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Exiting New Hampshire, on to Maine

Saturday June 29 and Sunday June 30, 2013
Site 60, Camden Hills State Park
Camden, Maine


Saturday June 29

We’ve started a new exercise rotation that is working out much better.  Rather than my running and David walking on the same day, we are alternating.  Today was his walking day so I got to have the coach to myself so I could do an hour of yoga.  Very nice!  Tomorrow I’ll run and do some weight lifting.  While I’m gone he’ll do a half hour of stretching exercises and a little weight lifting.  





We’ve done both things I wanted to do while here at Exeter Elms-visit the Wildlife Refuge and kayak the river- and we leave tomorrow so today is errands day.  Since New Hampshire has no state tax I take advantage and buy two bottles of Baileys at their liquor store.  We also hit the grocery, the pharmacy for prescription refills and got some hardware including some hose switching replacements for those being left on faucets at campgrounds for the next lucky RVer.


At about 7pm this evening the campground has a DJ Party in the open air pavilion.  The music is loud and goes on until 10:00 when they finally turn it down a bit since that’s the beginning of quiet hours.  But of course quiet hours doesn’t seem to affect the voices of those walking down Hollywood and Vine carrying on loud conversations.  Or the cars going in and out until nearly 1am.   At one point, just out of curiosity David walks by the pavilion to see who is dancing.  Perhaps we’ll go over in self defense.  He reports that it appears to be girls from about 11 to 14 with adults sitting around the edges drinking beer.  A pre-teen dance party.  In any case, it is later than I like by a large margin by the time it gets quiet enough for me to sleep even with the windows closed and ear plugs. 

I’m sure there are many other much nicer places to visit in New Hampshire and I hope we’ll get to do that on another trip or perhaps on our way back south which hasn’t been planned at all at this point.  So if you have suggestions please pass them along.  Especially if you have campground suggestions.  I didn’t do so well with this one.  Although it’s clear it is very popular with a lot of folks.



Sunday June 30

As you can imagine we are up and on our way out o’ here as early as we can manage it.  We drive back up through all the tolls on I-95 and I-295.  Today they total $16.50 for Winnona and Ruby. 



Camden Hills Campground 003


It’s a 155 mile trip split about 50/50 between I-95 and Route 1 to Camden Maine and our site at the Camden Hills State Park Campground.  This is another site I had to reserve on line site unseen.  It is a beautiful HUGE site.  The largest we’ve ever been in and there is a little gurgling stream running along one edge.  It all looks wonderful. 




Camden Hills Campground 007


The stream is fairly covered over with vegetation but you can hear it unless…………. there are cars going by on Route 1.

This site’s only drawback is that it is closest to the front of the park and thus to all the traffic on Route 1 which is a very busy road through the cute tourist town of Camden.







Camden Hills Campground 009


As you can see from the pictures here and above, we haven’t even begun to use 1/4 of the space in this site.  We hoped by positioning ourselves as close to the stream as possible we might be able to hear it when the traffic isn’t there and we can.  But the traffic isn’t absent very often.

Of course the other factor with affecting the set up is that it is raining, raining, raining.  So even though we have both the picnic table and our chairs tucked up under the awning, it isn’t very fabulous to sit outside in the damp and listen to the traffic.  Still it is a huge, very private site and that’s terrific.

 Campground map

Why don’t we switch sites you are wondering.  We looked into that and found that the park only has about 8 sites that are large enough for Winnona and which also have “services”, meaning water and electric.  About 90% of the campground has no services and is wonderful for tenting especially the upper most loop where the traffic noise is muted.  But all of the sites with services are on the lower loop and the noise is only slightly less on the farthest site from the road.   The map has an excellent key for you to see which sites are reservable and have services.

If we were not headed to Acadia and two weeks of boondocking right after this I would move into no services but 3 weeks of having to use the generator to keep our batteries alive is stretching it a bit.  We have a small solar system for toping off the batteries but the woods  and total cloud cover make that an iffy possibility. 


 Camden Hills Campground 026

Ruby is standing guard at this long entrance to the site.  It’s at the end of the road above.  There is no site number sign at the end of the other sites so the road seems to go on into the woods and folks are curious.  I would be.  But Ruby thinks she’s enough car for this site.


