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Winnona goes over the sea

Tuesday September 24, 2013
Site 5 Killens Pond State Park


It’s one of those OPPPs situations.


We leave Matt’s in plenty of time to be an hour early for our 12:30 sailing time at the Cape May- Lewes Ferry.   Taking the ferry to Killens State Park in Delaware cuts our trip from 141 miles if we had to go up and around to 55 miles going across Delaware Bay.   It costs $81 one way to take Winnona and Ruby but it’s more than worth it in both time and gasoline costs. 



Ferry Ride to Killens pond 001


The only problem is, I misread the schedule and 12:30 is the time the 11:00 ferry arrives in Lewes.  That was the ferry we had a reservation for.  Oppps!  Luckily the man checking us in doesn’t bat an eye.  He just says, “so you want to be on the next one?  That leaves at 2:30”.  I say “yes” and he asks if we want to wait.  Well with 57’ of motor home, dolly and toad, what else do you do.

So we are first in our row and the second vehicle in line for the ferry.  I’m feeling pretty stupid about now since we have a 3 hour wait here.  And we won’t even get to Delaware until after we had thought we would be at the park. 



This was supposed to be a really short travel day with time in the afternoon to do something in the park. 

We’ll only be there 2 nights as we are on our way to Assateague Island National Seashore in Maryland.  The stop in Delaware is just to break up the trip so we don’t have to do a PDD Day. :-)




Ferry Ride to Killens pond 025

While we wait, I watch the ferry Delaware come up to the dock and its passengers, including a class A motor home get off.

As you can see, the terminal has a covered walkway that goes to the dock and a miniature golf course in front.  I think maybe we should play miniature golf to while away our time.



David goes out and about to see the terminal and take these pictures.  I should have done a panorama to show the really lovely ferry terminal in its entirety.  Sorry about that.


Ferry Ride to Killens pond 002Ferry Ride to Killens pond 007


Here is the terminal itself.  Very fancy inside and out I think.


Ferry Ride to Killens pond 010


Apparently they have lots of food and places to eat it both inside and out.

Ferry Ride to Killens pond 011




Finally it is our turn and we are the 4th vehicle to board. 

Just after the bicycles and walk on passengers.   Now is when my mistake turns golden. 


Ferry Ride to Killens pond 026


In we go, and

Ferry Ride to Killens pond 028


out we come.

The spots for trucks, cars and RVs is of course on the bottom deck and mostly under deck.  BUT if you are among the first one or two cars in your row, you come out from under and can see perfectly the entire way.

What a duckie view!!   We are all very excited about our misfortune being turned into great fortune.  We can sit right here out of the wind in comfort and see everything.

If we had been only an hour early, we would have been in the middle of the pack.  Was the 3 hour wait worth it?  SURE WAS since we really have no deadline to meet and no place else to be.



Ferry Ride to Killens pond 031



As we leave the harbor I see another ferry docked.  It looks just like ours.  They all seem to look alike.  Just different names.


Ferry Ride to Killens pond 035



Cape May fades away as we pull out to sea.  We are facing the rear.  The cars “up front” are pulled in forward so they can’t see anything.  What a view we have!


Ferry Ride to Killens pond 041



The sea gulls follow us the entire way.  They must expend a lot of energy to do this.  I only see a few of them diving into the water.  I assume they are after the fish since there are some pretty serious rules about throwing them food.


Ferry Ride to Killens pond 084



So what are the other folks doing?


I decide to take a look around the ferry to see what others are doing since no one but us is in their “car”.  HA!   What a car we have.


Ferry Ride to Killens pond 051            


Our ferry is the New Jersey.  Only a few people are outside at the rails facing into the wind.  It is a chilly windy ride.  I climb the stairs to the second deck.

Ferry Ride to Killens pond 055



I see Winnona from above.  She has a great spot that’s for sure.



Ferry Ride to Killens pond 057


There are two decks for passengers and both inside and outside places to sit, or eat, or play cards or even watch TV or a movie if they run one.  The trip takes 90 minutes to go 17 miles across the Bay.


Ferry Ride to Killens pond 060



I guess these are the sun bathers in their deck chairs, facing the rear of the boat with a wind screen.


Ferry Ride to Killens pond 061



Some folks find a secluded spot out of the wind for a nap.

Ferry Ride to Killens pond 064



A large sign on one of the stacks announces that next year is the ferry’s 50th anniversary.  Wonder what they will do to celebrate?? 

Ferry Ride to Killens pond 068

This sign makes it clear there will be no birthday cake for the seagulls.Ferry Ride to Killens pond 067


Because of the wind many folks are inside.  The blue chairs are two facing each other on each side of a table.  I see at least two couples playing cards.


Ferry Ride to Killens pond 071


These look like airplane seats to me.  All facing the TV.  Probably comfy seats.  This is really a very luxurious ferry for an hour and a half trip.

Ferry Ride to Killens pond 072


None of these seats is as good as mine.  Time to get back to my great seat but just one more shot of Winnona from above.


Ferry Ride to Killens pond 075



We arrive back inside the jetty this time at Lewes. 


The ferry turns all the way around so that those who came on first will also get off first.  Such are the perks for waiting.  My mother always said patience is a virtue.


