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Great Creations

Sunday July 31, 2011
Bear Lake State Park, Idaho
Well the weather folks were right.
They said Friday was going to be the last day of sunshine and it was.
Saturday and Sunday were both cloudy and overcast.
Saturday I went running down the “main” road
outside the campground where all of one car
passed in nearly an hour.
I passed by the primitive
tent camping campground.


I learned that some tents have wheels.


It was dark and dreary on Saturday
We were concerned about taking the kayaks out
given the way things looked.
So they just sat on the beach and I looked at them longingly
while we sat by the water and read.

The wind kicked up in the afternoon
so we went back and tied down the awning
with the awning anchors and anti-flap strap equipment.
Note to self: Given the hard ground, it would have been
faster and easier just to bring the awning in.

Wish I had taken pictures of that set up with its “tie downs”,
but I didn’t.  The rain never came, the wind just huffed and puffed.

We spent some of the early evening
voyeuristically watching our tenting neighbors.
A variety of folks, very funny to watch.
People are so strange and entertaining,
all of us.

And then the sun went down.
And that was it for another day
at Bear Lake Idaho

Sat & Sun July 30 & 31 001

Sat & Sun July 30 & 31 005

Today things looked about the same
so we decided we would take the kayaks out
and just stay close to shore.

About 5 seconds after I said “Let’s just go”
the thunder boomed and lightning flashed.
Well forget that idea.
Although I could see the jet skis out there still.

When nothing happened,
I decided I’d just change into my suit
and go over to the shore and get in the water.

I get my suit on and….you guessed it,
more thunder.

Nothing happened.
So I put a beach bag together with sunscreen,
(they say it’ll get you even behind the clouds)
my water shoes and other sitting by the water essentials.
Shouldered the bag,
put on my hat,
started out the door
AND…………..more thunder and lightning.

So in retaliation I opened all the roof top air vents.
That should make it rain and get it over with.
And sure enough, the wind picked up.
It huffed and puffed and then stopped
just as soon as I made any move to go toward the water.
Back it came.

I finally dared it to rain on me and
went out to the shore anyway.
There weren’t a lot of people there but those that were
were having a good time and staying close to shore.
Sat & Sun July 30 & 31 018

Sat & Sun July 30 & 31 022A

Sat & Sun July 30 & 31 026


Sat & Sun July 30 & 31 031A

The clouds kept looking OMINOUS!
Sat & Sun July 30 & 31 048

It was clearly raining across the lake

and in about 30 minutes, the rain came over to our side.
Sat & Sun July 30 & 31 059
The most productive thing that happened today
was David’s Great Invention.

Once upon a time we had a stand for our water filter.
$15 from Camping World.
David declared it wasn’t the perfect design
because it
a) only had two legs and
b) had to be driven into the ground
If you had a lawn that would be fine
but most of the campsites we are in are hard packed
and it’s pretty impossible to get it in the ground without hammering
which would potentially bend the frame.
(picture compliments of Camping World website).

So given that he didn’t like it, you can predict what happened.
Thoughts are things
and at one point when we were moving,
he drove off and forgot it.

Of course he refused to buy another one
so the filter just laid on the ground until today.

After cleaning up the campsite from the previous thoughtless users,
aluminum drink cans, tin foil and other trash,
he took it all over to the dumpster
where he found two yard signs
that were put up for the Grand Opening
of the new State Park Visitor’s Center
that we stopped at across the lake a couple of days ago.
(He denies he was dumpster diving LOL)

The signs had easily removable metal legs which he, 
in packrat mode,
thought might be useful for something.
And so they turned out to be.

Here he is considering what to do with this
now that he’s removed the sign.

Sat & Sun July 30 & 31 010
And here’s what he did with one of them
in pretty short order.
Sat & Sun July 30 & 31 011

Since there were two, if he drives off and forgets his invention,
unlikely since he is so fond of it,
he has a spare.
I’ll have to give him KUDOS

And here’s the last Great Creation of the day
and what happened to it.
Rain or shine we’re sure eating well!
Sat & Sun July 30 & 31 060

Sat & Sun July 30 & 31 062 

Bummer that they are predicting rain
for the rest of our stay here
but I guess being on a lake is better
than being lots of other places on rainy days.


  1. Hey great idea! But...I really love David's shorts..woohoo :)

  2. Those are one of his two pairs of swim trunks Laurie! I like them too.

  3. The three R's come to mind...Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Way to go David.

  4. Hey! We've got one of those water filter holders from CW :) One day we, too, drove off without it. It just about killed Rick to buy another one because he just thought $15 was highway robbery for that thing :) You can rest assured that now that we have the picture of the David holder, he'll never spend another $15 for one!

  5. Sorry about the rain, but you are right....being on a lake is WAY BETTER!!!!

    Not sure which I like best, David's shorts, invention or YUMMY DESSERT!!! He is a very handy guy to have around ;o))

  6. mother nature isn't always cooperative is she?

  7. That looks like a good invention. Better than the CW version. Only thing I don't like about living in the MH is that you have to leave behind a lot of stuff that "might be useful someday". I had a garage full of that at the S&B.

  8. That invention is really clever. You should market them and pay for your travels! Maybe even...15 bucks, lol.

    The way the rain seems to keep finding you, you should go down to TX where they're having that drought. I'm sure they'd love your help! ;c)

  9. VERY savvy of David to recycle those signs into water filter stands -- very cool creation. And those chocolate creations look pretty amazing too!


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