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Frontier Town – fun for kids of all ages

Saturday September 28, 2013
Site X-41 Frontier Town
Ocean City, Maryland



We get to Frontier Town Friday night and will leave Sunday Morning.

We have to pay for two nights but we only get one full day. You know how that goes.  It is true though that we stayed at Assateague most of yesterday and just left Winnona in the parking lot. 




Frontier Town (4) 

Today, first thing we do is take advantage of our fabulous wetlands dinette surround view by having a scrambled breakfast and sweet potato home fries.  YUM!  And just look at those views!




There are a variety of accommodations here in Frontier Town.


Frontier Town (6)


Our site is at the end of a row of cabins so we take a look at them.  All the prices for everything are on the Frontier Town web site so you can check them out for yourself.  It also seems to say that with your accommodations charge comes use of the water park and miniature golf at no extra charge.   Really nice for families or grandparents with their grandchildren.   There are two rows of cabins with flowers and a BBQ grille at each.


 Frontier Town (6A)




Frontier Town (10)


One thing we notice is there are a LOT of campers here even in the off season.  We have not seen a lot of people but there are a lot of RVs.   And no wonder, there are more than 500 sites.   This is a BIG place.




There are RVs in the woods, along the canals, RVs with boats docked right at their sites.   You can bring your own RV or rent an RV from them.


Frontier Town (40)


Frontier Town (46)


Frontier Town (38)



Nice big pads for full hook up sites with wetland view.  Nice big price too.

Frontier Town (47)



Wooded sites are gravel with paved patios.


Frontier Town (8)



Nice bath houses where there is a Cowboy side and a Cowgirl side and cactus wearing hats.

Frontier Town (32)




Once you make your choice about sites then you have to decide what to do first.


Along with all the wetlands and canals, they have a nice L shaped pool they call The Cement Pond.   It will close on September 30.   And of course they have the water park which closed the week-end after labor day.  I didn’t take any pictures of it since it had no water in it but here are some from their website.  It looks like it would be a lot of fun if you didn’t mind all the folks who are here “in season”.   Good place for Grandkids though.  Take note Paul.


Frontier Town (12)Frontier Town (13)



frontier town water parkwater park1

water parkwater park 



They have tours of all kinds right on site at their marina.

Frontier Town (27)

Frontier Town (30)



An outdoor pavilion where there seems to be something going on nearly every night in the summer and every Saturday nights in the off season.


Frontier Town (35)

Frontier Town (34) 



Walking around this park takes a long time and there are benches all  around in some lovely spots.


Frontier Town (45)



Even though we spend the morning, we don’t see the whole park. 


But it’s time to come back for lunch.  Afterward the duckies and I enjoy the view.  David says he has work to do.


Frontier Town (48)



I just can’t get over the view from this site.  Boy did we luck out!  At least for my money  (W/E not FHU), it’s the best site in the park.  If you want waterfront usually the price is among the highest.


Frontier Town (54)


Frontier Town (55)




Frontier Town (98)


David sets up shop right outside overlooking the wetlands and restrings the dinette shade.  He’s getting to be very good at this.   BUT we are seriously in the market for some total room darkening shades.  I mean black out.  So if you know of a company or a shade we should look at please let us know.


Seems he has a couple of on lookers.  See them on the fence above??


Not sure how helpful their comments are. 


Frontier Town (95)


gull on lookers





In the evening I suggest we take advantage of the free miniature golf.  What a HOOT this turns out to be.


The golf course is “closed” too which means the cool fountain and running water streams and pools are turned off just like the water park. 

That’s a real shame but you can still get clubs, balls and a score card from the office.   Neither of us is a golfer as you’ll soon see but we have a great time and I actually get a hole in one.   TOTAL luck believe me.

Frontier Town (82)


Frontier Town (76)


After we finish this first game, we read the rules which say ‘5 stroke maximum’.  Notice there is nothing higher than a Par 3.  We just laugh and laugh at how terrible we are. 

