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Summiting Dorr Mountain with a few of our friends

Monday July 22, 2013
Site 370, Narrows Too Campground
Trenton, Maine



Bill says on time means being five minutes early

The bus is pulling out at 7:30am SHARP we are told.  I am at the stop at 7:25.  Everyone else, but David, is already there.  I congratulate myself on being early when Bill tells me that actually 7:25 is on time.

David is still putting his shoes on.  Bill starts the engine pulls forward, shakes his head and David manages to snag the last seat on the train to the Dorr Mountain Trailhead before it pulls away without him.



Dorr mountain hike 002


Like the last hike we took with Bill and Nancy for ice cream, this one takes off from Sieur de Monts.  Bill says this is his very favorite of all the hikes they have done in Acadia so he wants to share it with his friends.  There are 6 of us today, Dan & Tricia, David & I, Syl & Bill.  Nancy has had to skip the hike in order to help her mother with some health issues.  We miss her and Gin & Pam too.




Bill gives us a briefing of how up and rocky this is going to be.


This is a hardy group.  Nobody bats an eye.


Dorr mountain hike 003


We hike a little, pause for the views a little and hike a little more.   Both Tricia and Bill have a fear of heights and I’m amazed at how well they do on these cliff side steps.  I would never have guessed a hike  like this as Bill’s favorite.


Dorr mountain hike 005

Dorr mountain hike 007 


From many of the views we can see the Great Meadow whose trail we walked on for our ice cream hike.  It has a lovely creek meandering through it that you see only if you go all the way around it.    The porcupine islands are also visible at many of our view points.  


Dorr mountain hike 013A



We get a little side tracked.

We come to a small opening.  Everybody checks it out.  Looks like there is a way through.  I’m the smallest so I volunteer to try it.

Dorr mountain hike 021


Dorr mountain hike 017

The going in isn’t so bad but scrunching up to get back out the opposite side is a bit of a trick.

Dorr mountain hike 022

Here’s the picture of the opening David took with the flash after I was out.

Dorr mountain hike 024


Enough silliness.  Back to the hike.


Dorr mountain hike 030


Dorr mountain hike 032 


Acadia’s trail blazers were amazing step builders.


Dorr mountain hike 033


Dorr mountain hike 035


Dan and Bill discuss the ladder trail which cuts off here.  It is so named because of the three sets of iron ladders used to scale particularly steep sections of the trail.   Dan thinks it sounds great, Bill not so much.


Dorr mountain hike 039



It may not have rungs but it’s a climb up a rock face.  Sure glad it hasn’t rained lately.


Dorr mountain hike 044


Dorr mountain hike 049



All along the Dorr Mountain Trail the way is marked by cairns.   Signs ask you to please not add to them or move them.  They are an historic feature of these trails.


Dorr mountain hike 051



Time for the summit and a snack.  We have arrived!


We follow the cairns and have no trouble reaching the summit for the obligatory pictures.  Now this summit is only 1270 feet but we did start pretty close to sea level and it is the second highest peak in the park.  That’s Cadillac Mountain, the highest peak, in the background of the picture below.

Not bad for two people with colds, one of whom coughs the whole way up.  Thanks guys for putting up with me.


Dorr mountain hike 059



I get pictures of everybody on the summit.   I’ve cropped them so you can really see us all.

Dan & Tricia





Dorr mountain hike 059A



This is not an up and back hike.  We’re going down the other side. 


Bill’s done this before, he gives a preview.

Dorr mountain hike 070


Dorr mountain hike 071



I lose count of the number of times we stop on the way down to pick blueberries.  It is really hard not to.  They are everywhere and the season is fast coming to a close.


Dorr mountain hike 072



We pick, Bill enjoys the views.  He says he picked plenty for that pie over three hot hours the other day.  I say he’s right.


Dorr mountain hike 077



Dorr mountain hike 076


Tricia remarks that she’s using different muscles coming down.  She can feel it.


