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Gorham and the bowl

Tuesday & Wednesday July 23 & 24, 2013
Site 730 Narrows Too
Trenton, Maine



It rained all day is about all there is to say for it.  I did the laundry.
The highlight of the day was when I discovered that Santa Claus spends his summers here.  He was walking one of his reindeer right by our front window this morning.  I recognized him by his long white hair and beard but I couldn’t get my camera in time to get a picture before he was nearly gone.


Gorham Mountain Hike 016




Today the sun came out and we put on our hiking boots and set out to climb Gorham Mountain.

Like many trails in Acadia the paths are rocks.  Not rock lined but rocks.



Gorham Mountain Hike 020


Gorham Mountain Hike 018




As we started out there was a sign asking us to

Make History
Do Not Disturb Cairns
Help Restore a 100 year old tradition to the park
Do not add
Do not remove
Do not build

Apparently cairns are an Acadia tradition.  They were begun by the original trail builders in the park as the only signs along the way.
Cairns rather than blazes.   The park is trying to return to this tradition.


Gorham Mountain Hike 021

Cairns like these point the way

Gorham Mountain Hike 023


on trails like these.

Gorham Mountain Hike 024


Not too far along the trail is a bronze plaque to honor Waldron Bates as “The Pathmaker”.  It was he who planned and engineered trails to interesting rock formations and exhilarating sites along rock ledges, wrote instructions about how to construct safe and durable trails, instituted a signage protocol to direct hikers along trail routes and designed a simple cairn to mark the paths for hikers.  It is these cairns the park is trying to restore.   This is one of several “memorials” through out the national Park which commemorate people who helped establish the park and cherished its development.  You can see the plaque set into the lower left end of this huge granite boulder below.


Gorham Mountain Hike 026


 Bates plaque

Hiking up Gorham Mountain you can take the trail to the top directly or you can take a side trail down to the bottom of the cadillac cliffs and see the former sea caves from when this area was at the bottom of the ocean floor.   If you take the side trail you will miss the early views from the main trail.   But we want to see the caves.


Gorham Mountain Hike 027



There are some big stones to get over and around.

Gorham Mountain Hike 029


Gorham Mountain Hike 028


Good thing this step wasn’t even a teeny bit higher.



Sometimes you just have to sit down to get down.

Gorham Mountain Hike 032


This is where David is going. 



Me too.



Gorham Mountain Hike 036


So this must be one of the caves.



I thought about trying to go through here but decided against it.

Gorham Mountain Hike 045


I just went around the other side and peeked through instead.


When cairns aren’t possible, a light blue blaze is used.  Is that a cave in there?



No, I think it’s in here.


Above us are the cadillac cliffs with the scoring marks of the glaciers on them.

Gorham Mountain Hike 050


Gorham Mountain Hike 051

You can see the “paths” we are walking on down here at the bottom.

Gorham Mountain Hike 052

And here.

Gorham Mountain Hike 053


But we find another sea cave

Gorham Mountain Hike 054 


And another



Now to get back up on top and continue on to the top of Gorham.



Up there is where we want to be.



And when we finally make it the path looks easy by comparison.

Gorham Mountain Hike 057


Shortly we hit our first views.  We have missed the earlier lower views by going on the cliffs trail so these are surprising.

Gorham Mountain Hike 058

Gorham Mountain Hike 068


I zoom in on the end of Great Head where we were hiking last week.
What gorgeous views from here.

Gorham Mountain Hike 073


But we are not at the top yet.  So on up the rocky trail we go.

Gorham Mountain Hike 076



Is this it??

Gorham Mountain Hike 077


Nope, not quite

Gorham Mountain Hike 078



But in addition to another set of great views we find…..more blueberries.   Time for a snack.




Gorham Mountain Hike 088




After fortifications we press on to the summit.  All 525’ of it.  No it’s not that high but it’s a rocky road.   And has fantastic views!!


Gorham Mountain Hike 094

Gorham Mountain Hike 083


Gorham Mountain Hike 085 

Gorham Mountain Hike 089

David wants to press on to see the Bowl.  Ok by me.  Until I see that will mean going back down and then back up.   I think I’m finished with rock scrambling up for the day and am ready to just rock scramble down.  


So David goes on over to the bowl and I retrace our steps going back by the full Gorham Mountain trail, no side path down the cadillac cliffs.



David takes these pictures of his hike to the bowl.






