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Wild horses and waves in Assateague

Monday September 30, 2013
Assateague National Seashore




I love waking up with a marsh just outside my window!


When get up, this is what I see out my window.  Egrets and horses.   The horses are out by the bay but I can see them and with binoculars, I can watch them.   I love this camp site.



Assateague Monday (22)




I’m ready to see the ocean up close and personal.


After lunch, we bike over to the group camping area on the ocean side to see how far it is to the ocean from our bay side camp site.   Can I walk all my beach toys over here?   I decide it will be a bit long for my backpack chair but I could use the bicycle cart.


This park has ome nice group tent sites right on the sand. The group area has their own parking lot and its own bath house although the bath houses here are pit toilets and cold showers.  Pretty much like back packing except you don’t have to pack a shovel if you get my drift.




Assateague Monday (30)


Assateague Monday (31) 




The equines have been here as well.  Watch where you walk.  Actually the truth is there is very little horse manure in the sand.  The horses are only really interested in the beach when the flies are bothersome in the summer and they need the breeze for some relief. 


Assateague Monday (36) 



Of course the beach does not disappoint.  Simply beautiful!!


The waves are terrific.  There are some people in the water on this last day of September.


Assateague Monday (38)



Further south I can see no one as far as my eye can see.  Only the viewing platform of ocean campsite loop 1.


Assateague Monday (48) 



I roll up my pant legs and wade in.  I didn’t wear my suit.  Thought the water would be too cold.  Wrong again!


Assateague Monday (54)



I could just watch these waves all day.


Assateague Monday (61)



Other than myself, there is only one family along the shore.


But they are a big one with 9 children.  They come for almost 3 weeks every late September early October.  The children are home schooled.  Boy are they having fun.  Squealing and laughing.


Assateague Monday (65)


Assateague Monday (76)




The more I watch folks in the waves having fun the more I want to get in there myself.  For sure tomorrow.


Assateague Monday (73)Assateague Monday (71) 




It’s definitely all about the waves today.


Assateague Monday (84)



Later, when we get return to the campsite, we get a couple of nice surprises.  



The wild horses are even closer.  They are right out behind our site. 




 Assateague Monday (115)

Assateague Monday (120)



And then four of them are in the neighbor’s yard.


Assateague Monday (142)



I’m walking over to get some pictures of them my second surprise appears.   I hear someone say  “Yes, that’s Sherry”.   It’s amazing to meet people who read your blog when you are least expecting it.  Ron, Joan and Callie are out for a walk when they recognize Winnona and Ruby.   I chat with them for a while and then David comes riding up.  Meanwhile the horses move from our neighbor’s site to ours. 


At one point before David arrives the four of us actually have to move since the horses are coming right toward us and it is a law that you must maintain a minimum of 10’ away from the horses and preferably 30’.   The horses are paying us no mind at all and expect us to get out of their way, which we do of course.  This is their home not ours and they clearly know it.



Don’t you love David’s bike helmet?  He’s nothing if not stylish.Assateague Monday (144)



The horses are on their way to our place.  By the way, the pile of horse manure does not smell.  But if it were hotter, the flies might become bothersome around it.


Assateague Monday (143)



They’ve pretty much already eaten the grass here so I’m not sure what they are looking for.



Assateague Monday (147)


Assateague Monday (150) 


All the while we are having a great talk with Ron and Joan and sharing our similar views about this political ridiculousness that is leaving all of us in limbo.


 Assateague Monday (152)



After dinner we go out to see about a sunset in the west.   Unfortunately for us, the sun is not setting over the marsh in our backyard but rather behind the trees in back of the coach.  We don’t get to see much of a sunset but I thought this looked a bit like a bullseye of color in our practically empty campground.



Assateague Monday (153)A


  1. What fun! again. You're a blog star! and how neat to learn that you must stay that distance from the horses… love it…

    And … horses' potty don't stink? …. get out… 70 years old and still learning.

  2. Watching waves is certainly mesmerizing. When I was there in the 1990's, I saw some horses come up and all but nudge people who were sitting on a blanket. They expect you get get out of the way, don't they. Sometimes the deer in the Shenandoah behave like that.

  3. Those horses are just magnificent. Must be pretty cool to have them right outside your window.

  4. Wonderful place! Looks like you are definitely enjoying your time there.

  5. David is definitely stylin'!

    Would be cool to have those horses right in your own campsite. Nice surprise to meet some of your blog readers!

  6. You are getting a fair share of visitors here, both two legged and four. Sure hope you got to swim before being kicked out. Such a bunch of bunk. Looks like I'll be kicked out very soon myself.

  7. It's like the ponies have a restraining order against you.

    I like these recent word-light posts. They don't tax either one of my brain cells.

  8. David is definitely stylish...but more important...he IS wearing a helmet when he rides!!! Wish everybody would!!! I know from experience, accidents happen when you least expect them;o((

    Just love you campsite and the wild ponies. Really sorry you had to leave early. All the more reason you will have to return!!

  9. Great place. The image of the ponies on the beach is romantic but not much grazing to be done there. How fun to have them hanging around the campground.

  10. No one can tell me that the water was not cold....burrr...... You are just so much tougher than I am.

    I love the picture of the paint horse in the marsh with all the red foliage. That's a really pretty picture. How lucky you are to have seen them. They kind of remind me of the manatee. You are supposed to stay away from them but they swim right up to you.

    Pretty Golden Retriever.

  11. Beautiful waves. Jealous! And warm water in September-early fall is definitely the time to visit. Love the horses too. You are celebrities meeting people from your blog readership :) Dad's bike helmet costume is groovy!

  12. I continue to follow along and wishing I was out there making some beautiful memories. Can't imagine wild horses....I could stare at that all day! Still back home trying to make decisions when and where we can go....been tough. Knowing you know all about not being able to leave for your caregiving. So until then, I'll keep reading your special posts....they sure brighten my day!

  13. Beautiful photos! I'm with you - I could watch the waves and be at the beach all day. We spent a little time in the area where you are but that was years ago when we took some time out for a weekend to the Eastern shore. Very nice!

  14. Loving all the beautiful beach photos... the waves lapping on the shore. I would love horses in my yard too - love the smell of them and the swish of their tails. I enjoy watching and hearing the water more than actually getting in it... love being close to it. Roger and I are enjoying all of your's and David's adventures... happy that the weather has been so beautiful lately. We did get to Bar Harbor Maine.. but too early for the foliage.

  15. I always find it to be quite shocking when a stranger calls out my name when I'm out walking about. It has happened to me several times. Luckily, the folks weren't strangers for long. :)

  16. I keep wanting to thank you for introducing me to this beautiful place. Makes me realize how little time we have ever spent on the east coast in general. It sure looks like you have made the most of the time you were able to stay there.

  17. David is quite the fashion icon and is setting a new standard for bikers everywhere! :cD

    Horses and the ocean, a truly magical place. So sorry you had to leave before you wanted to. What a pile of horse manure all these dolts in DC have created! Grrr!

  18. So the bike helmet is a smart style for protecting the cranium, and the ball cap under it extends the smart aspect to include protecting the eyes from the sun. Safety trumps fashion at this stage of the game. ;)

  19. It was so great to see you guys again! We wound up moving next door to the State Park for the remaining 3 days of our stay. It was nice but the peace and tranquility of the National Seashore was even nicer. Hopefully our paths will cross again sometime!


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