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To Utah Lake

Wednesday July 13, 2011
Utah Lake State Park Site 25
Provo, Utah

We were packing up to leave Cedar Breaks
when David noticed a fellow who had just pulled in
and was now outside putting up
a HUGE stand alone antenna.  
He was curious about whether that would improve
our wifi signal or perhaps allow us to use
the Verizon phone at places as remote as Cedar Breaks
without having to walk or drive over to the visitor’s center.  
So he went over to chat.

Turns out Terry was
a wealth of information about boon docking.
He and his wife don’t have a generator but
have 2 solar panels, one 60 watt and one 100 watt
which power everything they need.
Now mind you they do not use a microwave,
use a propane heater in places like Cedar Breaks
and don’t frequent places which require AC.
But they do cook with their gas stove and a solar
oven.  They have solar rechargeable lights for reading
at night.   And on and on……….

He gave us a lot to ponder and some sources to
look at as well as his email as a contact.
What a great find just as we were leaving.
David was so busy talking to him that he
neglected to get his picture but I did get this one
of his 100 watt panels which are not, as you can see,
attached to his coach.  He says it is easier to make
sure you are getting the best sunlight if they are not.
and not hard to set them up.
Looks like he’s using it for tire covers as well.

Cedar Breaks to Utah Lake 003

One last good bye to Brian Head Peak one
place we did not get to while we were here
Next time ! :-)

all pictures taken from Ruby’s steering wheel going < 35 mph
Why I’m driving her will become apparent in a moment
Cedar Breaks to Utah Lake 016 

Notice the orange “extensions” put on so folks can find the
road in the snow.  GOOD GRIEF Winnona would
be buried no matter how Brave she is.
Cedar Breaks to Utah Lake 018

We’re down in Brian Head City now.
Remember the place with no real residents.
This bridge is a ski lane.
Yes you heard me right, Winnona can go under
but never over.  No cars, no people
other than skiers get to go over Rt 143 here.

Pardon the kayak nose and handle.
Cedar Breaks to Utah Lake 019

Can you see the Ski lift up there?
Cedar Breaks to Utah Lake 020

The trip down the mountain on UT 143
from Cedar Breaks to I 15 was gorgeous
except for one little problem.
Make sure you read the sign.

Cedar Breaks to Utah Lake 022A

Luckily we had driven down to Brian Head
earlier and saw this.  That’s when I decided I’d
rather drive the 50 miles to where we intended to stop.
And good thing I did or you wouldn’t get to see
this lovely drive as Winnona goes through it.
You don’t mind seeing her rear do you?
Keep an eye on the signs
Cedar Breaks to Utah Lake 024
Cedar Breaks to Utah Lake 025
Cedar Breaks to Utah Lake 026A
Cedar Breaks to Utah Lake 027

Cedar Breaks to Utah Lake 030

I didn’t get the sign just before this that said
this is an “open range area”.
But as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words”
Watch out for cows on a curving mountain road
at a 13% grade.   Sheesh!
Cedar Breaks to Utah Lake 032
Cedar Breaks to Utah Lake 035
Cedar Breaks to Utah Lake 040

Cedar Breaks to Utah Lake 044
Made it to Parowan UT at the bottom and still have working brakes!
Bring on the Rockies!  :-))
Cedar Breaks to Utah Lake 049
Drove right by Parowan High School
Obviously home of the Rams.
Great Sculpture.
Wonder who did it.  No time to stop and see.
Cedar Breaks to Utah Lake 050

We picked up Interstate 15
which in this area has lovely backdrops
and a zippy speed limit.
Cedar Breaks to Utah Lake 053

We were both definitely obeying this sign.
The skies here are fantastic!
Cedar Breaks to Utah Lake 054

We had intended only to drive about an hour or so
to Beaver Utah and leave the other 165 miles to
Utah Lake for tomorrow.

But when we got to Beaver Canyon Campground in
Beaver, the owner refused to honor our Passport
America number without the card itself.
We had joined after we were on the road and
didn’t have the card yet but had used the number
several places before.

I was none too happy and decided he wasn’t going
to intimidate me into paying full price for a place that
looked like it could “possibly” be worth the $14 for electricity
but not $28.   SO since he didn’t want my $14, he got $0.

My advice, avoid this place and it’s uncooperative owner.

We stopped for gas, hooked Ruby up to Winnona
and drove the rest of the  218 miles to Utah Lake State Park
An unusually long drive for us but most of it was
freeway which was easier than the trip down the
mountain from Brian Head.

Provo certainly has put a lot of crap at the
foot of these beautiful mountains.
Cedar Breaks to Utah Lake 066 

We pulled into Utah Lake State Park none
the worse for wear and tear and chose
site 25 where we’ll stay for about a week so
David can get a root canal. 
Sounds like fun doesn’t it?

But here we are  on the edge of the wetlands of the lake
with the Earth flag flying!
Cedar Breaks to Utah Lake 006

How about the view from the picnic table?
IF we get to use it, see below.
Cedar Breaks to Utah Lake 009

$20 a night for water and electric.
Easy to access dump station.
Great lake and wetlands.
Biking and running trails.
What’s not to like??

Here’s the only problem we’ve found
and it’s a BIG one with lots of friends.


  1. We have a vast number of that little guys relatives here in New Brunswick too. They sure can ruin a nice nite sitting outdoors.

    Beautiful scenery. I love the mountains and can't wat to get out there next summer and see them again.

  2. Did you forget to buy your Thermocell Mosquito Repellent? I seriously think you should have :)

    I also hope David hasn't been galavanting all over creation with a toothache! The only thing worse than that is an earache!

    I do not blame you for driving the 13% grade hills separately. It's easier to NOT have a heart attack when you're not sitting in the co-pilot's seat during those very steep climbs and declines :)

    Looks like a beautiful park. Enjoy!

    PS-If you ever run into PA problems again, you can call PA when you're there and they'll straighten it out for you. They don't want members being turned away.

  3. Rockies! Woohoo! As for mosquitoes..a friend of ours told us about Listerine. Put it in a spray bottle and spritz in a circle around your chair. Keeps 'em away!

  4. Well, it looks like the PA campground turning you down was a 'good' thing!! Utah State Park looks so beautiful.

    Like Gail said, get yourself a Thermocell, I have heard great things about them and we cell them like crazy at Home Depot!!

    The ride today was gorgeous...what fabulous clouds!!!

  5. I tip my hat to David for getting Winnona there safely. What gear do you use on a 13% grade...reverse?
    Good luck with the root canal and I hope you find a solution for the skeeters. Stay safe.

  6. Sorry about the PA number! My fault :( Were you taking those pictures while driving!! tisk-tisk ;)

  7. Those steep and winding hills made my hands sweat almost as much as some of those hikes you've been on. ;-) One more good reason for me to follow Mike in our Element.

  8. I laughed at your comment about Provo. I thought the very same thing. I saw a fast food restaurant beside a house beside a field with horses beside a real estate office. I said to my sister, "Wow. They sure don't have zoning laws like we have at home." Her only answer, "It's the west." :-)

    Glad that you got to a location with an oral surgeon. David, you'll probably be able to look out the window while you're in the dentist chair and see a horse looking back at you!

    Take care! -- Pam


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