He passes the sign for the hike he really wants to take but so far he can’t get anyone to agree to go along.  The Beehive Trail is rated as “Strenuous” and is approximately 0.8 miles/1.3 km long. The first section of the Beehive Trail has iron rungs to allow climbers to ascend exposed, steep cliff faces and traverse narrow ledges.  








The Beehive.



As it turns out, his hike to the bowl and down through the woods was slightly less mileage than mine back down Gorham but that’s only because he caught the bus at the park loop road and took it from Sand beach where he came out back to the car at the Gorham Parking lot.  Had I known that, I probably would have gone.  He does last minute unplanned things.  I like to know what I’m getting into before I do it.




But I had a fine time just turning around and seeing the Gorham trail from a different point of view, rocks and all. :-))

Gorham Mountain Hike 095 


Gorham Mountain Hike 098



But when I get to the parking lot, I walk on across the park loop road and wait for David here.   Now this is right up my alley.


Gorham Mountain Hike 100


Gorham Mountain Hike 108


Gorham Mountain Hike 105


Gorham Mountain Hike 106


A good time was had by all!!


  1. Well, who says I can't hike. I hike with you and David. Still trying to catch up reading so keeping comments brief (was that an "amen" I heard)? :)

  2. Those are called "trails"? I guess they are a break in the wood but that's a lot of climbing up and down and down and up. I like the spot you found by the car best.

  3. I have heard about Christmas in July - not a bad place for Santa :) Exciting trail - those types of hikes up the sense of adventure! I love the pictures at the end - that water color is beautiful indeed! Lucky, lucky you! You guys got exercise (except for Dad on the part where he rode the bus - ha!)!

  4. So incredible, Sherry. As Mo and I keep reading about your Maine travels, we are thinking we need to plan a summer and fall in that part of the country. It means being away from Rocky Point for our favorite time here, but there is just so much beauty in Maine...hmmm...maybe we can even get the MoHo to Nova Scotia...ah plans....who knows when, but absolutely on the list. Every single post of yours reinforces that thought.

  5. I'm not sure I would like some of those trails where you have to climb over all those rocks. I'm sure I wouldn't like the Beehive trail! I think the ones overlooking the water are the best. You're certainly getting your exercise. I'm guessing the colds must be gone.

  6. Now that looks like our kind of hike!

  7. We'll do the Beehive Trail with David. Oh, wait ... w're not there. Maybe another year.

  8. Loved tagging along with you on this hike. You both look like you are having a great time--such vibrant faces. The photos of the coastline are especially rewarding. You chose a great spot to wait for David.

  9. I guess that trail isn't too good for bikes, eh? Certainly a trail for a good pair of hiking boots.

    Santa's reindeer was looking kind of old and tired. I guess pulling a sleigh all around the world on one night does kind of wear you out...

    Great pictures of the beach, nothing better than seeing and hearing the waves wash ashore. Love it! :c)

  10. Looks like you got some serious cardio with that hike! The water views are spectacular!

  11. That last picture especially could be a postcard. Fabulous!

  12. I enjoyed watching this hike. Not sure I could handle all the rocks, myself.

  13. Wow! That is really pretty! The rocky climb looked challenging. The views are amazing- especially the ones with water. There is a new park in Boonesville and Beek rode his bike there once. Yesterday he took the dogs for a hike there while I was at work. He said his butt was sore from going uphill. It is seriously uphill from what he said. You didn't mention that you coughed the whole way up so I hope that means your cold is worse and you are better.

  14. whoaaaa. . .you guys are amazing. . .I honestly don't know if I could hike that trail. . .really! But kudos for doing it and sharing the awesomeness!

    We are right down the road from ya at Timberland Acres. . .just arrived Thursday in time for the rains on Friday. . .decided to stay in for the weekend. . .and venture out on Monday, when perhaps just a few folks had to leave and go back to work. . .boo hoo!

  15. I think that's my favorite hike you did so far :) Especially the end..the water is beautiful.

  16. Yikes, we can't ever seem to stay on a trail even when it is marked by blazes. We may be in trouble when we get to Acadia.
    Great hike thanks for taking us along.

  17. The end of your hike is the best way to relax after climbing all those rocks. Love sitting by the water listening to the waves.

  18. I found out last week that I don't do well on rocks any more, except maybe on the not-too-steep trails. That beehive looks deadly!

  19. I must agree that your waiting place takes the prize for most beautiful spot on this day hike. I'm glad you were able to get some time there by the surf on such a gorgeous day! Great pictures!


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