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Henry David Thoreau

The Pronghorn and Paria Point

Sunday July 3, 2011
Bryce Canyon National Park
North Campground Site 45


Ah  Sunday
the day of rest and that’s what we did.

Great Breakfast outside on
the picnic table!

Fine pictures of the food,
not so hot of us though.
May have to talk to gorillapod
about this.


Paria Point 002


Paria Point 005

We worked on gathering information on
the generator’s charging the batteries.

We are liking this boondocking thing
and have no problems with tanks filling up
or running out of water.
But we are concerned about the batteries.

So we’re keeping records of what they read
after 2 hours of generator time
and then at the end of the day.

Looking into a solar panel to top them off
If any of you have such equipment and
could offer advice
We’d be mighty grateful.

I went to the laundry here at the
Bryce General Store.
$1.50 to wash but a dollar of those
has to be a “gold coin” which you
get from a machine in the laundry.
And the machine takes that and two quarters.
Wish I’d thought to get a picture of the coin.
I did think it was a riot!

$1.00 for 20 minutes of drying time.
While in there, I hooked up my laptop
to charge it up since David was running
the generator back at the coach
to clean the carpets with the Bissell.
They looked great when I came back.

We had some dinner and set out
about an hour before sunset to
see Paria Point.
Another spot along another Bryce Canyon

On the way the Pronghorn were out
and stopping traffic including us.





The air was cool in the evening.
The light was different.
And there was nobody else around.

Doesn’t it look like a holy city of some sort?

Paria Point 024


 Paria Point 030

Here’s the other side of the amphitheater
at this point.


Paria Point 028


Paria Point 029 

The railings around the point
were beautiful and obviously made of
local stone.  Everything here looks like
an artist did it.

Paria Point 021

The cap of each stone post was slightly different.

Paria Point 033


The point had a long observatory walkway
lined with these rails.
As we moved to the right the
angles at which we were viewing the
amphitheater changed slightly as did the light.

 Paria Point 034

Paria Point 045

Paria Point 059


Starting to get dark and even
the flash couldn’t show the colors
and the beauty of these stones.
Time to go on home.

Paria Point 063

Hope your day was a good one too!


  1. We are counting on you two to teach us ALL about boondocking. If you figure out the solar panal details, let us know. Perhaps we can have that installed when we buy our motorhome ;o)

    It is nice to have good friends in the right places ;o))) We are loving your travels!!

  2. We have never really boon docked so we will be interested to hear your results.

  3. Our first and only boondocking experience, so far, was in the Peterbilt parking lot when Lucy decided she wanted a new starter. We found if we ran our generator for a couple hours before going to bed, we had plenty of battery power to take us through the night (and we have a residential refrig and a separate chest freezer). We then ran the genny for 1-2 hrs in the morning and we showed fully charged. Then we were good for the day. Of course we didn't run the a/c but I did keep the laptops plugged in and we used an occasional light or comparable, and we watched a little tv in the evening. We found it wasn't half as inconvenient as we thought :) For us, the solar initial expense would never pay for itself. We prefer hookups :) For the rare boondocking times, running our genny is much more cost effective.

  4. We love boon docking too. You could look at http://www.amsolar.com/ to maybe get some info on solar. Here's a inexpensive panel setup for topping off your batteries. http://www.campingworld.com/browse/skus/index.cfm?skunum=56006&cartsrc=WEBREC&rewrote

    Another great resource for solar is

    Hope this help you find what your looking for.


  5. Amazing looking food! Can't wait to be out there so I can share in that (and so much more) - less than a month - YAY!


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