Camden Hills Campground 031


The park is in the hills of mid coast Maine so everything is either up or down depending on where you are.  Our site is at the bottom next to the road.  Everything is up from here.  But then I prefer to hike up first and come down at the end so it works for me.

Here are some shots of the campground and other sites for those interested.


Camden Hills Campground 013


Camden Hills Campground 021


Camden Hills Campground 023


Camden Hills Campground 024


Camden Hills Campground 028


Camden Hills Campground 029     


And look who else is here.   One of Winnona’s Cousins again!  Maybe she won’t leave before we can meet her like the last cousin at Winhall did.  Her people were never around when we went by and then early one morning she was driving out the road.   I guess that’s what happens with distant family.


Camden Hills Campground 168


The Duckies, & Pooh Carrie reminds me, have a great view.  They mostly stay inside where they can hardly hear the traffic. 

Camden Hills Campground 001


We will enjoy the beauty of the site and try to ignore the sounds.   So far, I’m finding quiet kind of  hard to come by in New England.


  1. That is a lovely site. Too bad for the road noise. We always marvel at huge homes built right beside interstates. Why would anyone want to live next to traffic noise?

  2. I loved our Winnebago Chieftain. Out of motorhomes we owned, it was my favorite. I just wish we had bought the same model in a diesel. I think it was a '98.

    I always wanted to go to Acadia National Park. They say it's absolutely beautiful…well all NPs are, really. Have a wonderful time.

  3. Back in the 1960's I spent a week on a sailing schooner out of Camden. Didn't see a whole lot of Camden but what I did see was pretty and and what you might expect in an old Maine town. I believe Camden was the setting for Peyton Place, if you are old enough to remember that!

    I love my solitude but I guess the population density of the northeast is such that camping is getting away from it all to these people. If I do any camping in NY on the final part of my journey I am going to try to talk myself into just going along with the activity, maybe try to talk to people, etc. New Yorkers, and I suppose all northeasterners are friendlier than most people might imagine.

  4. Noise is really a form of pollution I do not enjoy also.

  5. Ruby, the Wonder Car. She's enough car for ANY site. Glad her burly good looks are keeping lookie-loos at bay.

  6. I'm going to have to look up Camden on the map... we spent the past 3 summers up in Aroostook County and any mention of Maine & I start to get teary and terribly homesick. So... wherever you're heading and how long you're be there.... enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. It's a wonderful place to be!

  7. Looks like a nice campground. Maybe you should invest in a good solar system, we find this helps a lot with getting the sites that are further away from the road. We loved Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire but when we went through and really took our time in July of 2011 we found it way too busy for our liking. Campgrounds were busy, roads were busy, trails seemed busy and stores were busy. I would love to go back again but maybe in early September, it might we less busy then.


  8. I'm glad you have Ruby the Guard Car watching over your site. She's ferocious, don't think I'd want to tangle with her! :cO

    I'm not sure that was Winnona's cousin you saw, looked more like an uncle or aunt, and much older than she is. :cD

  9. Some of the sites look nicely wooded, but road noise is a drag. I am SO looking forward to your trip to Acadia, a park I want to visit someday.

  10. When we traveled to Newfoundland in the Van, we stayed just south of Camden in Rockport. The campground, Megunticook By The Sea was very nice and very quiet. We were there over the 4th of July also;o) They cooked lobsters down by the ocean!! We visited Camden State Park and did a great hike. I remember seeing the harbor in Camden from a very high point along the trail. Hope the weather clears and you get to enjoy the park!!

  11. What a huge site! It's like two sites in one :)

  12. I would love to travel to the Northeast in my RV. I am hoping to get a solar system installed next year.

  13. Good riddance to the New Hampshire campground. A girl pre-teen dance party sounds like one of my nightmares. :0)

    I hope you're getting a break from the rain!

  14. That is one big site! Sorry about the traffic noise - too bad what you hear can't just be the stream! I just noticed you have over 200,000 views - congratulations! This is a great blog. :)


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