Dorr mountain hike 079


As we near the forested lower slopes the rock fields pick up.  This requires close watching of your feet.


Dorr mountain hike 084


Dorr mountain hike 085       


We’re down. 
We’ve reached the carriage road and walk it back to the path to Sieur de Monts and Bill’s car.  
Great hike Bill. 
Thanks a lot!!


Dorr mountain hike 089


Later that evening, we meet for dinner.

Bill likes everything to be on time including his meals.  So he’s more than ready when we get the potluck set up.  We have dueling Weber grilles.  Dan is doing burgers, Gin Veggie-burgers.


Nancy's birthday dinner


Food’s on and looks delicious.

Nancy's birthday dinner (2)




It’s not just a dinner, it’s a party!

I totally forget to take pictures until the plates are empty.  Notice the mouse ears, they light up, it’s a party.  Nancy’s birthday was June 22nd but we weren’t all together then so this dinner is to celebrate her birthday.


Nancy's birthday dinner (4)



And now for the Birthday present

Nancy's birthday dinner (5)

Nancy's birthday dinner (6)



It’s a George Forman Grille – Nancy is speechless.  “Hasn’t she seen this before”??   Although it’s just a gag gift, for those in the Carolina Clan this has special significance and you know what it is.


Nancy's birthday dinner (11)



Comes complete with a bun warmer which Nancy demonstrates.
I know this should have been ‘the end’ picture but I couldn’t make it work.


Nancy's birthday dinner (14)



And of course what is a birthday party without a cake??  Tricia has made a vegan carrot cake with cashew cream icing.  How about the decorations?  White raisins spelling out 64 1/12 because of course that’s how old Nancy actually is today.  It tastes terrific.


the cake



Tricia shares her shock top honey crisp apple wheat beer with David. 
Now that’s generous!!

A toast to Nancy’s birthday. 
Great ending to a wonderful day. 
Happy Belated Birthday Nancy!!


Nancy's birthday dinner (1)


  1. The views from the hike look beautiful. The stone wall/walkway reminds me of the hike I did at Angel Landing in Zion National Park. The walls were low and if you fell over you could fall down down down- scary. The dinner looked like fun- I've never tried a vegan carrot cake with cashew cream although one of my acquaintances is vegan and mentioned cashew cream. I can't believe you hiked when you were coughing like crazy....... And uphill no less. I took a walk to downtown New market today before dinner. Love you!

  2. It is REALLY rocky there, huh? You read about the hard life of farmers in Maine & New Hampshire & all the rocks, rock walls and whatnot, but to SEE them all, geez!!! No wonder many headed West.

  3. I would need a lot of ice cream after that hike!

  4. What fun ... I suppose for someone who hikes through swamps squeaking thru a crevice is a necessary thing to do.


  5. Hard to beat a great day like that! My toes still hurt from hiking down the slope. Nice meal together too.

  6. I think you are having way too much fun in Maine :) So cool to spend it with good people too!

  7. You folks sure know how to party. And that hike looks like a bit of a challenge. Especially that tight crack in the rock. ;)

  8. Know you enjoyed that great hike. Sorry I had to miss it this time:o(( Can't believe Bill didn't pick me some blueberries!!! That cake was delish...just ate the leftover piece last night:o)))

  9. Beautiful pictures of a lovely hike!! And the party ...who doesn't love on of those :) Nice weather for it all. Yummy looking cake too!

  10. That looks like another great hike. I love the pictures of everybody at the summit. I think going down is worse than going up (except when I'm going up).

  11. Love the hike ... plenty of entertainment value.

  12. I'm so impressed you hung out with that crew of troublemakers and nobody got arrested... :cD

  13. Now that was the perfect birthday gift! :)

  14. That looks like a great day with good friends

  15. What a great day this was, so many smiles and so many reasons to smile and to remember. Thanks for making that possible with your blog post! Thanks too to Tricia for that brew and making me look good in the last photo!


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