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Henry David Thoreau

Sunset & Moonrise

Monday July 11, 2011
Cedar Breaks National Monument


we went on what turned out to
be our last wildflower walk.
Now stop the cheering!

A very nice husband and wife team
led the 11am hike.
We found that we knew as much or more
than they did having done numerous walks with
and without leaders for the past 5 days.
So we skipped their 1:00 walk.

  It was a pretty dark and dreary day
and neither of us felt much like doing
anything.  So we didn’t.

I mostly worked on plans for our up coming move.
We leave here Wednesday morning and I’ve
been trying to work out with our daughter Carrie
when she wants to fly out and join us for a week.
She wants to see Grand Teton National Park
and perhaps a bit of Yellowstone as well if I can
work it out.

We got some orders placed for things
we want to have shipped to Teton while
we are there and things we want to
pick up at the Utah Camping World this
next week.

We answered some emails.
I posted the blog.

And then after dinner,
David suggested we go out for
just a bit during the lull in the rain
to check out the meadow and wetlands
just adjacent to the campground.

He thought we might be able to pick up a sunset as well.

The meadow is lovely and pretty much right
outside your door if you are in sites 1 through about 17.

walk, sunset & Luna 003



I’ll spare you any more wildflower pictures although
we found quite a few things before looking up
and seeing this.

 walk, sunset & Luna 009A

So we high tailed it up the meadow away from the
campground to the rim of the amphitheater.
We were definitely out of breath after that climb
at this altitude.
But we found this.


walk, sunset & Luna 020


walk, sunset & Luna 016 

Notice the BIG dark clouds in the sky.
We did too.
So we thought we shouldn’t wait for any more color
if there was going to be any.
We had a bit of a walk back “down hill”
and there had been one rumble of thunder already.

When we turned around to start back
toward the campground, we saw this.




All along the path we watched the moon



walk, sunset & Luna 043

and then we came to this perfect log bench
and just sat a while and enjoyed the moon
and the clouds and the sky.


walk, sunset & Luna 046


It was getting pretty dark by now.

 walk, sunset & Luna 039

A couple more rumbles and we were on our
way back to the coach.

We had thought we might spend some
time here tonight but

walk, sunset & Luna 050

the sky was getting
really black and just after we stepped inside
the clouds broke open and it just poured for
nearly the next hour.

Great sleeping weather for sure!!


  1. Nice photos!!

    Hard to imagine anyone wearing long pants and sweatshirts this time of year;o))

    We had a cool front come through yesterday and we only got up to 88 degree;o))

  2. The moon was lovely last night! Glad you got to capture it before the heavens opened up.

  3. Sherry - it has taken me this long to find you again - fancy switching blogs like that without a grand announcement, I mean really!
    So now I am going to say I really love your elephant head, ha ha!
    I have some reading to do now,

  4. Great sleeping weather, yes, and perfect timing on your part :)

  5. Funny...We were looking at the same Moon last night. Not quite the same effect though from our backyard. Just a wee bit jealous but we feel like you are carrying us with you in your travels. Stay safe.


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