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We’re still here and so is the gorgeous saltwort!

Wednesday October 2, 2013
Assateague Island National Seashore




Still haven’t heard anything about exactly when we have to leave.



Assateague AM Kayak 003


It’s true that we are not around the coach much during the day except at lunch time.  We leave before anyone comes to work and come back after they have gone home.  But they could leave a note couldn’t they?   Or have the camp host just across the circle from us let us know?   We have heard nothing about when we have to leave.


So we go on with plans as usual and this morning that means a quick breakfast and out to kayak in the wetlands.  Just look at the color of the saltwort.  I cannot get over it.  Everything looks wonderful with the pink and fuchsia  all around it.




Assateague AM Kayak 008


As usual, we head out into the wind hoping for a favorable wind returning.  As in hiking, I like to do the hard stuff first.  And this is hard stuff.  That wind is blowing.  Can’t put the paddles down long enough to take much of a picture, especially when the waves are strongest.

We leave the boat launch and head out over open choppy water to paddle around to the view we see from our coach.  





It seems the animals know this place is really theirs and there is no danger from any of us.  


We get amazingly close in the kayaks without them paying any mind at all.


Assateague AM Kayak 035


Assateague AM Kayak 016




Assateague AM Kayak 070 



I can’t get any closer to Winnona than this because the water is too shallow even for a kayak.  But she looks might fine from this direction.  It’s fun being inside the view we look out on.


Assateague AM Kayak 030



Assateague AM Kayak 073



I head down this tunnel to get a picture of 4 tri colored herons who’ve just flown in.


Assateague AM Kayak 100



But I can’t get very close, the tunnel closes in on me and I have to back out.

Assateague AM Kayak 093 






My watch tells me we’ve been out here for three hours, sure doesn’t feel that long.


By now it’s getting close to lunch time and I want to have some time to explore the marsh near the put in.  We head back expecting to have the wind and waves at our back.  But the wind has died down so we paddle leisurely.  But we don’t get the  free ride we were hoping for.



Assateague AM Kayak 080




Assateague AM Kayak 111


Assateague AM Kayak 113 



Assateague AM Kayak 134


A larger band of horses is over here but further from us.


Assateague AM Kayak 135



The egrets and herons are close.







Assateague AM Kayak 017 




The clouds really affect the picture quality.


I finally get a somewhat decent relative close up picture of the saltwort that is making this area so lovely today.    The pictures taken with cloud cover are actually much more vivid.   The heron above was taken in full sun.  The close up below under clouds.



Assateague AM Kayak 148



Just as we head toward the put in, we see these egrets gathering in the tree.  I thought they only did this at night to roost.  Not sure what’s going on here.   But I’m hungry and not patient enough to sit still and wait to see what happens which is what I’ve done for most of the morning.


Assateague AM Kayak 174




Back at Winnona we see that our loop of the campground is empty other than us and the camp host. 


We discover everyone else on the bay side has left.  But there are still folks on the ocean side so we don’t worry.   We still haven’t been told anything personally although one camper said they’d been told 11:00 tomorrow morning was the deadline.   The camp host is right across from us, I’d think he’d let us know.


Assateague AM Kayak 178


From my chair in our backyard, I see the two horses I photographed early have moved closer toward us.   I am really torn between staying right here just to observe them and going over to the beach for a swim.


Assateague AM Kayak 183



The beach wins!


After lunch it’s time to hit the beach for the afternoon.  It is such a difficult life we live.  Kayaking in the marsh in the morning.  Playing in the ocean in the afternoon and all right here at our doorstep.


The waves are great again today.

Assateague PM Beach 001


I’m being given the eye by this beach comber.


Assateague PM Beach 015



Hoping to be able to run out between the waves, I’m trying to judge the right moment.  There’s never any sense in walking in slowly.  In these waves you’ll get smacked good.  Just run in and get it over with is my motto.  




Made it.  Within a few minutes the shock is gone and the temperature feels perfect.



This is my idea of a great time!!   Ya’ll come on.

Assateague PM Beach 004



And this is David’s way to hang out at the beach.

Assateague PM Beach 019


What a great place!  What a great day!  No matter how you choose to spend it.


  1. You must paddle quiet:) The wildlife just assume you must be one with nature!

  2. Hahahaha! When I first looked at the picture I thought David was a pile of Burger King trash on the beach. Sorry, David!

  3. "It’s fun being inside the view we look out on." ... love it...

  4. I never could just get into the water all at once, but suffer one inch at a time. That's probably why I don't swim anymore. I love all the wildlife that lets you get so close.

  5. I've never seen saltwort before. Once again my naturalist teacher is educating me on nature's wonders. :c)

    Glad you got a chance to take one more ocean dip.

  6. Fantastic tour, glad someone did not pick up David and put him in a trash bag.

  7. That red saltwort is stunning along with all the birds you got pretty close to.

    Our visitors were in the same boat as you not knowing and nobody saying anything. Really I think it was because no one knew what to say. They still don't. Some of our staff left today, two more tomorrow, and yet others are staying and they don't know for how long or where they're going.

  8. What a great day...AGAIN!!! That truly is a wonderful campsite:o)) The picture of Winnona would make a great header picture!!

    We had reservations at Buck Hall through Reserve America and actually had to drive down to find out if they were open or not. Well, they weren't so we had to fine another campsite for the week. I'm wondering how or when we will get our refund. Can't get on the web site or call to cancel our reservations!!

  9. Good Luck Duck's comment is hilarious. Haha! The pictures in this blog are beautiful...the saltwort brings such color to the scene. So neat that the horses and egrets pay you no mind. You had a gorgeous site there on the bay side with the benefit of the ocean so near. So glad you got as much time there as you did. Gorgeous place :)

  10. Yes you do lead a difficult life, the decisions you had to make seemed very stressful :) Have to add the area to our east coast agenda when ever that may be. Love your pictures

  11. The saltwort is very pretty - never seen it at this time of year. Must be pretty chilly for David to be wrapped up like a mummy.

    1. Not chilly at all. I'm in the water. His shirt and towel are to keep the sun off. Neither of us likes sunscreen with all the crap in it or the greasy feeling.

  12. Nature's colors are the best. Love David all covered up enjoying his nap in the sun :)

  13. If I have ever seen saltwort, I do not remember. The photos are exceptional today. Just love the colors.

  14. I'm not a swimmer and don't like laying in the sun - so, I would be walking along the shore with my feet in the water or sitting under an umbrella. Too bad you could not spend more time in this beautiful place.

  15. Good laugh there good Luck Duck, however that is a pile of mostly vegan Burger King trash!

  16. Great shots of the wildlife, and the saltwort is beautiful!


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