Ferry Ride to Killens pond 088



The dock is lowered and we are on our way on land again.  Winnona has just sailed the sea.   Hmmmm, wonder if there is a ferry to Hawaii???


Ferry Ride to Killens pond 093Ferry Ride to Killens pond 094




We’re later than intended but no matter.


In less than an hour though after a bit of a directional disagreement and going down the wrong road, we do arrive at Killens Pond State Park.  It looks just as I hoped.  Quiet and wooded.  A perfect place to relax for a few days after our flurry of touristy stops in both Newport and Cape May.  Those are unusual things for us to do and I am glad we did them but very happy to get back to this slow and easy pace surrounded by the natural world.


Ferry Ride to Killens pond 099



Although the duckies like a water view, they are very happy with this one.


Ferry Ride to Killens pond 126



Killens Pond campground has 60 sites all with water and electric in 6 loops of 10 sites each.  I really like the loop set up.  There aren’t too many folks all in one big area. It seems more intimate somehow. 

Loops A & B are for shorter RVs.  We are in loop D and our site is very large.  Gravel, sand and forest floor.  The entire campground is less than half full. Our loop has 5 RVs and two of those are camp hosts who are changing shifts and will be moving.   There is also a tents only loop which I think is very nice.  It has 17 sites with no hook ups.  And finally there are 11 cabins.  In the summer, this is a very popular campground and very full.  Right now it is just perfect.  SO dark and quiet.  No campground street lights.  I love it.

I can feel myself relax.


Ferry Ride to Killens pond 101


Ferry Ride to Killens pond 102



The campground is rustic and that goes for the bath house too.  It is old and needs to be refurbished.  The shower stalls have seen better days and the water never warms above luke which is fine in the summer but not so much now.   Hope the one in the tent loops is warmer since they have no choice.


BUT – what a great site this is!!


Ferry Ride to Killens pond 120



We have time for a short look at the lake before dark.  There is a path all around the lake and it goes right behind our site.   We will hike the entire thing tomorrow but for now just a look at the water.


Ferry Ride to Killens pond 111


Ferry Ride to Killens pond 112


Fall is just beginning its beautiful colors here which is why, like the birds, we are heading south.


Ferry Ride to Killens pond 117 

This has turned out to be a very fine stop on our way to Assateague National Seashore.


Ferry Ride to Killens pond 114


  1. Just beautiful, as always, Sherry.... and the Duckies loved their view! I love ferry rides... 90 minutes is a long one. I forget how long it was to the Outer Banks... what was that... Ocracoke Island... love that stuff.

    and now back in your beautiful campsite surrounded by nature. ahhhhh

  2. What a wonderful post! Winnona, the Sea Going RV! Glad you enjoyed the trip. We rode the ferry(in our car) back in 2000 after seeing our son graduate from Coast Guard Boot Camp. It is a nice ride and a real time saver.

    PS: Winnona's roof looks really spiffy! Bet you're glad you got it cleaned... :c)

  3. That was a first class view from the front window on the ferry. It was worth the wait:)

  4. Nice ferry ride, especially loved your parking spot. We always think it's so cool to take your motorhome on the ferry!


  5. I love ferry rides, and this looks like an especially nice one!

  6. I have never been on a ferry that takes autos, not to mention motorhomes! What a view those duckies had ;)

  7. Wow Winnie's roof just glows! We took a ferry to Okracoke Island with our van on our wedding trip. There was a beautiful sunset on the way back.

  8. What a fun ride on the ferry with Winonna--makes me brave enough to try that someday

    It's good to see you two back in your element. Can't wait to sea the seashore. Hope it works out with the gov't. closings.

  9. You did time that ferry ride just right. Kind of nice to let someone else to the driving while you enjoy the view. Crossing fingers that the park sites will reopen very soon.

  10. What a fun day!! So glad you all made it without a splash!! I just love the turning of fall. Fall colors and water a perfect combo!!

  11. I love that you got the best parking spot on the boat!!! The photo of you sitting in Winnona looks like you are sitting in the Pilot House.....amazing view. We love traveling on ferries when we had the Pleasureway Van, but as yet, have not taken Baby on a ferry. That will have to change!!!

  12. Blessing in disguise! Great view & quite the center spot for winnona! Sounds like the whole day worked out except that 3 hour wait. Grammy taught you and you taught me about patience...it is so hard sometimes but can be worth it :) If you go to Hawaii, I am sooo there :)

  13. Paul - thanks for noticing the roof! It is not fully waxed, but at least it is clean.
    BTW, the shower water in the men's showers never even made it to luke.
    Someone please sign me up for that Hawaiian ferry when it opens. What a great idea! :)

  14. Sherry, I have to tell you how much pleasure I have gotten from reading about your travels. My husband does not want a motor home, nor would our health really make ownership likely, but I feel that I have traveled with you. The quiet kayak rides and the bike tours of wonderful places have been such a treat. When you see a place you write such a good description that it is almost like being there. I loved the Duckies in the shop. My parents spent time in Cape May, but I have never been there. Thank you so much for all that you write and the pictures you share. Pat in KS

  15. Boy, talk about a front row seat on the ferry! Serendipity is a beautiful thing.

  16. What a view you had. Let me know when you find that ferry to Hawaii!


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