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The park’s Megunticook Lake

Wednesday July 3, 2013
Site 60, Camden Hills State Park
Camden, Maine


I’m a flat water rather than a white water kayaker.

Well actually I’m a Binocular kayaker.  I cruise the edges of lakes and rivers looking for flora and fauna.  So I don’t want my kayak running away with me when I’ve got my binoculars or camera in my hands rather than my paddle.

Of course when you ask about kayaking on the coast of Maine everyone thinks ocean kayaking but we don’t have ocean going boats.  So we clarify.  Here when we ask about kayaking the response is Megunticook Lake. 


Megunticook Lake 001


There is a very nice boat launch not far from the campground.

The lake is open for motor boats which is annoying if you want to have a wilderness experience.  But we notice that the shore line is very shallow and there are pretty large rocks.   So we head to the opposite side of the lake from the boat launch.

Megunticook Lake 016


On the way we pass this really fine looking cabin on its own little island.


Megunticook Lake 007 


Once on the other side, we start paddling around the shore line.  The water is crystal clear in this natural lake.


Megunticook Lake 029


Megunticook Lake 051



The day is bright and sunny.  The reflections are beautiful.  It’s cooler and lovely along the shore.



Megunticook Lake 035


Megunticook Lake 044



I am in love with this natural sculpture.  Mother Nature is my favorite artist.


Megunticook Lake 052


Megunticook Lake 053


The highway runs right along the bottom of the cliffs.  From this distance we can enjoy them without the noise.


Megunticook Lake 056


Megunticook Lake 076


We see a couple of other kayakers on the lake but mostly motorboats until this rowboat comes along.  I haven’t seen anyone in a row boat in quite some time.


Megunticook Lake 064


At one point I paddle through these long grasses and think of Judy talking in her blog, Travels with Emma, about the rice in the lakes in Minnesota.  I wonder what kind of grass this is.


Megunticook Lake 078



Seeing these sailboats should have been my first clue but all I think is how lovely they are. 


We are along the edges where the up turn in the current isn’t noticeable.


Megunticook Lake 081



It’s nearly time to head back when I spot the loon. 


I am so happy to see the loon.  He’s paying me no mind but doesn’t stay up on top of the water very long.  I get my camera up and he’s on his way back down.  I wait and wait and he shows up what seems like a mile away.


Megunticook Lake 083A


Megunticook Lake 085B


Talk about water front property.  I think this may be just a little too water front even for me.


Megunticook Lake 088


Megunticook Lake 089


The paddle back is much more difficult.  We are at the other end of the lake paddling into the wind and waves.


Megunticook Lake 092


We enjoyed our afternoon on Megunticook Lake.    I’m still waiting to hear that plaintive loon call though.


Megunticook Lake 091


  1. wow love the water front property but yeah, me too.. that's a little close. wonder why they didn't build a dock/deck over the water... interesting.

    no food?????

  2. Looks like a very nice place to get on the water.

  3. I love rowing a boat! Sounds like a nice paddle today and a good workout! :-)

  4. You saw a LOON! Lucky, lucky, lucky! That water is so smooth - how beautiful. I would agree that as much as I'd love a waterfront view - that cottage is a bit tooooo close. I agree that mother nature is the most talented of artists :)

  5. That is a beautiful lake with beautiful views. As much as I have vowed to never again get on the water, I might consider a rowboat in Megunticook. Don't you just love that name?

  6. So beautiful - again! Yes, a bit too close to the water was that house!

  7. Love those island cottages. Up in WI I heard more loons than ever saw. So lush and green.

  8. It's a good thing you don't take your kayaks out on the ocean. All the relatives of all those lobstahs you've been eating would be chasing after you... ;c)

  9. What a beautiful lake..so clear! We still are searching for a perfect place to kayak, but we're narrowing it down :)

  10. Thanks for sharing another place that was special to me when I lived in Camden. The sound of the loons was something I longed to hear again when we visited that area two years ago, but it didn't happen. Hope you get lucky.

  11. Lovely paddle on a beautiful lake!!

  12. there are some nice trails to the top of the mountain there looking back over the lake that are simply stunning

  13. What a sweet cottage...wondering does that lake never rise? The water is so crystal clear!

  14. Great photo's right out of "On Golden Pond".

  15. Thank you for taking me along on the paddle and showing me beautiful places. Your post is just a little relief in my busy day.


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