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Another short break in the New Hampshire rain

Friday June 28, 2013
Site 1 Exeter Elms Campground
Exeter, New Hampshire



The one good thing about Exeter Elms is the Exeter River.




Exeter Elms campground runs alongside the Exeter River for many twists and turns.  Take a look at the blue line on the campground map.  They have a lot of river front sites.  Most of them are without services though. 






Kayaking the Exeter River 001

With all the rains the river is UP.  This means that we don’t have to drag the kayaks down to the boat launch, but just about 100 yards from our campsite to the “fishing spot”.   So today when it looks like the rains might subside for 3 or 4 hours we hop in them at 1:00 and set off up river.   We are going from the top right of the map to the bottom left.





Kayaking the Exeter River 004


The Exeter River is a gorgeous river because the city has done a magnificent job of protecting it.   Even though we inadvertently go in the direction toward development rather than away from it, still much of the way both sides of the bank are forested and there are long stretches where the river does not go along roads so no traffic noise.  Just us and the natural sounds.  




Kayaking the Exeter River 013


And then we come to this little problem. 


So sorry this picture didn’t include the other end of this river blocking tree but you can see it in the next shot.  I think “well we’ll just turn around and go the other way” but no………


Kayaking the Exeter River 016


Now is when I am really glad I have the camera to record this series.  Although to be fair, it was way easier for me since I am shorter.

    Kayaking the Exeter River 018


If at first you don’t succeed, look closer.

Kayaking the Exeter River 020


Kayaking the Exeter River 022



Kayaking the Exeter River 023


Kayaking the Exeter River 024


Kayaking the Exeter River 025



And we’re off again. 

Can’t wait to see what happens on the way back.  On a river, we normally always start out upstream so we don’t have to paddle hard at the end of the day.  For quite a long way, the Exeter is a relatively easy up stream paddle.


Kayaking the Exeter River 026



Exeter is not a city, it is a town they say.  Home to the famous Phillips Exeter Academy if that tells you anything.  But it is still fairly urban and they’ve done just a great job of keeping their river bank natural.  It’s beautiful.


Kayaking the Exeter River 027


Kayaking the Exeter River 028


I would guess this is a riverside park but there is no one about to ask.  The pretty little bench just appears.

Kayaking the Exeter River 030         


Yet another attempt to catch that illusive kingfisher on “film”. 


S/he flies back and forth over this stretch of the river both times we pass it.  I wonder if there is a nest.


Kayaking the Exeter River 034A



First time we’ve seen a blue sky in what seems like forever.
I know, not a totally blue  but the clouds aren’t dark gray either.
That’s a good sign.


Kayaking the Exeter River 043


  Kayaking the Exeter River 044


Kayaking the Exeter River 053



It’s true what they say, paddling against the tide becomes difficult.


We get past this obstruction with no trouble at all, there is a narrow break in the middle.  But the upstream paddle has been become increasingly more difficult.  Shortly after this it we agree it is too much work so we turn around to drift on home.  We’re not on our way anywhere and one direction on this lovely river is as lovely as the other.


Kayaking the Exeter River 056

 Kayaking the Exeter River 055



Obstruction redo or is that redeux?

Whatever it is, this time is much easier actually.  Either he learned some things, the angles are just easier for laying forward or he got shorter.Who knows.  I don’t have any trouble going either way.  Might be the only benefit of being short.   (BTW, always lay forward, never lay  back in a kayak-much easier to dump yourself)


Kayaking the Exeter River 061


Looks pretty pleased with himself doesn’t he??

Kayaking the Exeter River 062



Beautiful day on the river.
And just after I take the pictures below, we hear the thunder.
We’re not sure how far we are from the campground.
It doesn’t look like rain but that warning is unmistakable.


Kayaking the Exeter River 064


Kayaking the Exeter River 087



We round the bend to see the beginning of the campground. 

Still a ways to go to our take out though as you could see from the map at the top.  But I think we’ll make it so I take time for some pictures of a few river front sites.


Kayaking the Exeter River 073


Kayaking the Exeter River 072       



Kayaking the Exeter River 075


Kayaking the Exeter River 078



Kayaking the Exeter River 090


The rain drops have just started as we pull up to where we put in, our unofficial boat launch. The rain doesn’t let loose until I am putting the hatch over on my boat back at the campsite.  

Great timing!  Great Day!

Kayaking the Exeter River 096


  1. Gorgeous river... sooo green ... and oh, you kids. hahaaaa.

  2. Like doing the limbo only in a kayak!

  3. That David is limber and you guys are living life at 110%. Great picture tour, we both enjoyed it.

  4. Your timing was perfect! That tent in the 3rd last picture seemed to be pretty close to the river, or maybe it just looks that way.

  5. Lazin' down the river looks like a lovely afternoon. Guess you don't have to worry about the tide rising to make your limbo pass impossible. ;)

  6. What a lovely river!!! Looked so relaxing:o)

  7. Great timing for sure. Until yesterday we had on and off rain ... some light, but others real downpours ... and most without warning. Nice day on the river for you.

  8. And Great pictures! Glad you got a paddle in between the rain drops.

  9. That was a pretty low tree do navigate under. Everything is so green and beautiful....probably from all that rain. I hope your weather improves and you get to enjoy your stay.

  10. Seeing as you kayak, you might be in a good position to find a kingfisher nest. They excavate a deep tunnel in a steep bank. The tunnel is about three inches in diameter, and usually has two groves on the bottom from dragging their feet in and out. :) That was a male kingfisher by the way.

  11. Great afternoon on a lovely river. I am amazing at how much your blogging has evolved over the years, Sherry. You write so well, the pictures are beautiful, and you have really developed a wonderful way with pictures and words that are visually pleasing and easy to read. Not sure if you have looked at your past blogging to compare, but the evolution is striking. I always loved your blog from the beginning, but even more so now.

  12. Nice day! I always enjoy seeing turtles:) Rain is everywhere. Here in panhandle Florida rain is ongoing for close to two weeks. Currently cannot see 10 feet in heavy downpour:(

  13. Got a great laugh from your pictures of David sneaking under that log. :cD

  14. Very impressive limbo skills. The last time I tried that I leaned forward and when I realized I would not quite clear the tree I leaned to the left a little and in I went. Vic was behind me and did the exact same roll to the left. We were laughing pretty hard about both being in the water but the alligators on shore motivated us to get back in our kayaks asap. Glad your challenge was more easily overcome.

  15. What a beautiful river!! I was so not surprised to see you guys make a way around that trunk! Seems just like what we'd find fun in doing :) Glad you got to see beyond the log. Great pictures - way to bend it, Pops!


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