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Camden Hills State Park & Camden Maine

Monday July 1, 2013
Site 60 Camden Hills State Park
Camden, Maine



First days at a new campground always seem to be over doers’ days.  You’d think we’d learn.


Ocean hike Camden Hills 001



First thing this morning we ride the bikes across Route 1 to the ocean side of the park.   This is the day use area with playground, picnic tables and a relatively short “seaside trail”    I want to be beside the sea, beside the seaside, by the beautiful sea.  Ok so how many of you know the tune??






The trail from the parking lot down to the seaside trail looks like something done by the CCC.  The area is green with moss.



Ocean hike Camden Hills 006


Ocean hike Camden Hills 008



The sea side trail is wide and has picnic tables and grilles along it although they have let the bushes and trees grow up so that only some of them have a water view.   It is overcast today of course so you can’t tell from the pictures below that you are looking out at the water.  It just looks like a white haze until you get closer which we do when we find this trail down.


Ocean hike Camden Hills 010


Ocean hike Camden Hills 011

And there it is, the rocky coast of Mid Maine.  Just like the calendars except they have blue skies, puffy clouds and a much longer view so that all the islands out there are also visible.  But it’s beautiful any time in any conditions.  Like right now.


Ocean hike Camden Hills 014


Ocean hike Camden Hills 016


Maine does have the best rocks.  Look at the colors.

Ocean hike Camden Hills 020


We can’t get down to the water at this point, the path only leads to the cliffs so we go back up and walk the Seaside trail to the other end.


Ocean hike Camden Hills 022


We don’t find what looks like an authorized maintained path only one that appears to a bit sketchy but maintained by use.   We try it.  Lucky there are tree branches to help out.

Ocean hike Camden Hills 024


But beware where you put your hand!  :-))


Ocean hike Camden Hills 023


Here we are, another version of the rocky coast of Maine and again the haze/fog moving toward the shore.

Ocean hike Camden Hills 026



Ocean hike Camden Hills 030       


Same shot as above a few minutes later.  The fog is closing in.



Ocean hike Camden Hills 034


Ocean hike Camden Hills 035


Why am I squinting?  I guess it’s just bright even without the sun.

   Ocean hike Camden Hills 040


David sets out to see if there is another path up since the one we came down was mostly mud.  Fog is getting thicker.


Ocean hike Camden Hills 041 


And with it comes the rain.

Ocean hike Camden Hills 043


Fog’s moving in fast, time to go back.  But we did get a teeny window to come down and see the water and the lovely varied rocks that make up the renown coast of Maine.


Ocean hike Camden Hills 033



Ocean hike Camden Hills 047 


On our way back along the Seaside path I look out and see a fisherman coming to either pick up or drop off his traps.  


We stop to find out.  It’s fun watching them although I can’t quite tell what they are doing.  That’s some big fish though.  Any fishermen out there??  Can you identify the fish??


Ocean hike Camden Hills 052


Ocean hike Camden Hills 056 

Ocean hike Camden Hills 061




Ocean hike Camden Hills 062 

Ocean hike Camden Hills 064



Ocean hike Camden Hills 067


Ocean hike Camden Hills 068   


Since it’s just overcast and raining off and on we think going on a long hike or bike ride probably isn’t a good idea. 


SO why not go into Camden and find some lobster rolls for lunch?  GREAT idea!!

We drive to town although there is a bike path but the threat of rain continues.  We snatch an on street  parking place and walk around looking for possible lobster venues. On the way we pass two bakeries.  We check both our and return later to this one.  I get a “sticky bun” of course and David gets a piece of home made strawberry rhubarb pie.




Of course on our walk through town I’m busy looking at the menus of the restaurants to figure out which one has the lobster roll I’m looking for – no mayo (ekkkk) only drawn butter.  Thus I forget to take any pictures of this cute little town.  It’s fairly “touristy” but not to the point of obnoxious.

We decide on Graffam Brothers Harborside.  The Graffam Brothers also have a seafood market.  They have been selling lobster locally and shipping lobster since 1946.   Get lobster shipped right to your door.  Here’s their website.  Have your self a little lobstah. 


The restaurant is right on the harbor so we have a great view.  It is not really that dark inside.  In fact, it’s not dark at all, it’s just that my camera has no back lighting setting and I haven’t figured out how to deal with this bright hazy white sky.   Camera geniuses please advise.