We even let the only other folks on the course, a 3 some, play through because we were taking so long.  Of course our scores would have been better if we’d quit at 5 strokes. The three finish the course, start again and are nearly caught up to us before we finish the first 18.  We laugh even harder at that.  The three of them nearly lapped us.  Just too funny!!


Frontier Town (67)


And then, we play a second round which ends up being IN THE DARK.  I can hardly see my ball.  It isn’t bright green like David’s.  These pictures are taken with flash of course.  It is the only way we could see to take our shots.  :-)


Frontier Town (64)


Frontier Town (62)


But we do get a great sunset while we play which I almost forget to get a picture of I’m so concentrated on my game.  HA!

We have a fun time today in our expensive site at Frontier Town.  It’s a place for kids of all ages.


Frontier Town (70)A


  1. What fun Sherry. If I had known you were a pro putt putt golfer we would have played a round with you at Pirates Cove :-).

  2. Your praise is well deserved I think. Indeed, they do have something for everyone and a match for every budget from primitive walk in tent sites to large rental 'cabins' that look like small houses to me. Dining and saloon too. Plenty of rental golf carts too, and you can even rent a small Conestoga wagon with small bunk beds in it for your little buckaroos to sleep out in. Very cute place & clean too.

  3. You have a special knack for making the best out of a disappointing situation. Playing two rounds of miniature golf at sunset is a good example. Glad you are still having fun at your alternative park.

  4. Those cabins look so cute! I could do without all the western references..a bit corny, no? :) We love to play mini-golf too. It can be very funny!

  5. That does look like a very nice place and it is hard to beat the view for meals!

  6. All things (swimming pool, water slides....) considered you lucked out with your wetland view.

  7. Noted and on the list of grandkid friendly places. Thanks! Just think a few more rounds of mini golf and you'll be ready to challenge Tiger Woods. :cD

    Hope those trains running behind Anvil CG don't wake you up at night... :cO

  8. Love it! ... every single bit of it ... you guys are something else... great sunset ;) I haven't played miniature golf in eons...

  9. We were actually at Frontier Town 37 years ago with our first travel trailer and our children who were 2 and 3 years old at the time. We were there in the summer to hear my musician brother play. He started there doing a Country Western show for several summers;o)) You actually got a much nicer time of the year. I can still remember how hot, buggy and CROWDED it was!!! The only had a small waterslide to cool off in;o)) Looks like many improvements have been made over the years:)

  10. glad to see you kids are enjoying being kids..and having such a great time!!!

  11. Love the landing bird! The site is pretty even though the Frontier park has lots of tacky at least there is nature and water to see. Your golfing reminded me of a golf tournament I won when I was a kid. My score was 52 for 4 holes I think. I just kept whacking at the ball and then laughing hysterically- whack whack whack!@#@! I see you are in Williamsburg or maybe have left there which means you are almost home and I get to see you!!!!! Whooopeeeee! xxxooo

  12. If I ever need a shade re-strung, I'll know where to go.

    Love your view at breakfast. What a nice place.

  13. I hate those pleated shades. I'm slowly replacing mine with MCD shades. They're pricey, but do a good job of blocking out the light. I can only afford to have a couple of them replaced each year.

  14. Are the wild ponies still around or is that Chincoteague? We should be in that neighborhood in a couple of weeks depending on how the weather holds out. You might check out MCD Innovations for the shades. Howard restrings ours also!

  15. Very cute picture of David's onlookers. I just hate it when someone watches my every move, but it looks like David handled it quite well. ;-)

    What a hoot that you almost got lapped during mini golf! But you had a good time, and that's what matters.

  16. How very fun! Hilarious golf. Haha-I can imagine it :) A bit over the top for the 'not so nature people.' I love the picture of of the open mouthed gull giving dad some commentary there on the fence. Probably saying 'I want food!' Great view you had there for sure.

  17. May have to make another trip to Ocean City - had pretty much written it off after a couple of visits there. Never knew about Frontier Town. Thanks for all the info.


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