non-porous layer
and then it is forced out the edge
where it drips or runs down the rock face.
This constant dripping and moist soil
creates conditions for a garden of mosses,
ferns and columbine to thrive here.




IF you look REALLY closely, you can see Sherry at
the far end of this cement walk which allows
the hiker to come right up to the Weeping Rock.


The viewing area they created here
affords a great view back to the west
of the opposite canyon wall
with morning shadows creeping across the canyon
floor and down the canyon wall.

After hiking back down to the trail’s beginning,
we then took the longer trail to the Hidden Canyon
which is 2.4 miles one way.  IF you don’t
continue on past the maintained section
of the trail.

As we climbed the switchbacks up the canyon wall,
we had this excellent view back to the Weeping Garden
in the concave, arched opening below.


From a little further away you can see some of the trail
and a more distant view of Weeping Rock


About half way up the canyon wall
the trail splits with the main trail continuing to the East Rim.
East Rim trail is much longer
connecting to other so called backcountry trails
for backpacking.
Our trail to the Hidden Canyon
cut off to the right and headed into a narrow slot canyon.


David on the trail,
how can Sherry be behind and above??

Hidden Canyon 059

Some of the trail improvements
were much appreciated, like this set of stairs,
and these handy chains where the trail skirts steep edges.

and through cool passageways.

Hidden Canyon 091

A the mouth of the Hidden Canyon the trail ends
and you are on your own.
How cool!
Scrambling required even!
After hiking the trail,
I see now that the crude scratching on the sign
was to add the word ‘Major’ in front of scrambling.
Glad Sherry did not notice that going in. ;)


Cool rocks on the right heading up the floor of the canyon.


Although the trail is not maintained at this point,
they had installed this chain to make it possible
to get past this obstacle – very helpful!


Sherry scrambling with one hiking pole.


Does she look like she is having a fine time or what?


The free standing arch is still intact to frame our picture.


Another point of scrambling.


End of scrambling for us anyway.
We may have been able to make it past this point
but did not want to risk complications on the return.
Sometimes it is harder coming down than going up.


Going out, we passed this gorgeous wild columbine
growing happily with a lovely fern.

Coming out of the Hidden Canyon
we found the light in the main part of the canyon
had changed considerably,
lighting the opposite wall fully without shadows.
Perfect for a view of the Court of the Patriarchs
which was our next stop.

We boarded the shuttle bus back three stops
to the trailhead for a short trail (100 yards)
to an excellent overlook of the side canyon peaks
named by the Methodist minister Frederick Vining Fisher
in 1916 as Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
These are the three tallest peaks
with Abraham at 6890 ft.,
Isaac at 6825 ft.
and Jacob at 6831 ft..
The red peak in front of Jacob is Mount Moroni
named for a prominent Mormon figure.

Here is the park’s picture followed by mine.



Another fine peak standing to the left of Abraham.


Back on the shuttle and back to the coach
to get out of the heat.

Near the Visitor Center,
we passed this guy who appeared to be resting
from the heat already.
Sherry thought he was “TOO CUTE”!


Then coming into the campground area
we passed under a fruiting mulberry tree.
I am quite fond of mulberries
and have two trees that I planted at the farm
many years ago to divert the attention of birds
from my cherry tree.
It works some of the time.

The beautiful cedar waxwing in particular loves the mulberries.
They usually come in a flock of 40 or so
when these trees are fruiting
and otherwise they are not to be seen.
Anyway, I planted one blue mulberry tree
and one white mulberry tree so I could see the difference
and which I liked best.
I actually like them both about equally.

This tree here seems to be a hybrid
that has both blue and white berries on the same tree.
The white ones are totally white at one point
but as they ripen, they get a little blush of purple on the fringe.
The blue berries are a dark solid color,
blue but nearly black.
Here is a white one.


Sherry says, Mmmm good.
Not enough for a pie though.  :-(

Back inside for some AC and early lunch
to get us through the heat of the afternoon
(99 to 101 degrees!)
and then a trip down by the river to read.
Sherry was reading  about Mary Colter.


With the river and her book,
I was concerned she might not come back
to the coach before dark.
Fortunately there was dinner.
She does eventually get hungry.


  1. Oh my! Cool scenery, but I believe I'll leave the scrambling to you guys. :-)

  2. You lost me on this hike at the first cliff. I'm not very comfortable with heights. I guess that's why I'm a little short. :)

  3. Now we're starting to worry. You slept in until 8 am?!! Are you feeling okay?

    With your hikes and runs you make the Energizer Bunny look like a rusty old Model T!

    Great pictures of the trails!

  4. looks like the two of you are having a great run of hikes...

  5. That looks like a fun hike. I love mulberries.

  6. Hikes of this nature are always the most rewarding ... especially if you take your time at the top and don't rush back down as so many do.


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