But I do know how to deal with this lobster roll.  I highly recommend Graffam brothers, our lunch was excellent.  It came with delicious slaw, hand cut french fries and the lobster roll with drawn butter on the side just the way I like it.   All for $12.95.  Best price I’ve seen. 


I must clarify that normally I prefer my lobster warm but lobster rolls always come with cold lobster.  Guess it’s more of a lunch/salad dish.


Today my butter is warm and the lobster is delicious!  I am definitely a seafood girl – lobster, crabs, oysters, clams love them above all else and in that order.



And we just have enough room for a piece of homemade Maine Blueberry pie.  Yes sir, when in Maine it is blueberries and lobster for me!




Now of course we have to walk off all that food.


After lunch we go back to the park and up to Mount Battie to see if there is any view of the town and harbor where we have just been.

The clouds have cleared somewhat, you can at least see the town at the foot although the islands in the distance are totally fogged in and the fog is coming in over the land.


Ocean hike Camden Hills 079A


Ocean hike Camden Hills 076


Ocean hike Camden Hills 077


Ocean hike Camden Hills 078


There are paths around the top of the mountain and they are lined with low bush blueberries.  We were both busy picking so I forgot to take a picture of our Mt. Battie Blueberries.   I think I need to find out if there was a character named Battie.  I laugh every time I say it.  Kind of a silly name for a strong mountain.


Ocean hike Camden Hills 081


From the point at the bottom of this path, we see the fog is drifting further and further in over the church steeples of the town.

Ocean hike Camden Hills 082  


We climb up the tower  at the top of Mount Battie  erected in 1921 to honor those from the town of Camden who fought in THE world war.  Little did they know that from that point onward this country would be increasingly involved in wars.  20 years to World War II, 8 years from the end of that war to Korea,  about 5 years to Vietnam, and from that point on it almost seems as if we are constantly at war somewhere.  I wonder if this is really necessary or good for any of us.  I know it is good for “business” and I suspect that is why it continues.  But enough of my politics.  These memorials always make me both sad and angry at the young lives lost.


Ocean hike Camden Hills 083


Ocean hike Camden Hills 085



The view from here is spectacular on a clear day,  But today you cannot see all the islands off shore for miles out to sea.  Sure hope we have a better day before we leave though rain and fog are predicted our entire 5 days.


Ocean hike Camden Hills 086


Ocean hike Camden Hills 089



And Next??


After all that hiking and eating it’s apparently time for a nap.


Ocean hike Camden Hills 094


  1. Blueberry pie and a sticky bun? You are living my dream! Can you tell I'm very food-centered?

    Awesome pictures. Nice to see more pictures of you in this post, too!

  2. Your photos really make me want to go back to Maine! I can't do it this year, but maybe next. I had always hoped I'd be climbing Mt. Katahdin some day, but that's never going to happen, so I think I would love to go up the coast.

  3. Yup - a nap was in order, you dirty rat!

  4. Haha! I just saw David's comment to you :)
    I drool whenever I read about someone eating a lobstah, rolls included. Glad you're having a good time.

  5. I do love seafood. I DO LOVE SEAFOOD.

  6. Yeah...Mt. Battie...that was the place we hiked and saw the beautiful view of Camden and the harbor. Hope you get to see it in the sunshine!!! I guess different areas do lobster rolls differently. We had some where the lobster was lightly saute in butter and then put in the roll. Bill really liked that better than cold. But we are with you on the NO mayo!!!

  7. The rocks are great! With the fog it looks like it's cold even though I know it isn't. Beek has family in Maine and his favorite aunt has just moved there with his cousin/ He may take a train and go up there to see them. Have fun!

    Love, Pam

  8. I loved your post today.... I am with you girlfriend, the needlessness and loss of war overwhelms me. You had just the kind of adventure filled day I love most. A delight to all my senses. The food was AWESOME!!

  9. Yum!! Love blueberry pie, especially in Maine :) Maine & Oregon are similar in spots..rocky and foggy!

  10. Oh, my!!! that lunch looks SO good!!! Your pics are wonderful.. want to be there!!!

  11. Why am I not surprised that you like seafood? "…you and me you and me oh how happy we'd be…" Now you did it. I can't shake the tune! Great and interesting post with wonderful pictures!

  12. This day is the kind of day I love... good food and gorgeous gorgeous scenery ... I did mention that I love Maine right? I love Maine... and that coastline and those rocks..

