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Finally we get to stay at Assateague National Seashore

Sunday September 29, 2013
Site A-14 Bayside
Assateague National Seashore



Check in time is noon and we are there on the dot.


Finally we get it right and can check in for our now 5 night stay at Assateague.  When we check in they warn us that if the government shuts down on the 1st everyone will be given 24 hours to vacate and your unused days will be refunded.  Of course you know how that turns out but for now let’s forgedaboutit.



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While I prefer the ocean side since I love the ocean, I also love wetlands and we have them right outside our door.







What a view the duckies have.  The tide is out now but it will be high in the morning.  Hope they don’t sneak out and go swimming.


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Our picnic table and recliners are in a great spot for wetlands watching.
If you see that dark stuff on the grass, that’s gifts from our wild four footed neighbors.


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Speaking of which, in the bottom right is the corner of my foot as I’m reclined in my chair.   They of course are paying me no mind as I am totally focused on them.   Wild Horses in my yard.  Sweet!


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It’s a week day and on the bay side our loop is almost empty.  Everybody is over on the ocean side.  I suppose I would be too if I could have gotten a 5 day reservation over there.   The first night we were here 2 days ago, we had site 39 and it was wonderful.  None of the sites in the park have hook ups.  The bayside sites are more separated and larger than the ocean side sites.


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We set up the solar panels to help us keep the batteries topped off.  They are only 3 15 watt panels and won’t do much but keep the battery topped up and keep a cell phone charged.  Better and bigger solar is in our future.  Saving our pennies and trying to find out as much information about what we’ll need as we can.   If you know good solar resources Please pass them along. 

We put the awning out to provide shade inside but don’t raise it up to keep from shading the panels.  We need longer heavier wire so we can move them further away from the house batteries which are under the steps.  It’s on the list.



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Isn’t it just wonderful here??  I could just stay forever!  Can’t wait until tomorrow to spend the entire day here.


  1. Beautiful blue skies and wild horses, what could be better?!

  2. That is a nifty solar arrangement, but I can see why you would want and need more. I met a man when I was working at Lassen Campground who had something similar, and it worked very well for him although he had a very small camper and only used it now and then. I often wish I had something to charge my phone, camera battery, MiFi and/or computer when I'm tenting.

  3. You might want to check out the blog "Wheelin it"....they have some info on solar....and there is a person in The Slabs that is supposed to be great.....good luck!

  4. Check out AM Solar. Great info on their website. http://www.amsolar.com/home/amr/cpage_9/rv_solar_education.html
    We have three 100 watt panels and two 6 volt batteries, which works well for us.

  5. Do I like this? Do wild ponies ____ on the beach?

  6. Ponies in your yard is better than deer. Glad you got a couple days in here.

  7. Glad you finally get "SOME" time at Assateague!! Great view and can't wait to see more of the island:o))

  8. Glad you got some time in Assateague and horses practically at your door,

  9. I think that's heaven to have wild horses right at your door.

    That looks like a great campground. Sorry your stay got so messed up, but at least you got to go there.

  10. Maybe the government shutdown wasn't all bad. We did enjoy a fairly vacant park since they did not let anyone new in after the shutdown. I sure feel for those people who were set to arrive & were turned away.

  11. Very pretty and different ~ blue blue skies .... I'd love horses in my front or back yard ...

  12. I am soooo putting this place on my list. . .hookups or not.

    Will be fascinated to see what you learn about solar stuff. . .I'm thinking a few of those may be in our future!

  13. Nice site there...horses and marsh - ah lovely. I love the solar...definitely a worthy and worth it idea :)

  14. I'm so sad that you had to leave such a wonderful site before you had any real chance to see the area. We need to get rid of all these politicians that cause such ridiculous problems that screw up everything (oops, sorry for the rant).

    AM Solar is one that comes highly recommended with complete solar kits. It's the one solar dealer we'd buy from. It's in our future, too.


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