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Henry David Thoreau


Thursday June 30, 2011
Bryce Canyon National Park
North Campground Site 45

Today’s high was predicted
to be 74 which sounded just perfect
for doing the longest day hike
listed in the hike information we have.
Fairyland Loop.  8 miles total.
Great name isn’t it!!
And so appropriate
just wait until you see.

So we packed our lunches and snacks
filled up the camelbacks
and set off to walk the rim trail
from the campground to the trail head.
Saw these happy evening primroses on the way
Hoodoos to the left
They are everywhere   :-)

Fairyland Loop 004
Fairyland Loop 002

Got to the trail head.  What a VIEW!
Not only was the temperature perfect
but look at that blue sky and puffy clouds.

Fairyland Loop 005
 Fairyland Loop 282

Fairyland Loop 283
Undaunted by the signs
we started off down the trail

Fairyland Loop 014

and around the bend
What a landscape!!

Fairyland Loop 009

Every step you take
 Fairyland Loop 015
Legend People
Fairyland Loop 013

Amazing vistas

Fairyland Loop 017

Fairyland Loop 018

Castles in the sky


The colors are just spectacular
Hope you can see them
Our trail is the flat white spot
about 2/3rds of the way down on the right
going from right to left.
It took us right down into this beauty.


Fairyland Loop 036

This trail turned out to have many
more of the great interesting
Bristlecone Pine trees than
the namesake trail.
These trees have definite personalities
and unusual shapes.  In this picture
the three right most trees are Bristlecones
with their long hanging bristles.
Notice our white trail.

Fairyland Loop 044
Notice the hole in the bottom of the “wall”
Fairyland Loop 045

I love the subtle colors of these rocks

Fairyland Loop 047
But this one is my favorite Bristlecones.
His bristle is nearly his entire trunk.

Fairyland Loop 040
How about that top

Fairyland Loop 039
David is hiking toward what they call
the China Wall

Fairyland Loop 048


This might give some sense of how huge they are


Can’t get over the colors in these rocks
Fairyland Loop 069

Beautiful wildflowers along the way as well



Down to the bottom across the wash

Fairyland Loop 081

where we met up with this Stellar's Jay
On to Tower Bridge
And we’re only two miles into this 8 mile hike
Fairyland Loop 093
If you go all the way down then you have to
climb back up but there isn’t a better
place to do it


They call this boat mesa

Fairyland Loop 106

Looks like this boat has a hole in it
smoke stacks on the top?
Fairyland Loop 105

If the Legend people were
yelling at David he didn’t hear them
Fairyland Loop 113A

Sometimes you just have to ponder a bit.
Little me under the tree with the wonders
of Earth to behold.

Fairyland Loop 124

Fairyland Loop 120
Including Bristlecone pines
makes me want to dance along

After climbing

Fairyland Loop 145
when you get to the top the reward is
amazing vistas


In every direction


And now, time for lunch
P1090870 - Lunch

Here’s my lunch view from under the tree

Fairyland Loop 166

Out of Campbell Canyon and into
Fairyland Canyon
P1090893 - Happy Camper
Where the walls are literally lined with Hoodoos.
Fairyland Loop 182
I see the rook, where is the knight?

P1090913 - Fairy Castle 8

Fairyland Loop 234

Fairyland Loop 235

Fairyland Loop 239

Fairyland Loop 240

Pink…I’m walking on a pink trail.
Fairyland is right!
Fairyland Loop 245

Fairyland Loop 246
Climbing UP

through the Big
Yellow and Orange Rock Candy Mountain.
Fairyland Loop 263

Fairyland Loop 264
Getting up high enough now to start looking
DOWN on things again

Fairyland Loop 265

Fairyland Loop 279

Up on top, we’ll walk the rim trail back
to our Campsite.  It’s about 2.7 miles to
the Sunrise Point where we set out
and then another half mile or so to Winnona.
Fairyland Loop 285
The Rim Trail goes from Fairyland Point where we
are now to Bryce Point where we were yesterday.
So we will have walked the whole thing,
in two halves, once we get back to Winnona.
Fabulous views from up here on this
beautiful blue sky puffy white cloud day


Fairyland Loop 291

We walked through what
we came to call the
Western Juniper Sculpture Garden.
David loves these.


This Stellar's Jay who followed us for probably 1/4 of
a mile hoping, I guess, that if he kept posing
eventually we’d give him some treat.
You don't suppose he followed us all the way up
here from the bottom do you?  :-)
Sorry buddy,  You have to make it on your own.
But you sure are cute!

and funny


Looks like I’m not the only one
who has a bad hair day
in the wind.


There were grassy meadows on this section of the rim.


Fairyland Loop 331

HooDoos everywhere,
even on the rim
Fairyland Loop 338
We had walked a piece of the rim
closest to the campground the
day we arrived in Bryce.
So we knew when we reached this familiar landmark
that we were  near home.



And so, 8 miles later, we went back
down into the campground

Fairyland Loop 343
back to Winnona

and David says
”back for a cold one”
Bryce is batting 1000
on their hikes!!
Don’t miss this one!


  1. I am impressed! My dogs are barking just looking at those pics!! That's a loooong hike! Gorgeous though, & now I wanna go there. Thanks for sharing the pics :)

  2. What a great hike thanks for taking us along.

  3. I keep saying it, such beautiful pictures of a beautiful place! Have you been tracking how many miles you've hiked since full-timing?

  4. Amazing vistas (and photos) aside, it looks like you're all alone out there. Do you have good cell signal to call for help if you need it?

    It's the worrier in me :)

  5. How neat! Gorgeous pictures!! Hoodoos do look like rock candy. Enjoyed the Scrub Jay and the stunning views. Makes me want to be there. How very different it is from my east coast backyard.

  6. OMG!! Just absolutely breathtaking!!

    I am running away from home NOW!! I need to be adopted until the house sells. Ok, I just need a foster family and Bill can pick me up after the house sells ;o))

    I just loved every picture and felt like I was walking along with you. THANKS!!!


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