    I had me a wild rice burger there... somewhere on the way to Acadia... little blue shack ... you order and sit outside. The owners are from Maine but live in ... Palm Beach? he is a chef in a fancy schmancy place there... maybe it's a country club .. whatever.

    They spend there summers in Maine ... and he invited the wild rice burger... wife said people come from alllll over to get one. She was delightful. love that accent too... boigah ... hahaaa

    wonder if it's still there ... this was in 2007... surely I can find my pictures. rats and blast! I wish I had a blog then...

    1. they spend there summers???? oh, puhleeese... I just hate it when I do that! THEIR summers...

      ahhh feel much better now

    2. invited? ... invented... guess that's all the typos ...

  13. You are such a water baby. Those rocks are Awesome, and so is the coastline. I really do need to see Maine. And even with fog the views are spectacular. In fact it adds a nice touch. But I do hope you get some sun breaks.

    Can't eat lobster anymore, seafood intolerance, but let me at that blueberry pie.

    Humans and war, such a waste.

    Try using the flash for indoor and bright backgrounds. I'm no expert.

  14. Mui will be heaven when we someday get back to Maine. When we went to Bar Harbor years ago, he had lobster and blueberry pie everyday for lunch and dinner.

  15. I've always wanted to explore New England; your stories and photos are encouraging me to make it there someday. Wish I could talk Dave into your type of cycling. I think I'd enjoy a couple of casual bikes for toodling along paths. Maybe when he reaches 70 and I can slow him down enough to do that kind of cycling. Thanks for sharing!

  16. One day we will get to Maine. It looks lovely, even with the fog. I love those beautiful rocks, and would probably want to take a few home with me. I hope you get some sunny days before you leave, but it's still quite nice in the fog.

    I just discovered something on Picasa (from the Bayfield Bunch blog). For those photos where the ocean and the sky blend together, you can click on the Graduated tint button and give the sky some definition. I don't know how it will work with that much fog.

    It's nice to see David in long pants and a jacket. I guess that means the weather is nice and cool. Wish it was cooler here.

    I'm not a lobster fan, but Al sure is. I'd bet he would love those lobster rolls.

  17. Dad sure can sleep anywhere - lol! Love the rocks in Maine and the fog creeping in over the water...that picture of the rain on the rocks is a good one. The food looks delicious. You like crabs more than oysters? Really? You should come to my state...we're known for our crabs. :) Maine is neat in that everyone romanticizes it - the rocks above the ocean, the lobster, the blueberries, the tall pines. Wish I was there!!

  18. I agree. . .beautiful in any conditions. . .

  19. I know that tune, just be glad you're not hearing me singing it! :cO

    I remember my first Maine Lobstah Roll. We pulled our CG cutter into South West Harbor, ME ahead of an incoming storm and we went ashore to eat. It was delicious. Of course, an hour later, we had to head out in 10-15 foot seas to assist a fishing boat in trouble and in no time I had returned my lobstah to the sea... :c(

  20. MMMMMMM.....blueberry pie and lobster- we are drooling.

  21. Your post is making me feel quite nostalgic as I lived in Camden in the 70s. When Vic and I visited there in the fall of 2011, we also stayed at Camden Hills State Park and really enjoyed the walk into town right past where I used to be a chef at the Whitehall Inn. Happily, it looks almost exactly the same as it did more than 30 years ago!

    I am a huge lobster lover and agree about butter vs mayo on the rolls. I also prefer hard shell vs soft shell as there is more meat in the hard shell. Vic became a huge fan of the whole body fried clams when we were there. We stayed at Narrows Too when we were in Bar Harbor and there is a great lobster pound right across the street. Dangerous.

  22. Okay, I was singing that song through the whole post! I remember most of the word too. ;) You don't like mayo?? I think mayo is good on almost anything.

  23. Doing a bit of back-reading and wasn't going to comment until I saw your help request. For taking photos toward the light just shift your camera away from the light source (restaurant tables, in this instance), press the button halfway down to set the light meter, then shift it back toward desired position and press the rest of the way down. Most cameras this works. Of course the view out the window usually won't be much to look at (overexposed) but that is probably not what you were trying to get a pic of anyway or you would move closer to the window. I don't mess with photoshop and "layers" so this is how I usually tackle the problem. You might have to try aiming the camera at a couple of different spots before you get the exposure you're looking for. Hope it helps!


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