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Thursday July 14, 2011
Utah Lake State Park
Lakeside Campground Site 25


Got up this morning to 61 degree temperatures.
20 degrees warmer than we were used to
at Cedar Breaks.

Given that, I brilliantly surmised that we were
down SO much lower, the air might not be
as thin and for the first time in two weeks,
I went running.

The park has great bike and running paths, paved
but many are under water due to the flooding.

It was deja vu from Arkansas and Tennessee
early this year when many park sites and picnic
areas were under water.

Lazy Day Friday July 15 016


Hoping things will dry out while we are here
so we can go further on the roads
have WAY fewer mosquitos.


Today was refueling day,
We’d already done the RV so that
meant shopping,
my LEAST favorite activity.

We started out here

Cedar Breaks to Utah Lake

and spent enough that we should have gone home for the day.
And we even didn’t get the main thing we wanted,
the 18 Watt trickle solar charger
which they had told us on the phone they did have
and was the main reason we drove 25 miles up to
the ONLY Camping World.  One of two in all of Utah apparently.

But we did get a replacement heater since our ceramic went
on the fritz and we’re on the way to Teton, Yellowstone
and MAYBE Glacier where the nights are in the 30’s.
Got a Genturi to hopefully lesson the generator
effects on us and everyone around and
some covers for the bikes that can stay on
both while the bikes are the car and when they are off.
We bought some mighty nice bikes before we left and can’t put
them in our “van” like Bill and Nancy do
so we need some protection for them from
the elements.
A 15’ Rhino sewer hose, awning flap straps
and I forget what else added up to a whopping sum.

After that it was off to find
walkie talkies for when we are driving separately so
we don’t have to try to use the cell phones while driving,
water filter cartridges, Steering fluid for Ruby,
a printer cartridge for the Canon,
a watchband for me,  and both AA and AAA
rechargeable batteries for our boon docking supply
of lights, cameras etc.
Then to the pharmacy and the grocery store
where we were denied use of the credit card
again so I called again and there had been
so many big purchases made in one day so
far away from the billing address that in spite of the fact
that I have told Citicard repeatedly that we are on the
road, but they were just protecting us from Fraud.
We were now at the customer service desk and had
to have everything done over again.   SIGH!!

But we did get out with the groceries
and into a hot car.
Pretty hot here today for this kind of work.
90 degrees.
We’re not used to that.
And I hear it is getting worse over the week-end.

All in all -  YUCK!
But that’s life.

FINALLY got all the refueling done,
had dinner and outside the 7th FULL moon was
coming up and the sun was going down.
The sky looked very unusual. 
I’ve never seen anything like this before.


The moon was huge and the sky eerie.


Maybe that’s the way they do things here in Provo.
We’ll scout the place out for you for the next days
and let you know of any other suspicious behavior.

(}-;    :-)


  1. I guess you still have those "days" when you fulltime. Still have to shop...ugh;o((

    But at least you get to do it in new places and see new sites!!

    Love the night sky photos!!!!

    Hope to see some kayaking and biking photos ;o))

  2. I'm thinking 30 at night sounds mighty inviting right about now. It was 99 in Central Wis today with heat indices at 110! We can't get much further north! Well, we can, but I just sent in our passport renewals so have nothing to cross the border with! :)

  3. I'm a little behind in reading your blog and just saw this picture of the moon. It's SO lovely and looks like the sky I saw when we were at the BYU-UVA football game. The stadium is set right at the foot of the mountains and as the moon rose, it looked so close that you felt that you could touch it. All I could think was this must be the most beautiful setting for a football stadium in the entire U.S. What a beautiful October night . . . and we won the game!!!

    Love all your pictures including the river fowl. It looks like it is a fantastic area for kayaking. Thanks again for sharing! Take care!

  4. That moon picture is FABULOUS!!


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